Mourning! The author of the word "Xiong is soaring across the Yalu River"



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 It was learned from the second artillery Baoding dry break that the author of the "Chinese People's Volunteer Wars" and the former director of the second base artillery unit, Ma Fuyao, died in Beijing on January 20, 2019, at the age of 92.

An obituary posted in front of the second artillery Baoding dry rest showed that according to Ma Fu’s wish, all the things were simple, no memorial service and no body farewell ceremony.

Mourning! The author of the word "Xiong is soaring across the Yalu River" -Mourning-The-author-of-the-word-quotXiong-is-soaring-across-the-Yalu-Riverquot

The obituary posted in front of the second artillery Baoding dry rest

According to public information, Ma Fu Sha was born in March 1927 and was born in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province. He joined the army in February 1947. He was awarded the rank of Daxie in 1955 and was promoted to the rank of major. In 1966, he was transferred to a base of the Second Artillery Corps. He served as the Director of the Organization, the Deputy Political Commissar of the Logistics Department, the Deputy Director of the Political Department, the Director (Deputy Military), and the Secretary of the Base Disciplinary Committee. He has won the Liberation Medal, the Medal of Honor for Victory, and the Medal of the Three Flags of the Democratic Republic of Korea. After retiring in February 1987, he spent the rest of his life in the second artillery.

During the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Ma Fuyao served as the instructor of the 26th Regiment of the 1st Division of the Volunteer Artillery Division. In the summer of 1950, in order to participate in the anti-US aid dynasty, the 26th group went to the Yalu River to stand by.

Mourning! The author of the word "Xiong is soaring across the Yalu River" -1548514141_96_Mourning-The-author-of-the-word-quotXiong-is-soaring-across-the-Yalu-Riverquot

Mourning! The author of the word "Xiong is soaring across the Yalu River" -1548514142_273_Mourning-The-author-of-the-word-quotXiong-is-soaring-across-the-Yalu-Riverquot

At the meeting of the resolutions held by the five companies, the determinations of several classes all read "defending peace and defending the motherland, that is, defending the hometown"; some soldiers wrote in their speeches "mighty, arrogant, crossing the Yalu River" Sentences; almost all statements have the slogan of "beating the American Ambition Wolf."

Even the instructor Ma Fu Sha recorded the vows of the soldiers from the heart, and after several modifications and supplements, wrote a letter of determination in the form of poetry. At the swearing-in meeting of the whole regiment, the representative of Ma Fuyao made a speech. The resolution was an opening statement and was warmly welcomed.

After the meeting, Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Bojian interviewed Ma Fu Sha, feeling that the poems were well written, and proposed to change the "crossing the Yalu River" to "cross the Yalu River" and other amendments, and then quoted in a battlefield newsletter, published in 1950 On the People's Daily on November 26th.

After seeing the newsletter, the composer Zhou Wei saw the poem in the People’s Daily and scored the song on the same day. At the same time, he changed the "anti-US aid to North Korea" to "anti-American aid to the DPRK", and in the last sentence of the poem "Defiance of the American Emperor Ambition Wolf", signed the "Volunteer Warrior Words", November 30 "People's Daily" and the beginning of December "current affairs" The half-monthly magazine of the handbook has published this song and has been widely sung in the whole army and the whole country.

In 1954, the country selected excellent songs. This song won the first prize, and the song title was officially designated as "The Chinese People's Volunteers Warsong".

Mourning! The author of the word "Xiong is soaring across the Yalu River" -1548514142_702_Mourning-The-author-of-the-word-quotXiong-is-soaring-across-the-Yalu-Riverquot

Volunteer army singer's manuscript is on display

After the victory of the war, Ma Fuyao has repeatedly returned to his hometown in the Northeast, but never mentioned the story of himself and this song. His hometown father has never known that he is the author of the volunteer war song.

Talking about this lyric, Ma Fu said with great enthusiasm: "At that time, I didn't know how to write lyrics, nor did I write words for singing. After the singer sang, some people said that I became a celebrity, a lyricist, and I shook my head. Denial. I am only a regular soldier of the Volunteers and a political worker in the People’s Army."

To this day, Ma Fuyao still insisted: "Although I wrote it, it reflects the voice of the troops and the officers at that time. It is also the voice of the people of the country at that time. Even if I don't write, others will write it, not how high I am. Talent."

Mourning! The author of the word "Xiong is soaring across the Yalu River" -1548514142_192_Mourning-The-author-of-the-word-quotXiong-is-soaring-across-the-Yalu-Riverquot

Ma Fu shakes the warrior to tell the creation process

In September 2016, the People’s Liberation Army’s “Volunteer Wars Song” even wrote a letter to Ma Fu. The letter stated:

"Respecting the elders of Ma, more than 60 years ago, your "volunteer war songs" written in an impassioned manner inspired the volunteers of the Volunteers to fight heroically. More than 60 years later, the melody of "War of the Volunteers" still resounded throughout the country, inspiring generation after generation. Later, people fought bravely. As a descendant of the "Volunteer Wars", we felt glorious because of the "War of the Volunteers."

Although we have not experienced the era of war, but in the thick history, in the song of the "Volunteer Wars", we feel that you and your comrades were so passionate and bloody, and felt a generation of war songs. A strong will that is high-spirited and not afraid of sacrifice. It is in this spirit of leadership and inspiration that the company has achieved one after another and created one after another. ”

Subsequently, Ma Fu gave a letter to the five together and said:

"Five companies have a good tradition of tradition and a glorious battle. From the past to the present, the five companies have always been good! Five companies have always stood in the first place! When I was as young as you, it was given five times." The tempering and nourishment of my growth, Wulian is an important starting point for my life.

When the unit leader came to visit, he mentioned the issue of the spirit of war songs and the culture of war songs. This concept is very good. The war song is the song of the volunteer army, the song of the hero, once the strongest voice of that era. Today, with the great development of culture and prosperity, we should further explore the new ideological connotation of war songs. Let the war song culture nourish our cadres and soldiers to grow up healthily, let the spirit of the war songs further carry forward, and continue to inspire us to move forward. ”


"Chinese People's Volunteers Wars"

Ma Fu's lyrics

Strong and arrogant across the Yalu River

Baoping peace for the motherland is Baojiaxiang

Chinese children and children unite together

Resist US Aid Korea defeats American Emperor Ambition Wolf

(After the adaptation is added) My dad has been to the Korean battlefield.

In order to defend the motherland in order to defend the hometown

Defeat the US imperialists to defend peace

军亮地军歌 mighty and majestic

Our ancestors went to North Korea to fight

Heroic fighting is the backbone of the nation

The Yalu River flows quietly

The bright military song echoes in the ear

References: People's Liberation Army Daily, Guangming Daily, National Defense Times, Suihua Daily


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