Muller testified on the “passing the Russian gate” next week? US House of Representatives Judicial Committee denied – – China News Net

BEIJING, May 11 (Xinhua) According to the US Chinese website, local time on May 10, the US House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said that Muller will not appear in the public. Although there has been speculation that the “TongRumen” special prosecutor can testify next week.

Muller testified on the "passing the Russian gate" next week? US House of Representatives Judicial Committee denied - - China News Net -7e105c8703ec4efb8a7d339374ba071c

Data Map: US President Trump.

According to reports, Democrats from New York told reporters that the committee is still negotiating with the Ministry of Justice on the Muller hearing, but he expects that the special prosecutor will eventually testify. Nadler said: “He will always come when he will. If necessary, we will summon him.” The Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives originally hoped that Muller could testify publicly on May 15.

Since the release of the more than 400-page Muller “TongRumen” report, the committee has been reporting on the unabridged version, and the “Tongzhemen” evidence and witness testimony “bargaining” with the White House and the Ministry of Justice.

The committee voted on the 8th that Justice Barr (William Barr) refused to abide by the subpoena and handed in the full version of the report, defying the Congress. Before the vote, the White House announced that it would use the president’s administrative privileges on the document.

At the same time, the House Judiciary Committee also issued a subpoena to the White House lawyer Don McGahn, who is a key figure in the Muller report, and asked the committee to hand over the documents related to the investigation. However, the former White House lawyer did not respond to the subpoena, and the White House has instructed him not to pay attention to the requirements of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives.

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