Nanjing commercial housing full renovation new policy: blank, decoration price separately recorded


Nanjing commercial housing full renovation new policy: blank, decoration price separately recorded -Nanjing-commercial-housing-full-renovation-new-policy-blank-decoration-price-separately-recorded

The data map, the property consultant advises the public housing type. China News Agency reporter Wei Liang photo

The data map, the property consultant advises the public housing type. China News Agency reporter Wei Liang photo, Nanjing, January 20 (Reporter Zhu Xiaoying) On the 19th, the Nanjing Municipal Housing Security and Real Estate Bureau, the Nanjing Urban and Rural Construction Committee, and the Nanjing Municipal Price Bureau jointly issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of the Whole Decoration Construction of Commercial Housing in the City. (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), for the whole process of design, construction, supervision, sales and delivery of Nanjing commercial housing, the regulation process is regulated, and the full decoration standard and price filing supervision are strengthened.

The "Notice" clarifies that the newly-built commercial housing project delivered by the whole decoration shall be accompanied by the main project of the commodity housing, synchronous design, simultaneous construction, simultaneous supervision, and simultaneous delivery, and the whole process supervision of the full renovation project shall be implemented. If the "four-synchronization" full-renovation project is not completed as required, and the full-renovation part has not gone through the quality supervision procedures, the price will not be filed and the pre-sale permit will be suspended. At the same time, it is clear that the construction (development) unit is the first responsible body for the complete renovation of new commercial housing, and is the primary responsibility for the quality and safety of the decoration.

The "Notice" clarifies that the warranty system for the decoration and decoration project is implemented. Under the normal use conditions, the minimum warranty period is two years, and the leakage prevention period for rooms and exterior walls with waterproof requirements is five years.

The "Notice" requires strengthening the supervision and management of decorative materials and equipment. The decoration materials and equipment used shall have the product quality inspection certificate, the product name indicated in Chinese and the name of the manufacturer's factory name, etc. The decorative materials and parts parts entering the site shall be inspected according to the regulations. Put into use. All regulatory authorities should step up random inspections.

The "Notice" clarifies that after the completion of the architectural decoration and decoration project, the construction unit shall organize the completion acceptance according to the regulations. If the acceptance is unqualified, it shall be rectified in time. The completion acceptance report and relevant information shall be reported to the competent construction department for record within 15 days from the date of acceptance. . The construction unit shall carry out construction in strict accordance with the planning permission requirements, and shall not arbitrarily rebuild to increase the housing area.

The "Notice" also requires that when the full decoration application price is filed, the blanks and decoration will be filed separately. When the development enterprise applies for the decoration price filing, it shall provide an evaluation report issued by the national level assessment agency, which shall be scientifically and reasonably valued. For the implementation of high-quality and high-priced, for some high-end real estate, the decoration price should be objectively determined according to the decoration standard. The decoration evaluation price must be determined by the professional evaluation department, and the enterprise can declare it. For new declaration projects that do not accept the price of the decoration price, the pre-sale permit will be suspended.

The "Notice" clarifies that strict implementation of the one-price clearing policy, in addition to the filing price of the rough house and the decoration guide price, if there are acts of charging other fees, such as personalized decoration, bundled parking spaces, home appliances, tea fees, etc., once verified, prices The department will investigate and deal with the relevant provisions of the price management, and the real estate department will suspend the sale of the real estate and suspend the issuance of the pre-sale permit within one year.

The "Notice" began to implement the new commercial housing project for the construction permit from the date of publication. (Finish)


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