National Health and Health Commission: 2018 China's medical technology quality double improvement



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 At the press conference on January 10th, the National Health and Health Commission summed up the effectiveness of China's health and health work in 2018. Last year, China's medical technology and medical quality achieved sustained “double improvement”, and the National Health and Health Commission will focus on this year. Ten key tasks such as building a healthy China and integrating medical and health resources.

National Health and Health Commission: 2018 China's medical technology quality double improvement -National-Health-and-Health-Commission-2018-China39s-medical-technology-quality-double-improvement

In 2018, the number of diseases for the treatment of major diseases in the country was expanded to 21, and a total of 548,000 patients were treated. The country has carried out five major actions: prevention of pregnancy risk, treatment of critical illness, improvement of quality and safety, construction of specialist capacity, and quality service for convenience. Formulate standards for hospice care, carry out a pilot program of medical care in 90 cities, and establish nearly 4,000 medical and nursing institutions. In 2018, the central government invested 24.2 billion yuan to support the construction of 664 medical and health institutions, and the number of outpatients and inpatients in county-level hospitals increased significantly. Twenty-two provinces have established provincial telemedicine platforms, and the telemedicine collaboration network covers all prefecture-level cities and more than 1,800 counties. In more than 230 hospitals in China, pilot trials of multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of digestive system tumors were carried out, and anesthesia medical services were strengthened and improved, and a trial of labor pain was initiated. The number of blood donations and the amount of blood collected in the country reached a new high in 2018. All provinces have the ability to detect nucleic acids, and the level of blood safety ranks among the top in the world. The Regulations on the Prevention and Treatment of Medical Disputes was officially implemented in 2018. The medical dispute resolution mechanism was more diversified, and a joint disciplinary mechanism for those responsible for dishonesty that seriously endangered the normal medical order was established.


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 According to the National Medical Service and Quality Safety Report, China's medical technology capabilities and medical quality standards have achieved continuous “double improvement”, which has also been recognized internationally. In 2018, the authoritative magazine "The Lancet" once again published the global ranking of medical accessibility and medical quality. From the 60th in the world in 2015 to the 48th in 2016, it is the most advanced among the medium SDI countries. One of the countries.


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