National Immigration Administration: Starting from October 9, foreigners’ visa documents can be checked online by appointment

The reporter learned from the National Immigration Administration on the 13th that starting from October 9, the National Immigration Administration’s government service platform has launched functions such as online appointment and inquiry of visa documents for foreigners in China.

The newly launched functions include 8 items: online appointment to apply for my visa document, online query of my visa document processing progress, online query of my visa document information, online query of my permanent residence ID card information, online query of passport information for permanent residence foreigners, Check the information of the certification agency online, provide online service guidance, and provide online assistance services for relatives and friends.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Foreigners Management Department of the National Immigration Administration, the National Immigration Administration has fully launched the online appointment and inquiry functions for Chinese citizens to apply for entry-exit documents in 2019, which has been generally welcomed. The online convenient service function launched this time to meet the needs of foreigners and business entities in China aims to continuously improve the standardization, standardization, digitalization and intelligence of immigration management government services, create a good foreign-related environment, and help my country’s open development, innovative development and High-quality development.

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