National Narcotics Control Commission: The former national football peak was detained during drug abuse and was arrested for 14 days.


National Narcotics Control Commission: The former national football peak was detained during drug abuse and was arrested for 14 days. -National-Narcotics-Control-Commission-The-former-national-football-peak-was-detained-during-drug-abuse-and-was-arrested-for-14-days

On January 4th, some people broke the news on Weibo. The former international player Gao and his girlfriend were arrested by the police because of drug involvement. Some people broke the news that Gao was arrested for participating in drug trafficking. China's anti-drug microblog clarifies the truth: Gao was arrested for taking drugs again during the drug detoxification in the community, and was detained for 14 days in administrative detention. Gao did not sell drugs.

From the “prodigal son” of the football to the drug prisoners, the peak once again sounded the alarm for Chinese football.

Another star was defeated by drugs, this time is the peak of the former international.

This is not the first time he was involved in drugs. He was found to have taken drugs four years ago, but he was not able to stand on the brink.

On January 4, 2019, according to media reports such as the Beijing Youth Daily, the peak was detained by the police for drug involvement.

The superb technology on the court can't resist the erosion of alcohol and drugs outside the stadium. The peak life track is destined to make Chinese fans sigh.

National Narcotics Control Commission: The former national football peak was detained during drug abuse and was arrested for 14 days. -1546684267_430_National-Narcotics-Control-Commission-The-former-national-football-peak-was-detained-during-drug-abuse-and-was-arrested-for-14-days

Peak data map


One night, 68 beer cans on the ground

The peak is Liaoning, the former Chinese male football player, the former striker, is known as the “fast horse” and “prodigal son” in Chinese football. He entered the Beijing Guoan football team in 1990 and retired in 2003.

In 1994-1997, he represented the Chinese national team in a total of 10 goals in various events. Because of its fast speed and strong breakthrough ability, it is loved by the majority of fans.

Once upon a time, the fans filled the peak with bright paint on the iron gate of the Beijing workers. The football reporter helped others to eat at the peak, and even got a 5,000 yuan thank-you fee. And his relationship with Na Ying is even more so that he once reached the apex of attention.

But the word that the peak often hangs on the lips is “I am not living for others.” He is reluctant to drink the bottle in his hand.

Let me talk about the paragraph first. In the 1997 Top Ten, the Chinese team coach and the clerk routinely rounded up the house, but who knows that it is opposite his room, and at the foot of the peak, he stepped on a box of beer.

The authenticity of the story cannot be verified, but for the peak, the beer does indeed come out of a box. And he and his friends gathered at the wine table, often saying, “Drinking is going to be drunk.”

Zhao Yingjun, a senior football reporter from Beijing, said in an interview with the “Competition” that in 1995 the Guoan team went to the away team to challenge the Bayi team. On the night of the team's arrival in Kunming, he received a call from the peak. “Brother, can you trouble me?” I buy some wine.” At that time, drinking a few mouthfuls before going to bed every day has become a peak habit.

“The peak? The peak is not good. I only know about drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking, girls, girls, girls.” This is the first foreign coach in the history of Chinese football. Rapner mentioned what he said at the peak after many years.

Perhaps for the freedom of drinking, Gao chose to join the Chongqing team, which was not strictly managed at the time, but the appearance of Korean Li Zhanghao broke his “calm” life.

Li Zhanghao once said: “In the middle of the night, I went to the peak room to raided the house. He has been drinking and has been drunk. I have counted a number of beer cans on the ground, a total of 68.”

“His physical quality is different from ordinary people.” A friend who is familiar with the peak said, “No matter how you drink, he doesn't have a small stomach. The next day, as long as he runs and sweats, he still plays.”

The peak did not care about it: “I have nothing to drink, it does not affect the game training. On the football field, I will not lose to anyone.”

National Narcotics Control Commission: The former national football peak was detained during drug abuse and was arrested for 14 days. -1546684267_808_National-Narcotics-Control-Commission-The-former-national-football-peak-was-detained-during-drug-abuse-and-was-arrested-for-14-days

The professionalism of the peak is not flattering.


Drugs made him ruined

In 2009, Gao Feng bought a second-hand villa from a friend, one of which was used to collect wine, and a wall shelf dedicated to placing his trophies and medals.

But apart from the two best trophies in the league, most of them are souvenirs after they retired and played friendly games. The career of the peak is not as long as many people think.

Gao Feng never regretted retiring at the age of 31. In an interview with the “Competition”, he said: “I never regretted my behavior. I did not have a foul on the physical test that day, but the official of the Football Association called Ma Chengwei. I am going to punish me. To say sorry, I have never met Ma Chengyu again.”

In 2013, the peak representative of the “Chinese Dream Team” played “Brazil veteran team”, he scored a goal in the game, ran down in 90 minutes without breathing. Many fans said at the time: “Please return the peak to the national team.”

For his own ability, the peak never wants to be humble. “I don't think there is anything to be regrettable about my football career. I have achieved great success. Now some children, more than 20 years old, visual distance, no need to move in front of the door. Say, even the basic ball movement will not work, not as good as me.”

However, it is such a peak that still looks healthy, but it has fallen into the vortex of drugs.

According to Xinhua News Agency in March 2015, the Shanghai police reported that on March 9, the former international peak and actor Nie Yuan and others beat the taxi driver, and the police also found that there was a suspected drug abuse during the investigation.

The peak urine test was identified as methamphetamine-positive, and the peak confessed to the illegal use of drugs. The peak drug abuse, this news immediately caused an uproar.

According to several media reports, after the “fault”, the peak was required to carry out compulsory detoxification. He stayed at the detention center for six months because of the case of beating.

In the end, he was sentenced to imprisonment for 7 months and sentenced to one year's penalty for a good sentence because of his good attitude toward pleading guilty and his active compensation for economic losses.

National Narcotics Control Commission: The former national football peak was detained during drug abuse and was arrested for 14 days. -1546684267_175_National-Narcotics-Control-Commission-The-former-national-football-peak-was-detained-during-drug-abuse-and-was-arrested-for-14-days

The peak was detained by the police in 2015 due to beatings.


Retired life is ruined by drugs

In fact, the peak after retirement has become much calmer. He has been running around for a long time to organize business competitions and is still marketing a British explosion-proof tire technology.

Gao Feng planted beans, cucumbers, and zucchini with his wife in front of his second-hand villa. At home, he also began to learn to drink tea instead of drinking. According to his own words: “The nightclub, I have not been to it for 4 years. I don't know where the door is. I have played it. I know what is going on. It doesn't mean anything.”

After the retirement, the peak fell in love with the kicking of the wild ball. At least two kicks were played every week. According to “GQ Men”, for a while, the peak and Bai Yansong played together. Bai Yansong in front of the door complained that he could not touch the ball. Not to mention, I took the ball to the frontcourt alone, swayed the three guards, and comfortably delivered the ball to his feet. Bai Yansong can score a goal with a little adjustment.

In addition, golf is also a big hobby. In an interview with “Chinese Golf Weekly”, Gao Feng said: “What makes me remember is that when I just played golf, others are leisurely walking, and I always trotting all the way, I don’t adjust my breathing at all when I put it, even The hands were sometimes shaking. Later, I slowly adapted to the rhythm of playing golf. I found that my mentality was no longer as impatient as I used to be, and I became more peaceful.”

In addition, he also actively entered the entertainment circle, ran over the dragon in the TV series “Little Dad”, starred in the drama “Hat Trick”, and was also well received in the Shanghai Oriental TV “Dance with the Stars” program.

If you don't get any drugs, you can live a good life after the peak retirement.

It is a pity that there was no “if” in the past. Under the temptation of drugs, the peak ruined his life step by step.

National Narcotics Control Commission: The former national football peak was detained during drug abuse and was arrested for 14 days. -1546684267_159_National-Narcotics-Control-Commission-The-former-national-football-peak-was-detained-during-drug-abuse-and-was-arrested-for-14-days

Former Guomen Liu Yunfei also ruined his career because of drugs.


Not only one of him who is harmed by drugs

Because of the drug-strickenness, he entered the peak of the abyss, and let the Chinese fans who once loved him can't help but swear.

In the Chinese football circle, the stars destroyed by drugs are not only the peak.

For example, goalkeeper Liu Yunfei, in the 2004 Asian Cup, he saved a penalty in the semi-final against Iran, helping the Chinese team get the final runner-up. At the time, he was only 25 years old, and everyone was considered to have a promising future.

But after this peak, he quickly embarked on a downhill road. In the club, he was not given the opportunity to play, and he was questioned by the outside world. In March 2007, he was detained by the Shanghai police for illegal drug use. A popular star was stunned.

Later, in 2010, 2013, and 2014, Liu Yunfei was arrested by the police three times for drug use, and several times he was forced to quarantine detoxification.

It was not until January 2018 that he accepted the interview with Chengdu Business Daily that he finally succeeded in detoxification and suffered from the dangers of drugs. “This thing requires not only perseverance, but also all efforts, from itself, from I have thoroughly thought of drugs as a god of death, and I have to go far away from it. I have gone through thousands of pets and directly ruined it. It can make a very good person ruined.”

When Liu Yunfei was arrested for drug abuse for the first time in 2007, an A-A star star said in an interview with the Peninsula Morning News that “the players involved in drugs are far from the cases that everyone knows.”

“And most of them are tainted with gambling. Their luxury life, wages and bonuses earned by playing football alone is not enough. Only gambling can greatly satisfy their desires. Fortunately, the young players now have self-discipline Greatly improved.”

In addition to Liu Yunfei, the former Liaozu goalkeeper Liu Jiansheng was also arrested in 2006 for drug abuse. In 2004, Liu Jiansheng was retired due to the detection of urine samples containing drugs in the drug test.

According to People’s Daily, in 2015, former nationals Tang Quanshun was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for selling drugs and fined 5,000 yuan.

For today's players, these cases are bloody lessons. As long as you get the drug, no matter how popular the star is, you can't avoid the tragic ending.


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