National Railways today's map: the long version of the “Revival” online operation

[ad_1] client Beijing, January 5th Starting today, the national railway will implement a new train operation map. After the map, Chengdu, Qingdao and other cities will be more convenient to Beijing. At the same time, the ultra-long version of the “Revival” EMU will also officially meet with passengers, bringing different ride experiences.

National Railways today's map: the long version of the "Revival" online operation -National-Railways-today39s-map-the-long-version-of-the-Revival-online-operation

Data Map: The Fuxing EMU runs at a speed of 350 mph on the Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway. Cold sun


Further expansion of the scope of the “Revival” EMU

Starting from January 5th, along with the railway map, the scope of the “Revival” EMU train will be further expanded to cover the Yangtze River Delta high-speed rail line.

After the map is adjusted, the new arrivals will be in the cities of Huangshan North, Wenzhou South, Cangnan, Huaibei, Qiandao Lake, Taizhou, etc. The trains are G351/G352 times, G7337/G7332 times, G7625/G7334 times, G7410/1 G7412. /09 times, G31/G40 times, G7541/G7508 times, etc.

In addition, according to the new map arrangement, from January 5th, Lanzhou West (Lanzhou) to Chongqing North D752/1 times, Lanzhou to Chongqing North D754/3 times will be used for the first time to operate EMUs, running for about 7 hours. At present, the fastest speeding passenger car of the Lanzhou-Lanzhou Railway has been compressed for nearly three hours. This is the first time that the EMU trains are carrying passengers on the entire Lanzhou-Lanzhou railway.

At the same time, Chengdu and Chongqing will first operate to the high-speed EMUs in Xiamen, Fujian and Wenzhou, Zhejiang.

Among them, the G2371/2 EMU from Chengdu to Xiamen North stops at the stations of Chongqing West, Guiyang East, Huaihua South, Changsha South, Nanchang West and Sanming North along the way. The high-speed railways will be used in Chengdu, Chongqing and Guiyang. The Red City is connected to the coastal “tourism punching city” in Xiamen, and the residents of the four cities have added new options.

National Railways today's map: the long version of the "Revival" online operation -1546651048_23_National-Railways-today39s-map-the-long-version-of-the-Revival-online-operation

Data Map: “Revival” Liu Jialu Photograph Source: Visual China


The long version of the “Revival” is online.

This railway map, the 17-group long version of the “Revival” EMU will officially meet with passengers.

On January 5, when the railway implements a new train operation map, the ultra-long version of the “Revival” will be arranged on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to operate, which will further enhance the transportation capacity of busy trunk lines such as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail.

According to the introduction of the railway department, the super-long version of the “Revival” EMU has a total length of 439.9 meters and a passenger capacity of 1,283, and the passenger capacity has increased by 7.5% compared with the 16 vehicles.

The vehicle is fully adapted to the existing facilities such as the length of the station platform, the maintenance facilities, and the capacity of the substation. The maintenance and repair technology is consistent with the 350-kilometer Renaissance EMU, and the car body, bogie, traction and other systems and components can be realized. Universal interchange.

In addition, the “Revival” EMU, which is known as the “Hulk” with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, is also about to meet the public.

According to reports, the EMU has two models: short group and long group. The short group is 9 cars, with 720 employees, and the long group is 11 to 20 cars. The maximum number is 1,102.

Compared with the traditional locomotive traction bus, the driver of this model is more convenient and quicker to operate. The passengers are safer and more comfortable to ride, and the transportation organization is more efficient. The existing maintenance resources can be fully utilized to reduce the basic input and equipment maintenance costs.

The EMU will be put into operation after January 5. After the online operation, some popular speed lines will enter the era of motor trains.

National Railways today's map: the long version of the "Revival" online operation -1546651049_168_National-Railways-today39s-map-the-long-version-of-the-Revival-online-operation

Data Map: On December 29, 2018, passengers in the waiting hall of Chengdu East Railway Station ushered in the peak of the 2019 New Year's Day holiday. Zhang Lang


Line changes: these cities are faster in Beijing

This time, as the passenger brand of “Beijing 8-hour traffic circle”, the railway department will add one pair of one-way travel time from January 5 on the basis of the existing three pairs of Chengdu East to Beijing West Express. The G350/49 “Rongjing Express Line” EMU, which is only 7 hours and 45 minutes, meets the passenger flow demand in Beijing.

In addition, after this map, the three high-speed rail lines of Shiji, Jiqing and Beijing-Shanghai will be interconnected.

The time from Qingdao to Beijing will also be significantly shortened. The fastest time will be reduced from the current 4 hours and 28 minutes to the 3 hours and 53 minutes.

The G529 train from Beijing to Nanning will be extended to the North Sea. From Beijing to Guangxi Beihai, there is no need to transit, providing convenience for the “migrant birds” in Beijing and Beihai. The car is also the longest running train with the most stops from the capital.

In addition, according to the introduction of the China Railway Beijing Bureau Group, after the adjustment of the map, the Beijing Railway Bureau has reached 677 pairs of passenger trains, of which 430.5 pairs of high-speed trains, accounting for 63.6%, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei railway capacity will be expanded . (Finish)


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