National standards for the construction of beautiful rural courtyards released

This standard answers questions such as “What is a beautiful rural courtyard?” “What principles should be followed in the construction of beautiful courtyards?” All localities promote and guide the construction, renovation (expansion) and management of beautiful rural courtyards.

It is understood that the standard is based on the construction model of beautiful courtyards in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, absorbs successful experiences from various places, and combines relevant policy documents to clarify the courtyard layout, courtyard style, environmental sanitation, family style civilization, courtyard economy, and long-term development of beautiful rural courtyards. efficiency management and other aspects, improving the scientific nature, applicability and operability of the standard.

This standard requires intensive and economical use of land, emphasizing scientific, practical and coordinated spatial layout, and coordinating with village planning, surrounding scenery and ecological environment. It expands the economic function of beautiful courtyard construction, advocates the planting of economical flowers, plants and trees in the courtyard, and develops handicraft workshops, intangible cultural heritage workshops and other special handicraft industries. If conditions permit, special B&Bs, leisure farms, farmhouses, small picking gardens, etc. can be developed. Encourage Use the courtyard to develop new business formats such as e-commerce sales, live streaming, and express delivery agency.

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