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Eight athletes in the national women’s soccer championship will be awarded a different number of athletes.

Introducing the competitive leverage of the women’s football girl to see the “out of the box” hope

With Jiangsu Suning women enough to win the Dalian women’s football championship 3 to 0, the 2019 China Football Association National Women’s Football Championships ended in Suzhou on the afternoon of May 13. Although there are only a few hundred fans on the stage, the dazzling passing of the Jiangsu women’s football and the perseverance of the Dalian women’s football team are still impressive.

In the past two years, the Chinese Football Association has played a role in helping women’s football clubs around the world, and has racked their brains in enriching the system and rationally planning the game cycle. Counting the national championships, the FA Cup and the women’s and women’s two professional competitions, the average annual official competitions of the club women’s football teams will reach 24 or so, and the clubs with better scores can even break through 30 games. In the view of the club and the majority of women’s football players, Chinese women’s football wants to reshape the glory, and it is king to seek the qualitative change of the technical level. An important prerequisite for qualitative change is the guarantee of competition quantification.

Field observation

The final score is quite technical

People inside the circle see hope

On the afternoon of May 13, Jiangsu Suning Women’s Team and Dalian Women’s Football Team met in the final of the National Women’s Football Championship. The echo of the staff conversation can be heard almost in the empty Suzhou Sports Center stadium. Affected by factors such as the market and women’s football appreciation, the national women’s football event has not been able to achieve “popularity”, but for hundreds of visitors, this afternoon, they are worthwhile.

In the 90-minute match, Jiangsu Suning team scored 3 goals and won the championship. The content of the game is remarkable, especially as the Jiangsu women’s football team, which is the main player of the national team, is led by French national coach Jesslin Precher. This team will play the game with relish. The scores of the finals were quite technical, which made some people in the circle sigh. “The Chinese women’s football club is playing like this, the national team is very hopeful.”

Football Association reform

Designing special competitions for women’s football

Guarantee the majority of players’ matches

According to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the top 8 teams in the qualifiers were among the women’s football finals in Suzhou. From the qualifier to the final or the third-place battle, the top four teams only participated in 9 games in total. The top four teams, as female super-customers, will also play 14 main and away games in the second half of the Super League (eight super-teams). In addition, they will also participate in no less than 5 games in the FA Cup, so they will be expected to break through 30 games in all seasons.

Since there are currently 10 teams participating in the Women’s League, even if the women’s team is in the championship and the cup, their league games are two more than the women’s team. The total season games and the super team are not. Up and down.

When it comes to the women’s football club event, I have to mention the series of improvement measures of the Chinese Football Association in the past two years. To be precise, in order to allow most female football players to play as many matches as possible, the association has carefully designed the competition category, competition system and competition period. For example, for the two-level women’s football league, the same home and away double-circle system as the men’s football league is adopted. The Chinese Football Association has designed a “concentration match system” for the women’s football tournament and a “first group after elimination system” for the women’s football team.

Introducing a scientific competition lever

Let the women’s team members see hope

There is no discount on the popularity of the women’s football tournament without international players. In the women’s football championship finals on the 13th, Jiangsu team Ma Jun, Jin Kun, Tang Jiali and Dalian women’s football team captains Li Dongna and Li Danyang are also former international players, plus foreign aid, so it is not difficult to understand the exciting scenes of the game. For the women’s football clubs, the lack of international support for the team may be reduced, but more practical opportunities are left to the young players and substitute players in the league. These players are relatively more cherished in the cup and the championship camera, and once they have amazing performances in the game, they still have the opportunity to compete with the internationalteam , even by the national team coaching team.

Like the women’s super league, the teams in the top eight in the FA Cup and the top eight championships will receive a different number of athletes in the rankings, which is undoubtedly good for future players to study and apply for jobs. The Chinese women’s football revival road is long. However, with the help of rich and scientific competition leverage, more and more women’s football girls have seen the hope of “out of the box”, and they have no reason not to play all kinds of domestic events. The level of club competition is high, and the national team’s competitiveness is bound to increase accordingly. This is a football law.

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