“New life” in Wuhan isolation ward!

"New life" in Wuhan isolation ward! -4bf5-intiarq1534919

On February 1, Heilongjiang provincial AIDS medical team delivered a baby boy in the isolation ward of West Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College! The male baby is the second child of the maternal family, weighing more than 7kg, and all indicators are normal after birth.

"New life" in Wuhan isolation ward! -1a4c-intiarq1535006

Lin Lin, the head nurse in charge of the delivery, said that during the whole process, she was particularly grateful to the medical team in Heilongjiang and her colleagues for their good view of the ward outside so that she could deliver the baby here without any distraction, which was a perfect cooperation.

"New life" in Wuhan isolation ward! -44fc-intiarq1535085

The mother and her husband are very happy with the smooth birth of the child. The father is a confirmed pneumonia patient with new coronavirus infection, and the mother is weakly positive. The baby boy will be sent to Wuhan children’s Hospital for further examination and custody. The medical staff temporarily named the newborn xiaobeilong, to commemorate that doctors from Hubei and Heilongjiang fought side by side and worked together to ensure the smooth birth of the baby!

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