Night Reading | Stephen Chow’s Genius and Loneliness

Today is Stephen Chow’s 60th birthday. It turns out that he has reached his sixtieth year. It just seems to me that he never grows old.

For the post-80s and post-90s, Zhou Xingchi is almost an idol. We are very familiar with every movie, every shot, every line of Stephen Chow’s. What is “I got U”, “admiration is like a surging river”, “Zuo Qinglong, right white tiger, old cow on the waist, and the dragon’s head on the chest”, in the era of no Internet jokes, these almost supported all of us. joke.

I remember playing outside one day when I was a child. An elder brother said that “The Tricky Expert” would be broadcast at noon and must be watched. We rushed home in the pouring rain, drenched all over, and just started when we got home. At that time, Stephen Chow’s movies were the viewing codes of countless local TV stations, and there was no need to do any programs, just broadcast Chow Xingchi’s movies over and over again, and we would watch them over and over again.

Stephen Chow movies are popular culture and the lingua franca of all Chinese. I am afraid that only Jin Yong and Zhou Xingchi have such influence. At that time, it was impossible to imagine that someone did not see Zhou Xingchi, and when we talked about the stalks in the movie, we could not imagine that some people would not know. Everything is so natural that Zhou Xingchi, like “basic knowledge”, has become the knowledge background of generations.

Looking back now, the reason why Zhou Xingchi has this kind of charm is probably because of the taste of both refined and popular. With the purpose of purely entertaining and passing the time, watching Zhou Xingchi has no problem at all. But if you do in-depth research and do text analysis and film and television interpretation, Zhou Xingchi can’t say it all.

I remember when I was in my master’s degree, a teacher invited us to have a barbecue in a tavern. When the wine was hot, he began to talk about Zhou Xingchi’s shortcomings in narrative ability, saying that “Journey to the West” reflects his divergence of focus and loose structure, and he also said that he just published a paper in what publication.

Hong Kong films were once a smash hit, but movies like Stephen Chow’s films have remained topical for a long time, and there are not many cultural phenomena. This is probably also related to Zhou Xingchi’s genius. Hong Kong films have the so-called “one film a week” argument. Logically, Hong Kong films should be highly streamlined, like common industrial products. But Zhou Xingchi is not like this. Every one of his movies is so sloppy and distinctive.

It is difficult for people to imagine that Stephen Chow will take on a role in which movie and complete his role. His movies can only be made by Stephen Chow. In Zhou Xingchi’s films, not many even left specific character names, “Axing”, “Xingzai” and “Zhou Xingxing”? These are not important, it is enough for people to know that he is Stephen Chow.

Therefore, following the teacher’s words, perhaps the anti-tradition in the narrative structure can be called Zhou Xingchi. It’s like “Journey to the West”, indulging in one’s own inspiration, letting it run wild, and rarely filming the upper and lower parts in a freehand state. Of course, Stephen Chow also paid an unconventional price. The dismal box office of “Journey to the West” directly led to the bankruptcy of his company at that time.

However, standardized products can be remanufactured, but the creation of geniuses is unique. After all, the times will leave a reasonable place for geniuses, and “Westward Journey” has long since become a classic. But perhaps because of his talent, Zhou Xingchi dominates everything in the work. In the gossip news, it seems that he has lost peace with his past partners one after another. “I’ve made a lot of comedies, but I can’t make myself laugh.” Regardless of the real situation, loneliness is probably the fate of a genius.

Of course, any creation has a cycle. Although Zhou Xingchi is still on the front line today, the number and popularity are obviously not comparable to that of the year. It’s nothing, the achievements he left behind are brilliant enough that people will always remember his youthful appearance after repeatedly chewing on his old movies.

In this sense, he will not grow old. The Yin Tianqiu of “I will support you”, the supreme treasure of “I hope it lasts for 10,000 years” will be fixed forever.

Finally, two more words from a personal point of view. When I was a child, those things that affected learning were often blocked by my parents, such as comics, martial arts novels, game consoles, etc., but Stephen Chow movies were exempted.

I remember watching Zhou Xingchi at that time, my mother would suddenly say: “What is this, it’s so stupid.” She didn’t know it was “nonsensical”. But before I knew it, she was sitting with me, laughing and watching the whole movie together.

“Wonderful” seems to be boring and superficial literally, but perhaps this is a profound uselessness. Relaxation and ease are the eternal needs of human beings; it is in this state that works with time and space penetration can be produced, and an inclusive and inexhaustible cultural landscape can be created.

Who said that there can be no depth in comedy and sadness in comedy? Stephen Chow makes everyone believe that a person’s hobbies, lifestyle and even life experiences, even if they are nonsensical, can be amazing.

Today, I wish Zhou Xingchi a happy birthday. I also thank Xingye for bringing us so much happiness. When I was young, I was accompanied by Xingye’s movies. Thinking about it carefully, how precious it is.Night Reading | Stephen Chow's Genius and Loneliness -Night-Reading-Stephen-Chows-Genius-and-Loneliness

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