On January 27th, the national railway is expected to send 10.47 million passengers.

[ad_1] client January 27th The reporter learned from China Railway Corporation that on January 27th, the national railway is expected to send 10.47 million passengers, an increase of 16.9%. Some of the new railway lines have been opened for the full moon, and the transportation capacity of the Spring Festival has been greatly improved. It is more convenient for people along the line to travel.

On January 27th, the national railway is expected to send 10.47 million passengers. -On-January-27th-the-national-railway-is-expected-to-send-10.47-million-passengers

Data map: Passengers waiting for the bus Yin Liqin Photo

On January 26, the National Railways operated 8,868 passenger trains, including 728 trains, which sent 10.425 million passengers, an increase of 1.511 million, an increase of 16.9%. The railway transportation was safe and orderly. Among them, Beijing Bureau Group Corporation sent 920,000 passengers, an increase of 93,000 times, an increase of 11.2%; Shanghai Bureau Group Corporation sent 2.19 million passengers, an increase of 328,000 times, an increase of 17.6%; Guangzhou Bureau Group Corporation sent 1.839 million passengers The number of visits increased by 369,000 person-times, an increase of 25.1%.

On January 27th, the national railway is expected to send 10.47 million passengers. -1548602105_37_On-January-27th-the-national-railway-is-expected-to-send-10.47-million-passengers

Data map: A large number of passengers in the train station set foot on the return road. Chen Chao

The new railway line opened since the end of the year has been added to the Spring Festival this year, greatly improving the transportation capacity, effectively alleviating the pressure of passengers to concentrate on travel, and also driving the continued warming of tourism along the route. The Harmon High Speed ​​Railroad ushered in the first show of the Spring Festival this year. Since its opening, it has greatly shortened the travel time between cities. Many passengers choose to take the high-speed rail travel, especially the rich ice and snow tourism resources along the line, attracting tourists from all over the country to take the high-speed rail tour. . The Jiqing High-speed Railway and Qingyan Railway, which were opened at the end of last year, and the high-speed railways such as Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Shiji High-speed Railway, Qingrong Intercity, and Jiaoji Passengers have achieved interoperability. The railway network structure of Shandong has been further improved, and the high-speed railway has become a popular traveller along the line. First, the advantage of high-speed rail networking in the Spring Festival this year is more obvious. Hanghuang high-speed rail opened a full moon, sending a total of 754,000 passengers, sending an average of 24,300 passengers per day, which not only greatly reduced the time-space distance between Hangzhou and Huangshan, but also integrated the southern Anhui region with the inconvenient traffic into the “one-hour traffic circle” of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It also promoted the clustered development of the relatively dispersed humanistic natural landscape resources along the route, and injected new impetus for the rural revitalization along Tonglu, Jiande, Chun'an and Jixi along the route; in order to facilitate passengers entering and leaving this golden tourist line, the railway department arranged for the passengers to travel. The train has 36 pairs and averages every 14 minutes during the running time. From January 28 to the entire Spring Festival, the number of EMUs will increase from the initial 15 pairs to 23 pairs, and the transportation capacity will increase from 19,000 to 30,000 per day. Chengdu-Ya’an railway travel The time will be compressed from 1 hour and 12 minutes to 55 minutes, which will enable Ya'an to truly integrate into Chengdu's “one-hour traffic circle”, which greatly improved the travel conditions of the people in western Sichuan.

The railway department reminds the majority of passengers and friends that the peak of the Spring Festival travel season is approaching. Passengers who have successfully booked tickets through the Internet and telephone have not yet received tickets. Please try to pick up the tickets in advance. Please bring your tickets and valid ID documents matching the ticket information to check. Good time, station, train and other information, reserve sufficient time to collect tickets, security check, ticket check, transfer, so as not to delay the trip; EMU is a fully enclosed, full-line non-smoking train, for your and other passengers to ride safely And the travel environment, please do not smoke anywhere in the train.


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