One by one, the interpretation of the roots


One by one, the interpretation of the roots -One-by-one-the-interpretation-of-the-roots

New Year's painting / Sun Baoxin

On the first day of the New Year, the younger generation gave the elders a new year, and the elders gave the money to become the main song of the day. The Qing Dynasty Gu Tieqing described in the Qing Jia Lu, "Women and women worship the parents twice, the main rate is young, the neighbors are friends, or the children are sent to congratulate them, saying that they celebrate the New Year." The custom of the New Year has been passed down for thousands of years, fully demonstrating the feelings and charm of the roots. Retaining the feelings of the roots, caring for the love of the old and loving the young, the mutual help of the family, the love of the loved ones, the brothers and sisters should become a consensus and condense into a cultural symbol. The concept of family culture has become the number of conventions, advancing with the times, and the Chinese culture of the same state of home will release infinite charm. The Chinese people talked about China's feelings and passed on from generation to generation. The roots of culture will grow deeper and deeper, and the power of cohesion will become more and more powerful. The Chinese people will talk about China's feelings, draw together and work together, and work together. The Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will surely come to fruition as the roots of Chinese culture become deeper and deeper.

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