Long time ago, our earth had become a village because of the development of the Internet.People are connected more closely.

So many people living in different places would like to donate to help people via Internet.Online donate is very convenient and powerful.It connects thousands of caring people and the people in need of help.Just a few clicks,people can donate to the causes they like.

The online donate causes collect by charityinchina.cn are from our cooperative public welfare organizations and the people who with difficult in life by we know.It includes left behind children, homeless people, natural disasters, animal protection, disease rescue and so on.

  • Online Donate To Global -houttuynia-cordata-10-1-600x400

    Start up to need one Chinese herbal medicine processing equipment of Houttuynia cordata

    My name is Jiang Wei.I am an farmer living in Xishan District of Hubei Province,China.
    $250.00 donated of $3,500.00 goal