Passenger traffic on the Spring Festival road may reach 2.46 billion passengers. Six major risks need to be vigilant.


Passenger traffic on the Spring Festival road may reach 2.46 billion passengers. Six major risks need to be vigilant. -Passenger-traffic-on-the-Spring-Festival-road-may-reach-2.46-billion-passengers.-Six-major-risks-need-to-be-vigilant

The Spring Festival in 2019 will begin on January 21. The Ministry of Public Security issued the warning for the traffic safety of the Spring Festival in 2019 yesterday (16th). The peak of passenger and cargo transportation during the Spring Festival this year was early, and it was greatly affected by bad weather. Road traffic safety needs to be highly valued.

According to statistics, in the past five years, there were 95 accidents involving more than 3 deaths per nation during the Spring Festival period, which was significantly higher than other periods. Among them, during the Spring Festival of 2018, there were two major accidents involving more than 10 deaths, accounting for 40% of the total number of major accidents throughout the year.

Six major risks of road traffic safety

According to the comprehensive investigation and judgment of the Ministry of Public Security, there are six major risks in the road traffic safety situation of the Spring Festival in 2019.

First, the passenger volume of roads continues to remain high.

According to the forecast of the relevant departments, the passenger traffic of the Spring Festival road will reach 2.46 billion passengers this year. The student flow, the work flow and the freight flow are superimposed on each other. The peak passenger and cargo flow rate is early and the peak is high, and the road traffic safety risk is increased.

According to statistics, the number of deaths from traffic accidents in the first two weeks of the Spring Festival in the past five years is relatively high, close to 40%; especially in the first 11 days, the average number of deaths per day exceeds the average.

Second, self-driving travel continued to grow rapidly, and private car accidents showed an upward trend.

According to statistics, during the Spring Festival in the past five years, the proportion of road traffic accident deaths caused by private car accidents increased from 58% in 2014 to 75% in 2018.

Third, the flow of people in rural areas has surged, and motorcycle accidents and county roads have been prominent.

Due to the huge number of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta region, the “Motor Army” will continue to flow back to the hometown before the Spring Festival. The main road traffic to Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places will surge, and the automobile and motorcycle will be mixed, and the risk of traffic accidents will increase.

Fourth, tourism travel continues to heat up, and the safety risks of hot tourist destinations rise.

In recent years, tourism has become a new way of life for many families. According to statistics from the tourism department, in the Spring Festival of 2018, the country received a total of 386 million tourists, an increase of 12.1% year-on-year, of which the proportion of self-driving travel is close to 50%.

This winter, the temperature is warmer and suitable for travel. During the Spring Festival, there will be a small peak of seasonal tourism. It is expected that the number of tourists will continue to rise during the Spring Festival of 2019, and the security risks will increase.

Fifth, severe weather such as rain, fog, ice, and snow often cause adverse effects on road traffic safety.

According to the National Climate Center, the temperature in most parts of China is high this winter, and the possibility of “warm winter” is high, which may lead to an increase in haze weather. In particular, winter temperatures in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Yangtze River Delta regions are high, and fog and haze are high. In addition, the impact of snow and ice weather in the northern region will bring about hidden dangers such as insufficient visibility and reduced road skid resistance, which may lead to crashes, rollovers, rear-end collisions and even serial collisions.

Sixth, the number of family and friends gatherings during the holiday season has increased, and drunk driving is illegal and accident-prone.

During the Spring Festival holiday, family and friends have frequent gatherings, gatherings, and other activities. Traffic violations such as drunk driving, drunk driving, and fatigue driving are prone to occur frequently, and traffic safety risks increase.

According to statistics, in the past five years of the Spring Festival accident, drunk driving, failure to comply with regulations, speeding and other illegal activities are the main cause of death, resulting in 31% of the total number of deaths, of which drunk driving drunks accounted for a volatility trend.


Spring Festival travel by car –

Please know the condition of the car, the road conditions and the weather in advance, and plan the travel route reasonably to avoid driving at night;

Do not overcrow passengers, speeding, and fatigue driving;

Keep your mind concentrated while driving, don't pick up your mobile phone, play WeChat, send text messages;

Do not chase the chariot, do not chase the race, strong super strong;

Continuous driving for 4 hours, must stop and rest for not less than 20 minutes;

In case of traffic congestion, you must follow the traffic police command, do not change lanes frequently, occupy emergency lanes.

In bad weather –

Minimize driving and travel, if you need to travel, reduce the speed, observe, turn on the fog lights, keep the distance, and drive carefully;

Through dangerous roads such as sharply steep slopes, long downhill slopes, and easy-to-icing sections such as snow-slip and bridge culverts, it is necessary to strictly control the speed of the vehicle. Do not rush the direction and brake on the brakes to prevent side slip.

Passenger car travel –

To take a legally qualified vehicle to a regular passenger terminal, do not intercept the vehicle outside the passenger station or next to the expressway;

When traveling by car, do not take agricultural vehicles such as tricycles and tractors;

Refusing to take over-the-counter, illegally operating vehicles, and discovering that illegal activities such as overcrowding, speeding, and fatigue driving can be reported by telephone, SMS, and Weibo;

Wear a seat belt when riding a bus to avoid injury when an accident occurs.

During the Spring Festival holiday, while visiting relatives and friends, party banquets, please remember that for the safety and happiness of you and others, drinking alcohol, driving, driving, drinking, and driving, do not persuade the driver; Immediately discourage parking, change other modes of transportation or seek formal driving services.

▌This article Source: CCTV News Comprehensive @Public Security Department Traffic Safety Micro Release


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