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Peng Jincheng: Gold's gains are now steadily under the adjustment of the three thousand - Database & Sql Blog Articles -DINIW

Sina Foreign Exchange News, the price of gold at the beginning of the week under the influence of the outbreak of the geopolitical incident, the bulls opened the runaway mode, the intraday not only broke through the 1290 suppression, but also hit the thousand-three mark in one fell swoop, and then with the end of the 1299 high, the gold price this morning It has been extended and has been refreshed up to around 1303. It stands to reason that the strength of the bulls has already been reflected. Next, the bullish trend should be the voice of most investors. However, in my opinion, today’s bulls may not be able to do anything bigger. The short-term mains will be more stable, for specific reasons. The following four points:

First, after last week’s continuous shocks and support confirmation, as well as risk aversion, gold was suppressed by 1290 yesterday. The difficult process shows that the market still has doubts about the bulls. On this basis, 1290 must be consolidated. Second, although the current thousand-three mark has been touched and broken, but also maximized the release of the right to give the action, in other words, if the next safe-haven event can not continue to heat up, then gold returns in the short term The triennial era is in vain; third, although the price of gold has continued to rise this morning, after hitting 1303, the uptrend has been sluggish, indicating that the market is waiting for the follow-up development of the risk-averse incident, and the current shock around the thousand-three is also It is very likely that the bulls will be profitable at any time. Fourth, after the US dollar stopped falling at the 97 mark yesterday, there is a trend of low recovery. Although the overall rebound is not strong, the trend of turning the sun reflects the support of the 97 mark. At the same time, it will also become one of the factors that suppress gold.

From the perspective of the disk, the daily line of three consecutive yang, the increase of more than 20 US dollars, enough to reflect the strength of the bulls, coupled with the rise of yesterday’s disk, the current price running above the upper rail of Bolling, the short-term moving average force extended upward, respectively, in 1289 And 1283 to form a support, and then with other indicators of the various periods are arranged in a long position, the daily line should be inclined to continue the rise. However, due to the overall opening of the Bollinger Band, although the STO double line maintains the gold fork, the upward movement is obviously weakened, and the RSI indicator shows a downward-volume form. Moreover, although the short-term moving average extends upward, it deviates from the gold price, plus the current The stagflation phenomenon, therefore, the overall daily line should not be excessively bullish.

In the 4 hours, although the price of gold in this morning was even higher, it finally recorded two bare feet with the upper shadow line, which undoubtedly reflected the suppression of the thousand-three mark, and with the emergence of pressure, the current price Not only runs below the 5-day moving average, but also the 5-day moving average turns heads at 1298. In addition, the STO double-line falls out of the overbought area in the form of a dead fork. The RSI indicator also has a significant downward volume. Therefore, the 4-hour gold price exists at least. Fall back and test the demand for the 1292 support with the 10-day moving average.

In summary, the intraday operation recommendations focus on the high-altitude layout of the thousand-three mark, the resistance pays attention to the early break of the high point of 1303, and adheres to the short-term adjustment trend. If the bulls break through the break again, the big probability shock can be seen in the strong 1310 line; In the 1290 area, after a week of shocks, it broke through. It has an extraordinary significance for the bulls. In other words, the gold price in the day must not break through 1290. Otherwise, the overall pattern of the market is still weak. Of course, in the face of the suppression of the thousand-three mark, we can’t rule out the possibility that the 1290 will fall again. After all, the former will be more important. In addition, the current market is more and more bullish on gold, which is likely to lead to the main force. Washing the dishes, so I suggest you not to watch the unilateral continuation too much.

Gold operating point

1, holding the morning 1300 short, break 1303 stop loss, the target to see 1293-1290 first line

2, back to step on 1292-1290 to do more, stop loss 1288, target 1298-1300 line

3, if the strong break through 1303, then wait for the retracement near 1300 to do more, stop loss 1297, target on the 1310-1312 line

Editor in charge: Chen Ping

Peng Jincheng: Gold's gains are now steadily under the adjustment of the three thousand - Database & Sql Blog Articles -_thumb_23666

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