People's Daily Review: Health Products, don't just “fudge” medicine


People's Daily Review: Health Products, don't just "fudge" medicine -People39s-Daily-Review-Health-Products-don39t-just-fudge-medicine

Recently, the “rights and powers incident” attracted high attention from public opinion. After the establishment of the joint investigation team in Tianjin to station in Quanjian, after investigation and evidence collection, the public security organs have also filed investigations on the suspected pyramid scheme and suspected false advertising crimes on January 1. At the same time, the relevant departments have investigated and punished fire-fighting health-care places that do not meet the fire safety regulations, and carried out special actions to focus on clean-up and rectification of health care products.

A stone has stirred up thousands of waves, and more routines for the sale of health products have been unveiled. The incident has become an open class to understand and understand the efficacy of health products, to think for consumers, industry companies and even regulatory authorities.

According to the current media reports, a shoe insole costing thousands of dollars is said to have a miraculous effect on the legs, heart disease and prostatitis. Negative ion magnetic sanitary napkins can treat various male and female physiological diseases; active ingredients and juices are not available. The different “herbal clear liquid”, but it is advertised as “detoxification”, the price of thousands of dollars … these sounds ridiculous, omnipotent effect, all over the various sales of products. But all this can't conceal the fact that in the sale of health care products, it is a universal “routinum” that is out of nothing and exaggerated.

Health care products are not medicines, not even “universal medicine”. This should be a consensus and common sense. However, some deified health products have the effect of making false propaganda, causing patients to misunderstand or even give up normal treatment; some use free medical examinations, travel, lectures, etc. as a scorpion, and play family cards to promote products; some have high cash back, more Buy more earning and other commitments, set up consumer traps to defraud money… In many cases, some health care products have turned from a product that focuses on health and good for the body and mind to a tool of fraud and abduction, which makes it difficult for patients and even families to wipe. Go to the shadows. Improving health can never be a business that only makes money.

We need to promote scientific literacy that is realistic and pragmatic and can distinguish between authenticity and authenticity. From the “high-tech therapy” that Wei Zexi’s family believes to the “anti-cancer products” purchased by Zhou Yang’s family, they use people’s trust in scientific power. This kind of simple feelings must not be an opportunity for unscrupulous people. Any “mysterious power” that is illusory and illusory is a misinterpretation of science; any “agent myth” that won't get anything and get rich overnight is a distortion of success.

We must emphasize market rules that are honest and trustworthy and operate according to law. Both the advertising law and the food safety law stipulate that health foods cannot be promoted to cure diseases, and false propaganda is strictly prohibited. In fact, the public security organs have been cracking down on this behavior. Since last year, more than 3,000 cases of fraudulent products of health products have been cracked, and more than 140 million yuan has been recovered. For enterprises, no matter how large or large the brand is, if they violate the law and hurt the consumers, they will be severely punished by the law and give the public an account.

There is a long way to go to build a healthy China. For any business and anyone, it is necessary to tighten the strings in the heart, cherish the people's thirst for health, and never take life as a play.


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