Purple Mountain Observatory: Three Super Moons will occur in 2019


Purple Mountain Observatory: Three Super Moons will occur in 2019 -Purple-Mountain-Observatory-Three-Super-Moons-will-occur-in-2019

"Super Moon" data map.

"Super Moon" data map., Nanjing, January 20 (Wang Kechao Yang Yanci) The Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a curtain in the sky on the 20th: In 2019, the "Super Moon" will be on the sky three times in a row, on January 21, 2 On the 19th and March 21st, the public can enjoy the "magic moon".

According to experts from the Purple Mountain Observatory, the word “super moon” is an emerging term that has only been proposed for decades. It refers to the phenomenon that the moon is near a perigee when a full moon occurs.

According to reports, because the orbit of the moon orbiting the earth is non-standard elliptical, the average distance between the earth and the moon is about 384,000 kilometers, the perigee distance is less than 360,000 kilometers, and the apogee distance is more than 400,000 kilometers, so the full moon occurs at the perigee. It is about 14% larger than the full moon that occurs when it is in apogee, and it is about 30% brighter. Therefore, the perigee full moon is also known as the "super moon."

Experts say that the "super moon" is not mysterious, and it will always appear more or less several times a year.

In 2019, when the three "super moons" occurred, the moon was very close to the perigee. Among them, on January 21, the full moon occurred at 13:16 Chinese time, and the land and moon distance was about 357,300 kilometers. On February 19, the full moon occurred at 23:54, and the earth and moon distance was about 356,900 kilometers; March On the 21st, the time of the full moon is 9:43, and the distance between the earth and the moon is about 360,700 kilometers.

Among them, on January 21st, tomorrow, when the "Super Moon" occurred, an annual astronomical drama "Super Moon Whole Food" was being staged on the other side of the globe. Regrettably, China happens to be during the day, and the public is not interested in this astronomical spectacle.

But what is worth looking forward to is that on the day of February 19th, coincided with the Lantern Festival, a big round of the Lantern Festival will rise to the sky, which will double the atmosphere for the festive season. (Finish)


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