Pursuing green health and highlighting diverse personalities…this year’s Spring Festival consumption presents four major characteristics

One is to pursue green health more. Reflected in the changes in people’s consumption concepts, sales of sugar-free pastries, health gift boxes, low-fat snacks and other commodities are now growing rapidly, and green products and services such as energy-saving home appliances and low-carbon travel are also widely popular.

The second is to highlight the diversity of personalities. It’s the New Year, and everyone wants to have a different New Year. Catering companies have launched special services such as dine-in reservations, home delivery, and in-store pickup. People’s leisure vacations are becoming more and more diverse, such as skiing in the north, surfing in the south, walking in the city, etc.

The third is to further highlight cultural characteristics. Domestic products, national trends, and products with national charm have become the “new favorites” of consumers during the Spring Festival in the Year of the Dragon. Trendy new products with “dragon” elements are very popular. The atmosphere of traditional cultural consumption such as visiting markets, admiring lanterns, and watching performances is also becoming increasingly strong.

The fourth is to favor technological intelligence more. Floor washing machines, dishwashers, and smart door locks have become the “three new things” in home life; smart watches, wireless headphones, and smart glasses have become the “three-piece set” of wearable devices.

“The most distinctive characteristics of the Chinese Spring Festival are family reunions and warm gatherings. The characteristics of the festival are the focus on New Year’s goods, New Year’s gifts, and New Year’s taste. The Ministry of Commerce complies with the people’s consumption wishes and launches the Winter Snow and Snow, Laba National Trend, Happy New Year, Festive scenes such as Lantern Festival and Spring Rejuvenation guide commercial authorities across the country to create a happy atmosphere to welcome the New Year and celebrate the New Year lively,” said Xu Xingfeng.

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