Rabbit got up? Yutu No. 2 just "send Weibo": the end of the lunch break!


Just, @月球车玉兔号 No. 2 official microblogging issued a post: the end of the lunch break, get up active bones

Rabbit got up? Yutu No. 2 just "send Weibo": the end of the lunch break! -Rabbit-got-up-Yutu-No.-2-just-quotsend-Weiboquot-the-end-of-the-lunch-break

Analysts believe that this suggests that Yutu No. 2 has been awakened from sleep.

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The latest development of "Yu Rabbit No. 2": scientific exploration missions involving multiple countries and organizations

The reporter learned from the National Space Administration on January 10 that since the 4th soft landing on the back of the moon, scientific exploration missions involving multiple countries and organizations have begun. On the lander, the lunar neutrons and radiation dose detectors and patrols developed by Germany are tested by the neutral atomic detector developed by Sweden. The detected data will be transmitted back to the ground through the “Bridge Bridge” relay star. Scientists plan to work together on relevant research.

The smooth implementation of the No. 4 mission embodies the contributions of many participating countries. In addition to the German and Swedish loads on the detector, the Dutch low-frequency radio detector is deployed on the relay star; the isotope heat source in cooperation with Russia will guarantee the safety of the No. 4 security moonlight; the Argentine deep space station built in South America participates in the measurement and control mission. It also played an important role; the European Space Agency’s monitoring and control station will also play a supporting role; in addition, the Saudi mini-imaging camera on the Harbin Institute of Technology’s micro-satellite “Longjiang No. 2” successfully returned to the Earth in June 2018. group photo.

Since the second half of 2018, NASA and the China National Space Administration have discussed cooperation on lunar and deep space exploration. Before the launch of the No. 4 mission, the NASA Lunar Exploration Orbiter-LRO team and the No. 4 engineering team scientists conducted close communication to discuss the use of the US LMO satellite observations on the lunar orbit to land on the 4th for scientific research. . To this end, the United States provided the orbital data of the LRO satellite to the Chinese side. The Chinese team provided the LRO team with landing time and location, and expects more scientific discoveries and results.

China National Space Administration is willing to work with space agencies, space science research institutions and space exploration enthusiasts to explore the mysteries of space.


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