Red Pass Fugitive: After the red pass, the smuggling group wants to deal with us.


(Original title: Hundreds of Red Cross personnel are allowed to be in a family of three escaped on the way to the smuggling group to destroy the mouth)

Red Pass Fugitive: After the red pass, the smuggling group wants to deal with us. -Red-Pass-Fugitive-After-the-red-pass-the-smuggling-group-wants-to-deal-with-us

The Propaganda Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Radio and Television Headquarters CCTV jointly produced a five-episode TV feature film “Red Wanted”, which will be broadcast on the CCTV Integrated Channel at 8:00 pm in the evening from January 10th to 14th. Chasing the story.

No. 92 of “100 Red Cross Personnel” tells the story of the escape, confessing that life is unbearable for several years, and even was smuggled by the smuggling group. In the end, he fled to an unestablished country, why did he eventually surrender himself?

Ren Biao, “100 Red Cross Personnel” No. 92, in January 2014, Ren Biao’s family of three listened to the smuggling group arrangement, and the people who followed them illegally crossed the border from Vietnam to Vietnam and then from Vietnam to Cambodia. However, after staying in Cambodia for several months, the smuggling group’s promise to help him get the status of developed countries has not been fulfilled. He also asked him to take a lot of money on the grounds of need for management. Ren Biao’s family gradually felt Some kind of dangerous atmosphere.

Ren Biao: I began to feel that the situation was a bit abnormal and not right. He has no ability to implement this matter, or he is not prepared to help you.

Three months after he fled the bid, China issued a red wanted order to him through Interpol. After the announcement of this news, Ren Biao felt that the smuggling group had some regrets involved in it and wanted to destroy them.

Ren Biao: They also know that I am on the list. So I believe that they must have an idea and want to dispose of us. Because our country may be more likely to (follow). It is a risk for him.


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