Renmin University of China’s first “post-90s” professor was born

Renmin University of China's first "post-90s" professor was born -Renmin-University-of-Chinas-first-post-90s-professor-was-born

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Renmin University of China is the youngest professor and the first “post-90s” professor who has been self-evaluated by the school since the new century.

On August 28, the WeChat public account “Renmin University of China” published an article revealing that with the original intention of scientific research to let the world see the “Chinese story”, the young teacher Gao Haoyu is doing academics and publishing top journals. He is not only a “climber” in finance, but also an academic The “leader” was promoted to a professor four years after joining the National People’s Congress, and he also became the first “post-90s” professor at Renmin University of China.

According to the National People’s Congress, the school opens various promotion channels, which not only encourages competition but also respects contributions, so that all kinds of talents can go their own way without interfering with each other, so that every faculty member has “energy”, hard work, “hope”, and career. “Running to the head” truly realizes that talents can “come out”, “take over” and “support”. Among them, outstanding young talents can be exceptionally promoted to associate professors and professors, and extremely outstanding lecturers and associate professors can be directly promoted to second- and third-level positions of professors.

The school pointed out that the improvement of the requirements for promotion has improved the overall quality of the candidates for exceptional promotion, and the effectiveness of the exceptional promotion system has become more significant. The youngest professor and the first “post-90s” professor who has been self-evaluated by the school since the new century, that is, the one recommended by the School of Finance Gao Haoyu was exceptionally promoted to professor. The other 3 candidates for exceptional promotion to professors are 34 years old (2) and 35 years old respectively. They are all outstanding young talents who have achieved outstanding results in their respective disciplines.

Public information shows that Gao Haoyu graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, and a Ph.D. from the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the City University of Hong Kong. Researcher. In 2016, he was an assistant professor of finance and a master tutor at the Central University of Finance and Economics. In 2019, he was an associate professor of finance and a doctoral tutor at Renmin University of China.

Gao Haoyu’s research interests mainly focus on banking and financial market intermediaries, financial risk management, debt and credit markets, corporate finance and China’s capital markets, etc. Representative academic achievements have been published by Journal of Finance (JF), Review of Financial Studies (RFS), Journal of Financial Economics (JFE), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA), Financial Research, Journal of Management Science, and Published or accepted by authoritative journals in the field of financial management at home and abroad such as World Economy, System Engineering Theory and Practice, and Economics Quarterly. The doctoral students he supervised won the best thesis award for doctoral students at the 2022 Digital Economy Annual Conference and the first prize for the student group of the 10th China Investment Academy Annual Conference, and the undergraduate students he supervised won the 2020 Beijing Excellent Undergraduate Thesis (Design) Award. He himself won the Outstanding Instructor Award for Undergraduate Graduation Thesis (Design) in Beijing. Gao Haoyu completed a National Natural Science Foundation of China youth project (post-evaluation was excellent), presided over a National Natural Science Foundation of China project, participated in a number of National Natural Science Foundation of China key projects, and was invited to participate in the State Council Counselor Office, the former China Academic exchanges with institutions such as China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Development Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

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