Rough and mighty, auspicious and auspicious (not a legacy)


Northern lion dance

Rough and mighty, auspicious and auspicious (not a legacy)

Rough and mighty, auspicious and auspicious (not a legacy) -Rough-and-mighty-auspicious-and-auspicious-not-a-legacy

Liu Ji Lion Dance Group is ready to go. People's Daily – Our reporter Shi Ziqiang's photo report

Lion dances, also known as "playing lions" and "lion lamps", are generally performed by two people covered in cloth lion skins, and they are prosperous in the traditional Chinese New Year performances.

According to the performance of the lion dance, there is a distinction between text and military. The "Lion Lion" focuses on the life style of the lion. "Wu Shi" mainly shows actions such as turning, rolling and falling.

Near the Spring Festival, in the cultural square of Nanwang Village, Huangdipu Township, Lu County, Hebei Province, a lively lion dance performance of “Golden Lion Dance and Celebration” has won the applause of more than 200 villagers. The performer is from the famous Liu Ji Lion Dance Group.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, with the dynamic drums, several red and yellow lions appeared on the scene. Under the gaze of the audience, the lions sometimes flicked and swayed, sometimes leaping and leaping, sometimes twisting at the top, going down the mountain to explore the treasure, and showing the sturdy and powerful performance.

In the high-altitude lion dance, the players frequently show their talents. A lion-headed lion-bearer led the way, swaying the lion to perform a variety of gripping movements such as sitting shoulders, double lions jumping, and four lions overlapping. The other lion climbed a few meters high bench and leaped and jumped on it, causing the audience to applaud.

China's lion dance has a north-south division, and Hebei Cangzhou is one of the birthplaces of the North Lion. "The South Lion is mainly based on skills and competitions. It is more delicate and realistic. It is more rude and fierce, and it is also feasting at the same time." National Intangible Cultural Heritage Yixian County Lion Dance Representative Inheritor Yin Shaoshan Say.

Yin Shaoshan said that when the performance of the lion dance in Jixian County, the action is to be realistic, the station is standing, and the standing is standing. In addition, the lion dance in Jixian County is divided into lions and lions. The lion dance is meticulous and humorous, while the lion is more focused on the use of skills and martial arts. However, regardless of "Wen Lion" or "Wu Shi", both the lion and the lion dance are martial artists, and the martial arts skills are deep. The traditional lion head weighs seventy or eighty pounds, the lion skin weighs twenty or thirty pounds, and the modern lion head weighs ten kilograms. The Lions usually have 2 to 3 big lions, 1 to 2 small lions, two big lions, and one small lion.

Yin Shaoshan, 60 years old, is a farmer in Liuji Village, Huangdipu Township, Yin County, Zhangzhou. In 1980, Yin Shaoshan, who was only 21 years old, set up a lion dance team – Liu Ji Lion Dance Group. At that time, there were more than 20 people in the regiment, all of whom were all peasants.

In 2000, at the 10th National Star Awards Competition, Liu Ji Lion Dance Group won the championship. Since then, Yin Shaoshan and his wife Lu Chunling have put all their energy into the group, invited experts from the martial arts, acrobatics and literary circles to guide and reproduce and reproduce nearly 20 such as “Die Shi Shi Wei”. Difficult action.

Looking at the transcripts of the Liu Ji Lion Dance Group in recent years, the results are fruitful. Not only won the gold medal in the national "Northern and South Lions" competition, but also won the "China North Lion King" reputation by the State Sports General Administration, and also won the first Farmers Arts Festival Gold Award. The Lion Dance Group participated in the performance of the Hong Kong Reunification, the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo. It was also invited to perform in Japan, Australia, the United States, Singapore and other places.

Yin Shaoshan’s enthusiasm for lion dance not only affected the people in the regiment but also affected his family. His daughter, son-in-law, son, daughter-in-law can now perform on stage.

In 2007, in order to better inherit the lion dance skills, Yin Shaoshan founded the "Liu Ji Lion Dance School." No matter who they are, if they want to learn lion dance, he is willing to teach, and does not charge tuition, and provides accommodation.

In 2009, Jixian Lion Dance successfully declared a national-level non-legacy. With the inheritance of funds, Yin Shaoshan is more active and often goes to school to teach the children. Over the years, relying on the training center, they have trained more than 5,000 students in Gansu, Shandong, Shanxi and other places.

Using the existing funds, Yin Shaoshan is now leading the establishment of a lion dance training base. The main project has been opened and will be completed by July and August this year.


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