Rule of Law Daily: There are many traps in the “gold rush in northern Myanmar”, beware of black hands reaching out to young people

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, some lawbreakers in northern Myanmar have spread unhealthy thoughts such as money supremacy, hedonism, and armed violence to the country through platforms such as short videos and online games, and lured young people in the name of working and making money. Smuggling into northern Myanmar has spawned a series of “tragedies” in the blooming season. The People’s Procuratorate of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, in handling related cases, discovered different forms of black hands reaching out to young people.

Stories of sudden wealth weave the fantasy dream of northern Myanmar

“Abin has a lot of fans. I have seen some videos he posted. The house is full of luxury cars, big villas, and big lawns.” Xiaohao met a man named “Abin” by chance while surfing the Internet. The man, through the network cable, the other party described to him a false north Myanmar that “every day makes money, money is everywhere”.

The simple Xiao Hao believed it was true, and under the guidance of “A Bin”, he came into contact with some “users” from northern Myanmar through the short video platform. Different from the official warning propaganda, in the videos posted by these users, the houses in northern Myanmar are resplendent, the beauties in Myanmar are passionate, and the stories in Myanmar are dreamy and mysterious…

Xiaohao lost himself in the fantasy dream of northern Myanmar carefully woven by criminals. With the dream of getting rich overnight, he smuggled to Myanmar with a few friends. Several young people with an average age of less than 20 years old hid in Tibet all the way, thousands of miles away. They came all the way to the “Holy Land of Gold Rush” in their hearts, but they were stunned by everything in front of them.

Empty and dilapidated rough buildings, vicious security guards with guns… The so-called “job” Xiaohao and his party got was to carry out “killing pigs” fraud on the Internet. They finally realized that they had fallen into a wire fraud gang.

Xiaohao’s story is not alone. In recent years, relevant departments have continued to carry out online and offline warning campaigns to expose the true face of northern Myanmar. However, some lawbreakers rely on the Internet to show off luxury houses, sports cars, beauties, etc. in northern Myanmar through short videos, creating the illusion of getting rich overnight. It is packaged as a paradise of “double harvest of wealth and love”.

“Young people have little social experience and lack of ability to distinguish. If they are immersed in such an online environment for a long time, they will become curious and even yearn for stories about the ‘gold rush’ in northern Myanmar, which will easily lead to distortion of values ​​and fall into the trap of criminals in northern Myanmar. “Cao Li, the case-handling prosecutor of the Xiangcheng District Procuratorate, said.

Using online games to build closer relationships

“Xiaohao first met ‘Abin’ in the game. I heard that ‘Abin’ was very generous and cared for Xiaohao. As time passed, Xiaohao believed him more and more. He went without any doubt, and let us go together.” Xiao Fan and Xiao Hao smuggled to Myanmar, although he has been back to China for a long time, but he still has lingering fears when he thinks about what happened at that time.

The online games favored by teenagers have become another “breakthrough” besides short videos due to their social functions such as private chats with friends, public chat rooms, and forums. ” image, attracting the attention of teenagers.

Most of these teenagers left school early and wandered around working alone, without healthy relationships with classmates and friends, and without teachers to teach them. They are lonely and confused, pouring their hopes for life into the game, and suddenly a rich and enthusiastic “big boss” appears, and is willing to bring them money. Naturally, they are very moved and even feel dependent.

In order to prevent people from escaping, these fraud dens are basically guarded by security guards, and they need approval from “superior” if they want to go out. Under such high pressure, many teenagers who have been deceived into Myanmar can only tremble every day. At an age when they should be laughing in the sun, they are imprisoned in fraud dens in remote Myanmar, engaging in shady electronic fraud crimes.

Using acquaintances and classmates to “precisely set the trap”

“Xiao Fang and I were friends. At that time, we often played games together. Later, Xiao Fang suddenly went to work in Southeast Asia. He also said that he wanted to recruit a team and asked if I would like to join together.” Xiao Yun was also tricked into Myanmar. A member of the Bei fraud gang, he initially refused the invitation of his friend Xiao Fang. But under Xiao Fang’s soft and hard thinking, he chose to believe in his friends. Not long after, Xiaoyun dropped out of school and followed Xiaofang to the China-Myanmar border. He always thought he was going to work in Yunnan. It was not until he crossed the border that he realized that he had been taken to Myanmar.

“Later, I chatted with the people around me, and found that everyone had the same experience. Some were cheated by classmates, and some were dragged here by fellow villagers. I don’t understand. They are such good friends, how could they become like this?” Xiao Yun said.

In fact, the values ​​​​of young people are not fixed. Once they are tricked into a criminal group such as the Northern Myanmar Telephone Fraud Group, under the “precepts and deeds” of the criminals, they are very prone to value distortions. They not only actively integrate into criminal groups, but even change themselves. Instead, he pointed the finger at home and encouraged and deceived his former friends to go abroad together.

“Compared to the words of teachers and parents, teenagers are often more willing to believe the words of their peers, especially for some friends who have known each other for a long time, as well as classmates, fellow villagers, etc., and pay attention to the so-called ‘brother loyalty’. So once a similar case occurs If you look into the reasons behind it, you will find that these teenagers are often taken one by one, and they are tricked into Myanmar one after another, and they fall into the devil’s cave.” Prosecutor Cao Li analyzed.

There are many pitfalls in the “gold rush in northern Myanmar”. Cao Li reminded that it is necessary to strengthen the ability to identify and guard against the traps of “gold panning” in northern Myanmar, and to deal with the complicated information on the Internet, strangers asking about their health through the network cable in the game, and advocating “going to Myanmar to make money” and other banners. The so-called “friends” who shout must be vigilant and guard against the traps in northern Myanmar.

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