Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators"


February 1, 1986

China's first practical broadcast satellite successfully launched

Do you know?

Today we come to science:

What is a practical broadcast satellite?

Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators" -Satellites-that-don39t-sing-are-not-good-quotcommunicatorsquot

The TV show we watched is really "from the stars"

That is, the communication satellite plays the role of a radio communication relay station.

Collect all kinds of information from the ground

Then sent to the user

So we saw the TV

Occasionally, there are snowflakes on TV today.

The situation of Caton and the interruption is also related to the communication satellite.

Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators" -1549012767_300_Satellites-that-don39t-sing-are-not-good-quotcommunicatorsquot

Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators" -1549012767_223_Satellites-that-don39t-sing-are-not-good-quotcommunicatorsquot

△ data map

China’s first practical broadcasting satellite belongs to the “Oriental Red” series of satellites. Yes, you have not mistaken, that is, the “Oriental Red” of “Dongfanghong” was sung in space. On February 1, 1986, the Dongfanghong No. 2 Practical Communication Broadcasting Satellite was successfully launched at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

This satellite has pushed China's communications satellite and television broadcast into a new stage, and the quality of TV images has been greatly improved. It can transmit more than 30 channels of radio and television programs, more than 8,000 domestic channels and special satellite communication networks in the petroleum, coal, water conservancy and other industries. It has changed the difficulty of viewing and communication difficulties in remote areas, especially the satellites. The development of television education.


Then in addition to the "Oriental Red" series of communication satellites


What other satellites are closely related to our lives?

★ Mom no longer has to worry that I am lost – Beidou series

The Beidou satellite is very familiar to everyone. In 2008, after the Wenchuan earthquake, the hardest hit area near the epicenter became an “information island”. The People’s Liberation Army participating in the disaster relief carried the “Beidou” satellite navigation system into the disaster area, and connected the “lifewave” of the disaster relief site and the rear headquarters with the help of the “Beidou” system.

Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators" -1549012767_94_Satellites-that-don39t-sing-are-not-good-quotcommunicatorsquot

△ data map

After a long-term development, Beidou system is widely used in many fields such as mass consumption, smart city, transportation, public safety, disaster mitigation and relief, agricultural fishery, precision machine control, meteorological detection, communication, power and financial timing.

On March 30, 2018, the Beidou-3 satellite successfully carried out global network operation and was applied and promoted in Russia, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries, which will inject new vitality into global economic and social development.

★ Rain and snow are ruthless, "Fengyun" has sentiment – Fengyun series

The Fengyun series of meteorological satellites provide a large number of public welfare, professional and decision-making services for meteorology, oceanography, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, aviation, navigation and environmental protection. Today, the Fengyun series of meteorological satellites have become one of the best and most widely used satellites for the benefit of our national remote sensing satellites.

The strongest typhoon "Mangosteen" in 2018 is continuously encrypted and monitored by Fengyun Meteorological Satellite. China has also assisted the Philippines and Vietnam to open and enhance monitoring channels around the two countries. The meteorological department can watch it online in real time.

Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators" -1549012768_269_Satellites-that-don39t-sing-are-not-good-quotcommunicatorsquot

Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators" -1549012768_601_Satellites-that-don39t-sing-are-not-good-quotcommunicatorsquot

△September 11th-12th, Fengyun No.3 D star (FY3D) monitored the appearance of “Hawthorn” with clear typhoon and relatively symmetrical structure.

Fengyun meteorological satellite has been included in the global operational application meteorological satellite sequence by the World Meteorological Organization, and has become an important member of the global integrated earth observation system. It is also a duty satellite for the international disaster reduction charter mechanism. It is serving 2,500 users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Provide satellite data and products.

★ Look again, look at me and take you down – "High Score" series

Many high-scoring brothers serve in orbit, like a huge camera hanging high above the earth, observing the earth.

On October 11, 2018, the formation of the Jinsha River dammed lake caused serious threats to the coast and downstream. The researchers of the China Meteorological Administration used the satellite data of the high score of No. 2 on October 22, 2018, and the high-altitude satellites of the 2017 high-altitude satellite to find that the water in the upstream channel is obviously widened (red area). The bridge to the farmland was submerged. Fengyun No. 4 provides the height and precipitation of the cloud system. These provide a wealth of data support for rescue and rescue work.

Satellites that don't sing are not good "communicators" -1549012768_648_Satellites-that-don39t-sing-are-not-good-quotcommunicatorsquot

△ data map

In addition to the above

We also have the "Wolf" dark matter particle detection satellite,

Mozi quantum science experimental satellite, etc.

These dazzling satellites are all highlighted.

China's satellite technology has reached the world's advanced level

On the road to the aerospace power

Inseparable from many silent scientists

They are fully interpreted

"Self-reliance, hard work, great synergy,

Selfless dedication, rigorous and pragmatic, and the courage to climb"

Aerospace spirit

They are the brightest stars in the night sky!

(Source: "Our Space" WeChat platform; Beidou satellite navigation system official website; "International Space" 2018-01 "Communication Satellite"; China Weather Network October 13, 2018)


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