Secure the two “rice bowls” of food and energy (Rui Finance)


Strictly adhere to the bottom line of resource security

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Natural Resources, in 2023, the national natural resources system will continue to achieve new breakthroughs and new results in various tasks. The total amount of cultivated land in the country has increased for the third consecutive year. A new round of mineral prospecting breakthrough strategic actions has been fully promoted. New progress has been made in building a maritime power. The transformation and upgrading of surveying, mapping and geoinformation has been accelerated. The land and space planning system has been increasingly improved. Natural resources and real estate rights have been confirmed. The registration system has become more complete, and the ability to build ecological civilization has been continuously enhanced.

This year, the bottom line of resource security was strictly adhered to, and the two “rice bowls” of food and energy were secured more securely.

——The “hard measures” for farmland protection are constantly being improved. In 2023, the Ministry of Natural Resources will carry out special rectification of the balance of cultivated land occupation and compensation, coordinate and standardize satellite remote sensing monitoring of cultivated land protection; strengthen supervision and law enforcement, and establish a working mechanism for “growing teeth” hard measures for cultivated land and ecological protection.

——The construction of strategic mineral security system has been solidly advanced. The Ministry of Natural Resources promoted the establishment of a new round of mineral prospecting breakthrough strategic action “1+N+X” institutional framework and issued an overall mission statement for the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Nine strategic minerals have completed the “14th Five-Year Plan” goals and tasks ahead of schedule. Complete the national survey on mineral resources to fully understand the situation of China’s mineral resources. Major breakthroughs have been made in prospecting at the Laizhou gold mine in Shandong, the Zhaotong phosphate mine in Yunnan, the Yajiang lithium mine in Sichuan, the potash salt in the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai, the Zhushan niobium-tantalum rare earth mine in Hubei, Hongde Petroleum in Gansu, and Sulige natural gas in Inner Mongolia.

——The foundation of surveying and mapping geographical information has been consolidated. The Ministry of Natural Resources improved the confidentiality and map management policies for surveying and mapping geographical information, and the overall implementation plan for the construction of a real-life three-dimensional China was officially issued; the China-Africa Satellite Remote Sensing Application Cooperation Center was established, and the United Nations Global Geographic Information Knowledge and Innovation Center was officially launched.

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