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□ Ye Quan

On May 12, the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau of Guangdong Province issued the “Circular on the Progress of the Investigation and Treatment of the “College Entrance Examination Immigration” in Shenzhen Fuyuan School”. According to the report, among the candidates for the 2019 college entrance examination in Shenzhen Fuyuan School, 32 candidates are “college entrance examination immigrants”, and they are qualified to obtain Guangdong qualifications. The above 32 candidates were disqualified from the college entrance examination, and 50% of the school’s 2019 high school enrollment plan was reduced. The school’s board of directors was instructed to conduct in-depth examinations and seriously deal with the responsible persons.
From April 28, some of the candidates’ parents found that the test survived, and on May 12, the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau released the results, only a few days. It should be said that the Shenzhen Municipal Education Department handled the matter quickly and resolutely and resolutely. Equity in education is an important part of social fairness and justice. It involves a wide range of issues and is highly concerned by the society and must be firmly maintained. For all kinds of illegal and illegal activities that undermine education fairness, we must seriously investigate and deal with them according to the law.
With the reform and opening up of China’s resumption of the college entrance examination system for more than 40 years, the college entrance examination has always been an important way for young students to realize their ideals and change their destiny. It is undeniable that there are indeed such problems in the practice of the college entrance examination system, and there is still a certain gap with the expectations of the broad masses of the people. However, we must admit that the current college entrance examination system is the most fair examination system currently in place, and it is constantly being reformed and improved as a national college entrance examination system. Maintaining education fairness and justice is one of the goals pursued by the continuous reform and improvement of the college entrance examination system.
The reason why the “College Entrance Examination” activities undermine the fairness and justice of education is precisely because this activity has broken the loopholes of the college entrance examination system and is therefore prohibited by China’s laws and regulations. China’s education law clearly stipulates that “the state takes measures to promote education equity and promote balanced development of education.” In 2016, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a notice on comprehensively managing the “high school entrance examination immigration” work. The notice pointed out that “the speculative behavior of the college entrance examination immigrants has occupied the normal college entrance opportunities for the candidates in the relevant provinces through unfair competition. Dissatisfaction with the masses of the province and the majority of candidates, and the education department and the public security department are required to earnestly perform their duties and put an end to the phenomenon of “college immigration”. At the same time, in May 2019, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education also issued a Notice on “Doing a Good Job in the Work of the College Entrance Examination Immigration”, requiring that the “College Entrance Examination” be seriously investigated.
In recent years, the “College Entrance Examination” activities have appeared frequently, and repeated investigations have been repeated. In particular, some institutions have used the “college entrance examination immigration” activities as a business to form illegal activities with a certain scale. The destructive power is particularly large, and the impact is particularly bad. It must be highly valued. Shenzhen Fuyuan School ignores the prohibition of national laws and regulations, commits crimes, uses high-priced candidates from Hebei Hengshui and other places to go to the Shenzhen college entrance examination, and recruits Shenzhen candidates to go to Hengshui and other places to study, school registration in Shenzhen, return to the college entrance examination Exams, these two ways of illegal operation, the serious college entrance examination as a business, greatly hurt the legitimate rights and interests of local candidates.
According to Chinese law, the “College Entrance Examination” activity is a serious violation of laws and regulations. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a notice on comprehensively managing the “high school entrance examination immigration” work, stating that if the high school stage schools violate the state regulations and conduct “college entrance examination immigration” privately, the impact is not bad, not only subject to administrative punishment, but also The school license may be revoked according to law. If the circumstances are serious, it may even be suspected of violating the law and criminal punishment. Although Fuyuan School is a private school, the law stipulates that private schools have the same legal status as public schools and bear the same legal responsibilities. Therefore, on this issue, Fuyuan School does not have any privileges that can be enjoyed outside the law, and must be punished by corresponding laws and regulations.
There is no small matter in the college entrance examination, and education fairness is not allowed to be opportunistic. I am going to take the college entrance examination soon. I hope that the education department and each school can stand on the height of the national legal dignity and the spirit of the rule of law to seriously treat the fairness of the college entrance examination, seriously discipline the college entrance examination, strictly manage the college entrance examination, take practical and effective measures, and resolutely resist. And investigate and deal with various acts that undermine the order of the examination room, damage the fairness of education, and resolutely safeguard the fairness of education.


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