Shaanxi cracked a case of killing and killing endangered wild animals


In the Qinling Mountains, a number of kilometers of "high-voltage line" will be set up to kill national first- and second-level protected animals. After simple treatment, the layers will be sold to the south. A few days ago, the police of Meixian County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province announced a case of mega-hunting, transportation, and sale of precious and endangered wild animals. A criminal gang across 12 provinces and seven cities was arrested.

"Black words" lead to criminal gangs, illegally hunted national first-class protected animals

Beginning in August last year, the Meixian police found that Liu Moumou, a fugitive who had previously sold relics, had frequent activities recently. Through monitoring, they found that "black baby", "wild goods" and "fragrance" and other words frequently appeared in Liu's telephone communication. “The police officers visited the villagers and were told that these three words are ‘black talks’, referring to black bears, wild animals and state-level protected animal forests,” said Wang Jianping, deputy director of the Meixian Public Security Bureau.

After further investigation, the "hunter" Liu Moumou, Su Moumou and Lu Moumou, who bought and sold wild animals, and other six criminal gangs entered the police field of vision. On October 3, 2018, the police intercepted two vehicles that transported rare and endangered wild animals. On the spot, they seized one of the national second-class wild protected animals, the black bear, and one set of tools, the electric anchor. At the same time, the police arrested Lu Moumou in Fufeng County, Baoji City, and seized more than 300 black bears, such as scorpions, grass deer and wild boars, who were hunted in their cold storage.

The police investigation found that Lu Moumou was closely connected with Shaanxi Hanzhong, Sichuan Chengdu, Fujian, Yunnan and other places to sell wild animal processing dens. The police collected the network on November 11 last year and arrested 37 suspects. Tracking along the line, the task force went to Xi'an, Hanzhong and Sichuan provinces, and five suspects were arrested and brought to justice.

As of November 30, 2018, the task force arrested 48 suspects, cracked 12 cases of illegally hunted state-level protected animal forests, and illegally hunted 4 cases of national second-class protected animal black bears. There were 4 cases of protection of animal products and 15 cases of illegal hunting. 2 musk bags, 2 black bears, 4 bear paws, 2 bear bile, 5 kg bear oil, and 23 scorpions were found. More than a thousand animals were found in cockroaches, deer, civet, wild boar, and pheasant. .

Ten thousand volts of high pressure instantly kills the animals, and after simple processing, they are sold at a layered price.

According to the suspect Su Moumou, everyone in the criminal gang has a clear division of labor. “I usually live on sheep and I am familiar with the mountainous terrain. I am mainly responsible for leading the way and looking for some places where wild animals may be found. In addition, Wang is mainly responsible for dissecting animals. Liu is mainly responsible for installing 'electric anchors' and contacting the offline. "Su Moumou said.

Su Moumou said that they usually went up the mountain at noon, and after setting up the "electric anchor", they went down to dinner at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and stayed at the side of the "electric anchor" alarm. The "electric anchor" was assembled and manufactured by the suspect gang on the Internet after buying materials such as batteries, inverters and wire. The cost of a set of equipment is about 2,000 yuan.

After the equipment is laid, it is like setting up a "high-voltage line" that is only a few tens of centimeters high from the ground and twists and turns for several kilometers. When the wild animals pass, the high pressure of about 10,000 volts will instantly kill the animals. At that time, the siren will sound, and Su Moumou and others will turn off the "electric anchor" power supply and go back to the animal on the mountain line. On October 1, 2018, the group where Su Moumou was located sold four wild boars and one black bear that had been illegally hunted. The illegal income was 6,800 yuan.

Wild animals that are hunted are sold locally by “hunters”. “Intermediaries” are generally purchased at low prices, sold at a simple price, and sold at a higher price, such as bear bile, bear paw and musk. After a number of intermediate links have been added, the final wild animal products are sold to the south. According to the confession of the suspect Bai Moumou, the purchase price of a black bear is about 8,000 yuan, and the price for Xiaozhong, which is sold to Hanzhong, is 14,300 yuan.

Wang Haike, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Second Brigade of the Meixian County Public Security Bureau, said that the suspects lived in the mountains all the year round and were very familiar with the terrain. It was difficult to track them and find their hiding places. "The traces of 'hunters' are difficult to determine, but they must be sold after hunting endangered wild animals." Wang Haike said, "We have locked the gang's crime carrier to accurately intercept the vehicles and obtain them in the investigation case. A breakthrough."

Shaanxi cracked a case of killing and killing endangered wild animals -Shaanxi-cracked-a-case-of-killing-and-killing-endangered-wild-animals

Improve the publicity of laws and regulations on the protection of wildlife, and strengthen supervision of online sales such as “electric anchors”

The police investigating the case said that there was a slogan for prohibiting mountain hunting in the door of Su Moumou. The local government repeatedly went to the village to publicize the laws and policies related to hunting, but Su Mou turned a blind eye. His actions have been suspected of constituting an illegal hunting and killing of precious and endangered wild animals, and waiting for him will be legal sanctions.

The police investigators said that in addition to further cracking down on illegal hunting and trafficking, they should also adopt various effective methods to publicize the laws and policies related to the protection of wild animals and establish a sense of self-consciousness to protect the precious wild animal resources of the Qinling Mountains.

Wang Haike said that considering the crime tool "electric anchor" can be assembled and produced by purchasing materials online, it is recommended that relevant departments strengthen sales control of such tools. The police said that "electric anchors" not only threaten the safety of wild animals, but also may hurt people. Some police officers told reporters that there were cases of death caused by "electric anchors" in the Qinling Mountains.

The Spring Festival is approaching, the police reminded consumers should avoid buying wild animal products and food from private sources. When purchasing related products of the enterprise, it is necessary to check the relevant qualifications of the processing license and domestication and breeding certificate of the enterprise. Otherwise, it may be suspected of illegally acquiring precious and endangered wild animal products. "Even if the crimes are violated, there is a high risk of blindly eating these animals without inspection and quarantine," said Wang Jianping.

Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter Yao Youming


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