Shanghai Police: Students from two middle schools poured mixed liquid into water cups, causing many students to feel uncomfortable. All of them have been discharged from the hospital after treatment.

On September 14, a reporter from The Paper ( learned from the Shanghai Pudong Public Security Bureau that at 15:37 on September 12, 2023, the Pudong Public Security Bureau received an alarm saying that many students in a middle school on Xianan Road were unwell. .

After preliminary investigation, it was found that Yang Moumou (female, 13 years old), a student of the school, and Zheng Moumou (female, 13 years old), a classmate of the school, returned to the classroom during physical education class in the morning and poured a mixture of cleaning and bleaching liquid into their classmates. students’ water cups, causing many students to become ill.

The students involved were sent to the hospital for treatment and were discharged that night and have now returned to normal classes. Currently, the police are working with the education department to conduct further investigations.

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