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Li Tao recently met He Wei, who was at the school gate before school on May 10. He was standing with a middle-aged man with a medium build and a short stature.

Li Tao and He Wei are students of the third grade (1) class of the fifth elementary school in Shangrao City. Li Tao was surprised that He did not enter the school gate. He replied: “Because Liu Shuai bullied me, my father and I are waiting for him.” At this time, Liu Shuai has entered the classroom on the third floor of the teaching building.

After half an hour or so, the middle-aged man rushed into the classroom and stabbed his daughter’s same table with Liu Shuai. He is Wang Mojian, the father of He Wei.

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On May 13th, the original classroom in the fifth grade of Shangrao, located at the lower right of the picture, was black and empty. Beijing News reporter Kang Jiashe

Early murder case

When Wang Moujian rushed into the third grade (1) class from the open back door, the class was reading early in the language. Before class, the class teacher Wang Xiaorong has turned the position of Liu Shuai and He Wei, let Liu Shuai sit alone in the classroom. He Wei is not in the classroom.

Li Tao’s seat is not a few rows away from Liu Shuai. He saw that Wang Moujian’s foot was sitting on the ground at the end of the class’s last Liu Shuai’s fall. “It’s a long way to go, and he’s almost smashed into the corner. The position of the bucket.”

Subsequently, Wang Moujian took out a knife and directly stabbed Liu Shuai. The language teacher on the podium saw the situation and shouted: “Hey, Dad, what are you doing?” Then he ran out of the corridor to call Wang Xiaorong. Then, Wang Moujian dragged Liu Shuai to the corridor outside the classroom, and the blood stained the floor of the classroom and the corridor.

Liu Shuai’s Xiaoyan told the Beijing News reporter that she later watched the surveillance video at the police station and found that after the crime, He’s father did not flee: “He took the child and held the knife in one hand, so he swayed in the corridor. Go inside.”

Many children in the classroom of the third grade (1) class were also frightened. Someone got under the desk, and some people were scared to burst into tears. Many third- and fourth-grade students said that they heard the screams from the third floor.

The official notice recorded the time of this moment: 9:16 am on May 10, 2019.

Shangrao City Fifth Primary School walks about 700 meters, and the straight line is 300 meters away. It is the Shangrao People’s Hospital. Liu Shuai’s mother worked in the 15th floor of the obstetrics and gynaecology department. According to the posted schedule, she was on duty on the day of the incident.

At about 9:30, a cleaning staff working on the same floor with Liu Shuai’s mother saw far away that the ambulance and police car were around the entrance of the fifth elementary school in Shangrao City, but she never thought about this and Liu Shuai’s mother’s meeting. What’s the relationship: “She also took the nurses to check the room early in the morning, and it looks pretty good.”

Liu Shuai was taken to the emergency room of Shangrao People’s Hospital by an ambulance. The staff in charge of the reception at the emergency room recalled that he had promoted Liu Shuai to the emergency room. His chest, abdomen and back were seriously injured and there were obvious wounds. “At that time, people were no longer able to have a number of people. Liu Shuai A total of 13 knives were smashed.”

In the crowd, he saw a woman in a casual dress crying, and later realized that it was Liu Shuai’s mother and a colleague from the hospital.

The police arrived. Shortly after the incident, the boss of a shop opposite the Fifth Primary School in Shangrao City saw a man sitting in the police car. In the hands of the police, holding a suspected crime tool, a knife a dozen centimeters long.

Soon, the students in the third grade (1) class were transferred to the conference room on the fifth floor of the teaching building. Students in the third grade (1) class said that they did not attend classes on the day and did not arrange homework. The teacher showed them movies and music.

A teacher from the Fifth Primary School of Shangrao City said that after the incident, all classes received a notice from the principal, closed the doors and windows of the class, and prohibited students from going out. “There is blood on the scene, and the children are afraid of seeing it. So after the matter is finished, Only allow students to go out.” The bathroom on the third floor was also banned on the same day.

On May 10, the Xinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xinzhou Branch reported that at 9:16 on the same day, the Public Security Bureau received an alarm saying that there was a knife wounding case in the fifth primary school of Shangrao City. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Wang Moujian (Xinzhou District, male, 41 years old) was the parents of the school. Because of the dispute between his child and the victim, he stabbed him with a knife. After the emergency was sent to the hospital to rescue invalid death. The suspect has been under the control of the police and the case is still under investigation.

Under the briefing, some people commented that “the friction between children is normal, and parents should be properly guided.”

Sudden cancellation meeting

Similar words have appeared in the third-grade (1) class parents WeChat group on the day before the incident.

At 4:27 pm on May 9th, Wang Moujian said in the class parents WeChat group: “Liu Shuai, did you play He Yan? Have you played every day from school to now? My daughter asks us every day. She is learning, she wants to learn, but she is beaten every day. It is very sad… As a parent, He Wei mother communicated with you several times. I also persuaded you, but you still don’t listen. Since the reason doesn’t make sense, I don’t know. Your home address can only wait for you at the school gate. I hope that your parents can resign at home and pick you up at home, because there will be an unreasonable parent waiting for you at the school gate every day.”

Some other parents replied below: “There is something to discuss, the friends are still not very sensible, and communicate with parents.”

Liu Shuai’s father told the Beijing News reporter that it was the first time he heard about this incident and he responded to the other party the first time after seeing the news in the group. “I added you WeChat, let’s communicate, Liu Shuai comes back and we will deal with it.” According to him, on the same day, he tried to add the other father’s friend was not passed, and then contacted He Wei’s mother to communicate.

The chat record confirmed by the parents of the third-grade (1) class shows that the mother of He Wei said, “My husband has a bad temper, and my parents have communicated privately, I am sorry.”

Later, the class teacher Wang Xiaorong also spoke in the group, saying that the child’s schooling should be told to the teacher first, and then the teacher should understand the reason of the truth and deal with it. “I just read this WeChat and I know that there has been no one. I told the teacher about this matter.”

The parents of both parties subsequently discussed and met at the school the next morning to discuss ways to deal with them. Liu Shuai’s father added WeChat’s mother’s WeChat. He told the Beijing News that at that time “a certain consensus had been reached.”

The situation has changed unexpectedly.

According to Liu Shuai’s father, Wang Xiaorong called and said that He’s father had no way to communicate and suggested that they should pick up and drop off children to school. They also followed the teacher’s advice and left the son to the school on the morning of the case. However, the Beijing News failed to contact the mother of He Wei or Wang Xiaorong to comment on this statement.

At 8 o’clock in the morning on May 10, when Li Tao came to school, he met He Wei and a man with a medium build and a short stature at the school gate. Li Tao asked why He did not enter the school gate. He replied: “Because Liu Shuai bullied me, my father and I are waiting for him.”

In the chat record provided by Liu Shuai’s father, at 8:45, He Wei’s mother said in WeChat: “My daughter called me and said that her father would not let her go to school and said that she would see your child and parents. Didn’t wait… you can see if your wife can bring your child to apologize to my husband, I am going to go.”

After Li Tao entered the classroom, he found that Liu Shuai had already sat in the back of the classroom: “He had been sitting at the same table with He Wei before, in the last row near the door. Because they had two quarrels, Mr. Wang that morning. Let Liu Shuai go to sit behind and go.”

The communication between the two parties has not been interrupted. After 8 minutes of He Wei’s mother’s WeChat, Liu Shuai’s father replied: “Your husband is too aggressive. I feel that the face is not handled well, but it will be more troublesome. Liu Shuai will apologize to He Wei, and Mr. Wang will be proper. deal with.”

A few minutes later, He Wei’s mother replied: “I have already arrived at school. He (Wang Mojian) has taken his daughter home, so it’s even worse.”

He Wei’s mother became a slang.

Liu Shuai’s father said that after Wang Moujian sent his daughter home, he went upstairs and went to the office where the class teacher Wang Xiaorong was: “I don’t know what happened in the office. After a while, the parent came out of the office, but the class teacher did not follow. come out”.

The tragedy happened.

Regarding the specific circumstances before the incident, the Beijing News reporter repeatedly called the Shangrao City Education Bureau, the Xinzhou District Xinzhou District Education and Sports Bureau, and the Xinzhou District Party Committee Propaganda Department, and did not get an exact reply. The Propaganda Department of Xinzhou District Committee left the contact information of the Beijing News reporter, but as of press time, the Beijing News reporter did not receive a reply.


The parents of a student in the class said that he was a very quiet girl in the impression, not too cheerful. In contrast, Liu Shuai is more naughty, but very polite, seeing parents will be happy to say hello.

Before coming to the fifth elementary school in Shangrao City, Liu Shuai studied in Shuyang County under the jurisdiction of Shangrao City. In the second grade, Liu Shuai went to Shangrao because of his mother’s work transfer. Liu Shuai’s Xiao Yan said that he may not adapt to the new environment and his performance began to decline.

Li Tao said that Liu Shuai is a naughty boy in the class, and his grades are not good. The exam is ranked sixth among the 60 students. He Wei’s score is ranked in the top ten in the class.

After the third grade, the teacher once made a big seat, and Liu Shuai and He Wei were in the last row. Li Tao explained: “Many of our classes are sitting at the same table with good grades and poor grades, so that they can help each other and improve their performance.”

“Skinned” is a word that many people describe when Liu Shuai appears.

Sitting in a position not far from them, Li Tao often saw contradictions between He Wei and Liu Shuai during the class. “He will push her gently or kick her feet with her feet. He will not fight back, but Will argue with him.”

But another student in the third grade, Yang Bing, said that she did not see that Liu Shuai often bullied He Wei, and the two sometimes joked jokes. .

A student of the third grade (1) class said that a student said that his father had taught him twice at the school gate: “The first time I was at the school gate to warn him not to bully, the second move. Hand, handcuffed Liu Shuai’s neck.” Liu Shuai’s little sister also heard about this after his death, I feel very distressed. The Beijing News reporter was unable to contact He Wei’s mother or the school to comment on this statement.

Liu Shuai’s bedroom can see the basic daily life of this 10-year-old boy. The wallpaper on his wall is Lightning McQueen. There are many plush toys on the sleeping bed, and there are many money notes and coins in the wallet. There are many books on Liu Shuai’s bookshelf. One of them is “Miao Xiaohuan’s School”, which is about a naughty and playful little boy. There will always be some accidents and fun things, but the small circle can always Turn these troubles into happiness.

Liu Shuai’s Xiao Yan said that although Liu Shuai is naughty, it is not a “bear child” on the Internet. My sister and brother-in-law are not the kind of parents regardless of the child.

Liu Shuai’s father’s colleague also told the Beijing News reporter that Liu Shuai’s father often took the child to the office to write homework. On the day before the incident, Liu’s father also criticized him for “bullying the classmate”.

Liu Shuai’s father admits that his son’s shortcoming is that he does not use words to call others when he greets people. He often “slaps people’s clothes, or gently pats people’s shoulders.” He was also The class teacher called the school once and said that his son was very naughty at school, but he never mentioned that he would bully others. “The class teacher said so. My child is very naughty at school, saying that he is going to get people, what does it mean? I don’t understand.”

A parent of the third grade (1) class said that almost every semester school will have three parent meetings. At the parent meeting, parents who have not heard of He has mentioned that their children have been bullied. Liu Shuai’s father also said that on April 25th, at the parent meeting that was less than a month after the incident, He Wei’s mother sat next to her, not mentioning her son’s bullying of her daughter.

For Liu Shuai’s father’s statement, the Beijing News failed to contact He’s mother for comment.

Detailed psychological counseling plan

Many parents believe that the class teacher Wang Xiaorong should not be aware of the contradiction between the two children.

“There is a little contradiction between children in general, or how the children perform in school. Teacher Wang will tell the parents. If there is communication in advance, Teacher Wang will definitely not sit back and ignore.” Li Tao’s mother said.

Another student’s parents said that their children’s grades were the worst in the class, but Teacher Wang never gave up her son and was still very concerned about the children. One time, my child and other children had some blood flow in the physical education class. Teacher Wang contacted the parents of both parties at the first time and asked her to take the child to the hospital for examination and mediation. Many parents even want to go to the school to reflect, I hope that Mr. Wang will continue to bring this class.

However, on May 13, a number of students and parents introduced that the class teacher of the third grade (1) class was temporarily replaced by the vice principal. The official Weibo of the Xinzhou District News Center of Shangrao City reported on May 11 that the school principal Zhu had been suspended for inspection.

School security has also become the focus of attention.

Shangrao's child-defying situation - China - Beijing News -4791958315359874927

The parents of the students send the children to the school gate. Photo by Beijing News reporter Liu Ruiming

Regarding how Wang Moujian entered the school, the school security guard told the Beijing News reporter that “it is inconvenient to disclose.” However, Liu Shuai’s Xiao Yan said that after the incident, he watched the surveillance video of the day and found that Wang Moujian’s entry into the school was not blocked. She believes that the occurrence of tragedy and the lack of security in schools are also inseparable.

The fifth elementary school of Shangrao City, which was launched in September 2018, was moved from the original pedestrian street to the other side of the Xinjiang River due to the upgrade and reconstruction, and shared a campus with Desheng School. Some parents said that the students who pick up the students on weekdays are usually waiting for the children to line up at the school gate, and the parents are waiting at the door. A five-small teacher said that if the student has forgotten to take the homework, the parents of the student can enter the teaching area to send something after greeting the security guard at the door.

After the incident, the school’s security upgrades, many parents to send things to their children are blocked, to register in detail before they can enter.

On May 13th, on the first day of school resumption, a metal fence was temporarily installed at the school gate. The parents circled the metal fence one by one, waiting for the teacher to take the students out of the queue and pick them up.

Some parents said that after the incident, the child will still have nightmares. Hu Gaosheng, vice president of the Shangrao City Association of Psychological Counselors, said that after the incident, children had stress disorder such as vomiting, silence or nightmares. After the incident, the Association of Counselors made a detailed psychological counseling program, which will provide psychological counseling to other students, teachers and family members of the class.

On the morning of May 12th, the third grade (1) class was hidden, and the red balloons painted on the blackboard were very eye-catching. Most of the 60 tables in the class were empty, only on the table in the last empty space of the classroom. The black bag is exposed.

Li Tao said that it was the place where Liu Shuai sat on the day of the incident.

(This article refers to minors and Wang Xiaorong are pseudonyms)

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