Shenzhen “College Entrance Examination” survey: Hengshui and multi-district middle school cooperation –

Shenzhen “College Entrance Examination” survey: Hengshui School and Duodi Middle School cooperate

China Youth Daily

Shenzhen “College Entrance Examination” survey –

“Hengshui” is coming

The Shenzhen Fuyuan School, which has received much attention, has the results of the “college entrance examination immigration” problem.

At 11:57 pm on May 12, the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau issued a notice stating that among the candidates for the 2019 college entrance examination in Shenzhen Fuyuan School, 32 candidates were “college entrance examination immigrants”. In this regard, the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau will cancel the candidates’ qualifications for the college entrance examination in Shenzhen, and reduce the 50% of the 2019 high school enrollment plan of Fuyuan School.

Previously, in the second mock exam of the third year of high school students held in Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as the “two-mode test”), local parents found that 6 students from Fuyuan School entered the top 10 in the city, surpassing the traditional four in Shenzhen. Famous schools – Shenzhen Middle School, Shenzhen Experimental Middle School, Shenzhen Foreign Language School and Shenzhen High School.

This caused doubts from parents. Fuyuan School is not a famous school in the traditional sense. Since 2015, the entrance examination scores of Fuyuan School have been lower than the above 4 schools by 100 points (out of 460 points).

In November 2016, Fuyuan School and Hebei Hengshui School “marriage”, and established the Hengshui School Shenzhen Fuyuan Branch. After the cooperation in running the school, the first students who had completed the third year in the school created “greatness”: in the 2018 college entrance examination, a total of 9 students from Fuyuan School were admitted to Tsinghua University, ranking the top 3 in Shenzhen on the data. . Last time, students from the school were admitted to Qingbei, or in 2011.

The China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Line reporters found that there are a number of evidences showing that after the marriage, there were many college entrance examination immigrants in Fuyuan School, all of whom came from Hengshui, Hebei.

Students suspected to take the flight from Hebei Province to Guangdong Province

According to the admission list of the Shenzhen High School Stage School publicized by the Shenzhen Admissions Examination Office, Fuyuan School recruited 432 students through the senior high school entrance examination in 2016. On April 29th, Fuyuan School introduced the first scene of Shenzhen Satellite TV. There were 546 students in the third grade of the school, 114 more than the enrollment of the senior high school entrance examination.

In the second-mode test that caused doubts, the students’ performances in Fuyuan School were clearly stratified. Six of the school’s schools entered the top 10, and 13 of them entered the top 50, entering the top 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500. The number of people is 16, 20, 22, 24, and 25 people respectively. The proportion of other schools in Shenzhen in the rankings is relatively stable.

Before the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau issued a notice, local parents found some clues.

The Guangdong Provincial Education Department stipulates that students who transfer from the field to Guangdong in the third year of high school must apply for the results of the academic level examinations in other provinces to be transferred to Guangdong Province. This list is published on the website of the Guangdong Education Examinations Institute. According to the information provided by the parents of the students, at least 20 people on this list are currently enrolled at Fuyuan School.

China Youth Daily·Zhongqing online reporters checked the information of these 20 people and found that at least 8 of them had the same name as the students of the same grade in Hengshui.

For example, the high school students of Fuyuan School, Xia Moumou, Li Moumou, and Wang Moumou, appeared in the list of “Recommended Models” in Hengshui. In addition,Chinese Chemistry In March 2019, the official website of the Association announced the list of winners of the 32nd China Chemical Olympics (Preliminary Competition). Cui Moumou, a third-year student of Fuyuan School, won the first prize of Guangdong Province. The website announced the list of winners of the 31st China Chemical Olympics (Preliminary Competition) in April 2018. Cui Moumou is a second-year student of Hengshui Yizhong.

For Cui Moumou’s award in the chemical competitions of the two provinces, Yang Zongbin, vice president of Fuyuan School, said in an interview with Shenzhen Satellite TV that Cui Moumou may represent Hengshui in the exchange during the exchange of Hengshui. The length of such exchange may be 3 months or 6 months.

However, the competition charter requires that students must have a provincial qualification to participate in the competition.

A parent who claimed to work in the civil aviation system broke the news to the China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online reporter. In the above list, 20 students from Fuyuan School flew from Shijiazhuang to Shenzhen on the same plane on April 17, 2019. On the 20th, they flew back to Shijiazhuang from Shenzhen. These days are the time for the Shenzhen Second Model Exam. The electronic ticket number of these 20 people is continuous in both sections, which means that they are likely to buy tickets together.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, a student of the current Hengshui students said that these students were “received” by Fuyuan School. Hengshui Science promises to arrange local hukou for free when students are in high school. Students continue to study in Hengshui, just go to Shenzhen during the exam. According to the report, Hengshui is generally looking for students in the scores. The top students should stay in Hengshui. Those who are on the edge of the Qingbei admission line in Hebei are suitable to go to Guangdong to rush to Qingbei and increase the rate of Qingbei in Fuyuan.

A student who claimed to graduate from Hengshui in 2018 confirmed the above statement to the China Youth Daily and China Youth Online reporter. He said that the school teacher had contacted students with good grades in the class, saying that they can help solve the Guangdong account and take the college entrance examination in Guangdong. The individual does not need to pay any fees. He said that one of his classmates was admitted to Tsinghua University at Fuyuan School.

China Youth Daily·China Youth Online reporter contacted Fuyuan School to verify the matter. The staff refused the interview and said that the notice of the Education Bureau shall prevail.

Nine students were admitted to Tsinghua University, and none of them appeared in the previous list of admissions in Shenzhen.

Fuyuan School is a private middle school. Its enrollment advertisement in the spring of 2019 shows that the tuition fee for the high school in one semester is 28,000 yuan, which is much higher than that of ordinary public schools. Some parents told the China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online reporter that most of the local parents in Shenzhen did not see Fuyuan School. The low scores of the admissions in the school were evidence.

In November 2016, the school that took the “high-end route” began to cooperate with Hengshui, and then began to “reversely attack”. In the 2016 college entrance examination, the undergraduate course rate was 53.7%. In 2017, the number became 73.01%. In 2018, the online rate was 89.8%.

In 2018, nine students were admitted to Tsinghua University from here, and none of the nine people appeared in the 2015 Shenzhen High School Stage Admissions List.

This is the first high school student who has been fully trained in the “Hengshui School Shenzhen Fuyuan Branch” after the cooperation. In the 2018 college entrance examination, there were 415 students in the college to take the college entrance examination. In 2015, the school accepted 400 students through the senior high school entrance examination.

China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online reporters found that three of the above nine students were suspected to have studied in Hengshui Yizhong. Zhang Moumou, Cao Moumou, and Yan Moumou appeared on the official website or publicity panel of Hengshui School. The photos are very similar to the photos on the 2018 college entrance examination honor list of Fuyuan School.

In response, the staff of the Guangdong Provincial Education Examinations Office responded on May 13 that according to relevant regulations, if the college entrance examination is found to be “college entrance examination immigrants”, the results will be cancelled. For the top students of the 2018 college entrance examination in Fuyuan School, the examination institute also has a targeted investigation, and the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau will continue to follow up the investigation.

A number of parents told the China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online reporter that the Fuyuan School’s “reverse attack” was mainly due to the fact that Hebei’s top students were enrolled in Guangdong and participated in the college entrance examination in Shenzhen. According to the China News Service, Fuyuan School also has a model of cultivating students, that is, students recruiting students from Guangdong Province, who are sent to Hengshui to attend classes, but still take the college entrance examination in Shenzhen and trust their students in Fuyuan School.

Some parents provided a brochure for the enrollment of Fuyuan School to the China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online Journal. Many students were wearing the Hengshui School Service in Hebei Province.

In the propaganda of Fuyuan School, these students were cultivated by Fuyuan School, and some of them were enrolled in Fuyuan School in the middle and high schools. For example, Zhang Moumou, who was admitted to Peking University in 2018. However, this student actually enrolled in Yuhua Middle School in Bengbu City, and was still studying in Hengshui.

Special 2016

In addition to Fuyuan School, Hengshui has cooperated with many secondary schools.

Many students from Gansu, Xinjiang, and Hunan Province told the China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online Journalists that their high school and Hengshui studies have a generational cooperation, that is, high school and high school students study in the household registration place, and the third year of high school to Hengshui study. Sprint, some schools will also organize third-grade teachers to Hengshui training. The number of students in each high school is from 5 to 30. One student said that the cost of agency training is about 30,000 yuan per person, half of the school and the individual, and another tuition and fees of 3,800 yuan.

According to the China Youth Daily and China Youth Online reporters, it is not uncommon to study in Hengshui, but not to participate in the college entrance examination in Hebei Province. China Youth Daily·Zhongqing Online interviewed a number of graduates of different grades in Hengshui, and they all said that they are used to this situation.

A student who took the college entrance examination in 2018 also said that the students in the class came and went very frequently. Many people came in less than a week because they were uncomfortable to leave, and less than one in ten people persisted.

In contrast, the cooperative school-running model similar to Fuyuan Middle School has recently been welcomed by more and more places. China Youth Daily·Zhongqing online reporters found that Hengshui School opened at least 18 branches in 10 provinces in China, and the earliest batch was established in 2014.

In the expansion of the “Hengshui Model”, Zhejiang Province is one of the few places with different voices. On March 26, 2017, Hengshui No. 1 Middle School Pinghu School was officially inaugurated in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. This was rejected by many well-known high school principals and provincial education officials in Zhejiang Province.

Fang Hongfeng, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, told the media that the “high school entrance examination factory” and “prestigious school processing factory” such as Hengshui School contradicted Zhejiang’s educational philosophy. “There are only scores in the eyes, no one, and we are people-oriented in Zhejiang. The concept of quality education is not in line. They think it is advanced. We think it is backward. We don’t need Zhejiang.”

However, the pace of the expansion of Hengshui did not stop. In 2018, the branch school of Hengshui University opened to Malaysia.

The establishment time of these cooperative schools shows that in 2016, the year when Fuyuan School and Hengshui were “marriage” was a special year. Prior to this, Hengshui School established only three branch schools in Hebei Province, Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province. In 2016, there were 8 branches of Hengshui School.

2016 is also a year of reform for college entrance examinations in several provinces. From this year, the college entrance examinations in Guangdong Province and Fujian Province were changed from autonomous propositions to the use of national I volumes. This is the high test paper used by Hebei Province where Hengshui is located.

A number of students from Hengshui also confirmed the particularity of this year. They told the China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online Journalists that from 2012 to 2015, the number of students borrowed from each class was 2~3, but from 2016, more and more students were enrolled, and the most one class, One-third of the students did not attend the college entrance examination in Hebei Province.

In the second year after the reform of the college entrance examination in Fujian Province, there were incidents in which people questioned the immigration of college entrance examinations. According to the notice issued by the Fujian Provincial Department of Education in November 2017, in 2017 and 2018, the number of people holding the ID card of the province number to participate in the general college entrance examination in the province was 14032 and 15,669. After verification, the Provincial Department of Education has cancelled the qualifications of 63 unqualified candidates for the year.

At present, many provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) including Guangdong and Tianjin, one of the requirements for the qualifications for college entrance examinations is to have a local household registration, that is, students who are allowed to transfer their household registration to the province (autonomous region, city) after the end of the second year of high school. College entrance examination.

Fujian Province requires that in 2020 and beyond, it will take 3 years or more for the household registration to move into Fujian Province. The students will be transferred to the high school stage in Fujian Province and the actual study will be completed for 3 academic years or more. Parents have legally stable occupations and stable residences in Fujian Province. If the social security contributions are paid for 3 years or more, you can register for the college entrance examination in Fujian Province.

The Fuyuan incident also caused concern among parents in Shenzhen. A Shenzhen parent told the China Youth Daily and Zhongqing Online reporter that she is worried that the marriage between Fuyuan School and Hengshui School may aggravate the trend of college entrance examination immigration and affect the college entrance examination for Guangdong candidates. fair. (Wang Jiaxing Intern Xu Jingran)

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