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Sichuan Mianyang Science City –

Nuclear weapons research and development mission inheritance (magnificent 70 years of struggle new era · from the front line of research)

“See the stars! Everyone is in place!” The city in the early morning has fallen asleep. A mountaintop in Mianyang, Sichuan, the brightly lit test site is boiling because of the clouds: it is not an astronomer, but a nuclear weapon research. personnel. They work in a star-studded manner in order to successfully track stellar targets and provide data support for a large trial.

In 1990, the state moved its nuclear weapons development work from the deep mountains of Sichuan to the suburbs of Mianyang. A group of nuclear weapons researchers have taken root here, and a number of laboratories, research institutes, and test sites have risen. Since then, this area has had a deserved title – Science City. A new chapter in the science and technology of nuclear weapons with Chinese characteristics has been opened.

Family feelings, responsibility

Not long ago, at the literary evening to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, the short play “Waiting” restored a touching scene in the development of a “two bombs”: in a nuclear test in 1979, in order to find unexploded nuclear warheads in time, “two In the absence of radiation danger, Deng Jiaxian went to the scene of the accident to find a nuclear warhead: “You can’t solve the problem if you go in. This is what I designed. The signatory on the responsibility book is me!”

Thousands of words, so that countless people are full of emotions. “With a lofty feeling of homeland, we will have such a strong sense of mission.” Hu Dongxia, a laser technology expert who has worked in Science City for more than 20 years, said that “the tradition of Xu’s country has never been lost here.” He remembers that A test sample failed, and the valuable sample was about to be damaged. The four leading experts in the field put on the chemical protective suit and rushed into the highly radioactive test chamber, and took out the sample in time.

The development of nuclear weapons is not only a highly confidential undertaking, but also an extremely difficult job. Some key experiments require the efforts of thousands of generations, and they can be successful in the desert and the mountains and the sun. Wei Xiaofeng, chief engineer of a research institute of Science City who has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award for many times, put a note on “Success is the last word” on the office door. “There must be a belief in the success of the country, in order to persevere. “”

The ideal of “building a sword for the country” has always supported the pursuit and responsibility of scientific researchers. “In some people’s view, the development of nuclear weapons seems to be too monotonous. A pen, a piece of paper, a computer, the sunrise is still not a sunset.” Nuclear weapon expert, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Tang Li said, “For the motherland It is our responsibility and mission to contribute a small amount of power.”

Because of his serious work, Wang Junfeng, who is the director of the research office at a research institute in Science City, sent the nickname “Wang Maniac”. “There are more than one ‘madman’ here.” He told reporters that a researcher in the department had a sneak peek into the lab in a few days, “I can’t help my wife in the hospital. It’s better to go back to the lab.” ”

Teamwork, passing through

Responsibility to take on others, glory to others, this has become another “tradition” of nuclear weapons researchers. “Leading leaders always encourage us, ‘the work is magnified, and the responsibility lies with me.’” Researcher Wen Jidong’s research team is a “old team” that has been established for more than 40 years, and “the first station to lead the association when responsible” When I came out and took the team, I always put my young man in the first place.”

Regardless of personal honor, teamwork is supreme, and the spirit of “passing the band” runs through all aspects of nuclear weapons research and development. “The predecessors’ slogans have accelerated the growth of the successor.” Wan Min, director of the research office of a research institute, encountered a large-scale pollution accident of laser components when he first led the team in the field test. At that time, she was overwhelmed by her qualifications. Fortunately, several senior experts such as Su Yi, the former director of the Science and Technology Commission, immediately rushed to the scene. Based on years of experience, they listed the possible causes of the accident and then let Wanmin go one by one. Troubleshoot and finally solve the problem.

“After the 95th” Yang Jian is a workshop mechanic, and the workshop designated Chen Xinxu, who is nearly 10 years old, to be his master. In a manual welding competition, Yang Jian turned into Chen Xinxu’s coach. “In terms of manual welding, Yang Jian is a high-tech player. Of course, whoever listens to the big man will listen to it.” Chen Xinxu told reporters that in a recent large-scale test device welding, the two worked closely together and crossed two welding modes. In just two months, the task that took four months to estimate was completed.

The spirit of teamwork has also added more warmth to national defense research work. “Our research team has been established for 20 years. For a technology, we have been working day and night.” Liao Zhengju, secretary of the Party branch of a research institute, recalled that the members of the team were drawn from various research institutes and worked together for a long time to unite everyone into a family. On the day when technology finally broke through, there was only one sentence of good news – your “son” grew! “At that moment, everyone cried and cried.”

Enterprising innovation, never slack

The starting point of China’s nuclear weapons cause comes from independent research. Enterprising innovation is the “natural gene” of this cause.

“Don’t let people make us fall too far…” Deng Jiaxian died in July 1986. Before his death, he was still concerned about how to develop China’s cutting-edge weapons and put forward strategic proposals to accelerate the pace of nuclear testing.

“This is equivalent to a second venture!” A researcher who participated in the accelerated nuclear test program told reporters that everyone broke through a key technology and finally succeeded in obtaining all the scheduled test results. Already realized, you can comfort Comrade Deng Jiaxian.”

With a cutter head that is thinner than the hair, 36 small holes are made on a disc with a diameter of less than 2 cm, which is equivalent to “using an embroidery needle to give the mouse eyelashes”. Chen Xingxing, a 29-year-old senior technician at a research institute in Science City, faced difficulties and changed programming, adjusting tools, correcting parameters, changing the path and clamping method, and finally solved the problem: 36 small holes were accurately formed, and the products were qualified. The rate is 100%. Chen Xingxing said that as a “national defense craftsman”, he must dare to innovate and dare to attack the limits of his skills.

“Nuclear weapon development, to solve many problems that have not been encountered before, this is the charm of this cause.” Kang Bin, a researcher at a science institute. High-performance mid-infrared optical crystals are key technologies for improving laser performance and are of great significance for the development of nuclear weapons. Currently, only a few countries in the world have mastered them and strictly restrict exports. Together with the team members, Kang Bin has not only realized the whole process of localization of this type of crystal through 8 years of efforts, but also exported the products abroad. “We just want to fight this tone.” Kang Bin said.

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