Sing a song with emotions with a temperature


Sing a song with emotions with a temperature -Sing-a-song-with-emotions-with-a-temperature

Liao Changyong will sing in Guangzhou

Sing a song with emotions with a temperature -1546577622_376_Sing-a-song-with-emotions-with-a-temperature

Liao Changyong

Sing a song with emotions with a temperature -1546577622_595_Sing-a-song-with-emotions-with-a-temperature

Liao Changyong

In order to let the general public leave more vibrant and cultural memories, Guangzhou will launch a series of Huimin literary activities from New Year's Day to the New Year to meet the people's pursuit of a better life. Among them, the solo concert of the famous baritone singer Liao Changyong, who will sing in Xinghai Concert Hall on January 13th, will feature “Memory and Homesickness”, “Welcome”, “The Moon of the Bend”, “For the Future” The vows… These songs have both temperature and sentiment, but also rich Cantonese elements and Guangzhou genes. These nostalgia and memories have stretched people's feelings and extended the spirit of the city.

Text / Guangzhou Daily full media reporter Huang An, Zhang Suqin

“Wangxiang Ci”, “The Past Time”, “Homesickness”

This concert, “The song has a homesickness”

The famous baritone singer Liao Changyong is one of the few outstanding Asian singers who are active in the world opera stage. He has a close relationship with Guangzhou. As early as 2010, Liao Changyong participated in the closing ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games. In 2017, Liao Changyong was hired as the Guangzhou Cultural Image Ambassador. In December last year, he came to Guangzhou to participate in the performance of the 40th anniversary party of the reform and opening up in Guangdong Province. Liao Changyong once said to the Guangzhou Daily reporter: “Guangdong people like music very much, and the music is very high. I like to come to Guangzhou to perform. Here, whether it is opera, classical music or folk music, I can feel strong resonance on the stage. .”

On January 13 this year, Liao Changyong will once again meet with the Guangzhou audience, bringing a solo concert with the theme of “Let the city leave memories and let people remember the nostalgia”. This is also the official Liao Changyong as the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Long after the first sing.

In this solo concert with the theme of “Memory·Homesickness”, Liao Changyong will cooperate with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra to bring “To the Friends”, “The Water Melody”, “Mingyue Moon”, “Wangxiang Ci”, “Flocking Flower” The old days, “Welcome Song” and other popular songs. In addition, the famous soprano singer Li Suhua of Guangdong will sing “Homesickness”, and several young singers in the vocal singing program “Sound into the Heart” will also be invited as guests, offering “The Curved Moon”, “The Sky”, “Hongyan” and other tracks. Bring more surprises.

Everywhere in the north, the hometown is always in the dream. Let the city leave memories and let people remember the homesickness. History and culture are the souls of the city. Among those songs, our memories and homesickness are left. Those memories and homesickness allow the context to be passed on and let people have more spiritual nourishment.

This concert can be said to be “the song has a homesickness.” In the “Homesickness”, “Homesickness is a bowl of water, homesickness is a glass of wine, homesickness is a cloud, homesickness is a lifelong feeling”, the lyrics are simple but touching, singing a lot of wandering wanderings on the homeland; “Water Songs “When the head and the moon are there,” “I hope that people will live for a long time, and they will have a long history.” This is a beautiful wish for distant relatives. It is a matter of thousands of miles away. In “The River of the Father's Prairie Mother”, “The Father used to Describe the scent of the grassland, so that he can never forget the end of the earth, the mother always loves to trace the river, and rushing to my distant hometown in the Mongolian plateau…” sang the deep love for his hometown; “Wangxiang Ci” “Let me lie on the top of the mountain, look at my hometown, my hometown is not visible, my hometown is not visible…” The thought of the earth, the sorrow of the sorrow, this is a painful work that touches the souls of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor…

In memory and homesickness, people are also struggling and enterprising. The songs “Along the Way” and “Oaths to the Future” sang the fruits of the reform and opening up of the motherland and sang the great and magnificent course.

At the concert, about the songs of Guangzhou, the enthusiasm of hospitality in “Welcome”, “The Moon in the Bend” portrays the artistic conception of Lingnan Water Town… These are the memories and homesickness that the city cannot annihilate, stretching our feelings. , extending our spirit.

All along, Liao Changyong is a singer of “Homesickness”. He carefully watches the art songs he sang and almost sang every traditional Chinese festival. Dedicated to the Double Ninth Festival, “Today's Chongyang” will depict an elder who has stood the test of time and has climbed to the top of the mountain. “Knowing to advance and retreat, having the responsibility”, “Ren of the storm, the waves of turmoil”, although the years are flowing, but “the sky is not old, the blood is still hot”, singing the extraordinary temperament after the vicissitudes of life!

This time, the “Water Melody Header and the Moonlight”, which will be unveiled at the concert, is a song dedicated to the Mid-Autumn Festival. The song is based on Su Shi's original words, and is composed by the famous composer Lu Zai in 2011. The songs are exquisitely designed and elegant. Under the emotional interpretation of Liao Changyong, the expression of the Mid-Autumn Festival's high meaning in the original words is vividly displayed, which makes the traditional culture glow with new brilliance.

From “Welcome to the Curved Moon”

These songs have Cantonese elements and Guangzhou genes.

In this solo concert with the theme of “Memory·Homesickness”, many songs have Cantonese elements and Guangzhou genes.

“Flower city blossoms, flowers and friends come. Flowers accompanied by fine wines, rejoices a sensation…” Once, Guangzhou Daily reporter interviewed Liao Changyong, when talking about the impression of Guangzhou, Liao Changyong was on the phone, impromptu Sang this “Welcome Song”.

“Welcome Song” is the theme song of the film “Where is the guest from” produced by the Changchun Film Studio in 1980, which opened the first song of the Chinese film music film. Through the singing of Li Guyi, this song has been popular all over the country. This song with rich Cantonese music style fully expresses the friendliness and hospitality of the Chinese people. It has been used to welcome friends and friends from all corners of the country for many years. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, “Welcome Music” was broadcasted during the banquet for leaders and heads of state.

The film “Where is the guest from” is reflected in the Canton Fair. Guangzhou flowers are like the sea, foreign friends and domestic guests gather together, and the Cantonese people’s tradition of hospitality is “singing”.

On the basis of retaining the charm of Guangdong music, the composer Lei Yusheng appropriately added elements of foreign music such as the United States and Southeast Asia. The author Liu Wenyu perfectly blends elements such as Huacheng, friends, parties, and sincerity, embodying the Chinese cultural concept and making the theme sublimate. This work, which was created in the early days of reform and opening up, also showed people's novelty and excitement and enthusiasm for economic construction.

In an interview with the Guangzhou Daily reporter, Luo Hong, chairman of the Guangzhou Musicians Association, said: “This “Welcome Song” has the melody of Cantonese music. It has the characteristics, charm and style of Lingnan. The tunes are warm and lively, and the lyrics are catchy. In the early days of reform and opening up, singing red, reflecting the tolerance and openness of Guangzhou.” Luo Hong said that Guangdong music is the first place to integrate Western music, and “Welcome” reflects inclusiveness and modernity.

“Friends and friends let us join hands and put the golden bridge of friendship into the five continents, silk new roads all over the world.” “The welcome song” at the end, so sing. Luo Hong said: “This is the charm of reform and opening up.”

In this concert, Liao Changyong will sing along with the singer of “Sound into the Heart” to sing the representative works of Chinese popular songs “The Moon of the Bend”.

In 1989, at the invitation of CCTV's music TV film “The Land of the Rain”, Li Haiying created “The Curving Moon”. The songs through the typical Nanguo water town scenery implicitly express the blending and conflict of modern civilization and ancient customs. And the resulting feelings, the song is filled with love for this land. In this song, Li Haiying combines pop music with traditional Cantonese rhyme to create a peak of popular music in contemporary music. Liu Huan, Li Fang, Cai Qin and many other singers have performed one after another, and even appeared a jazz version. The famous pianist Liu Shikun adapted this popular song into a piano piece, making it a fixed piece of music that he played at the concert.

When Li Haiying wrote “The Curving Moon”, the Chinese music scene is prevailing in the “Northwest Wind”. Li Haiying once recalled in an interview with Guangzhou Daily: “Because I served as the music director of CCTV Spring Festival Evening in 1989, I spent more than half a year in Beijing in 1988. I lived in various houses and contacted various music, which was very expressive. I lived alone in Henan in 1989, and my heart was very quiet. I wanted to write a work that everyone liked. I didn’t think about whether it was a trend.” This song is a typical Cantonese tune, and there is a kind of “leaved by the rain”. feel. And this song is sung by Liu Huan, whose voice is very floating. It makes people feel refreshed. The creation of “The Curving Moon” also allowed Li Haiying to find his roots, which is the profound and profound traditional culture of the Chinese nation.

Speaking of this “Bending Moon”, Luo Hong said: “This is the time song of the time. This song is quite foreign, and several kinds of singing can be played. There are many skills in the song, such as the conversion of true and false sounds. This is why many singers like to sing this song.”

Speaking of Liao Changyong singing “The Curving Moon”, Luo Hong said: “Liao Changyong's voice is very touching. His voice is not the high cold of our impressions. He can sing popular songs and nationalities with the feeling of bel canto. The songs use the baritone very freely. No matter what singing method is used, it is most important to sing a good song and touch people.”

At the concert on January 13th, Liao Changyong will also sing a new song “Oath to the Future.”

Previously, at the “Flower New Era – Guangdong Province Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up”, Liao Changyong sang the “Oath to the Future” written by Zhu Hai, a well-known writer of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department. He believed that The song has its own background, and the solemn oath is also China’s commitment to the world. “After the reform and opening up, the rule of law has become more and more popular among the people.” Liao Changyong said in an interview with the Guangzhou Daily reporter: “We have been building a society ruled by law, and we hope that in the future life and time, our China will be stronger and stronger. .”

Luo Hong participated in the “Flower New Era – Guangdong Province to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up” and listened to this “Oath to the Future”. He said: “The original song is not easy, this song is good, the lyrics are appropriate. It sounds like a march. Liao Changyong is even more vocal.”

Singing Guangzhou, singing Guangzhou. Luo Hong said: “We must vigorously promote the development of original music in Guangzhou. After the Spring Festival, Guangzhou Musicians Association will organize songwriters to Liannan, Shantou, Huizhou and other places to collect wind, find materials and inspiration in local characteristics and ethnic customs, launched A series of original works.”

Deeply related to Guangzhou

Guangzhou City Spirit

Liao Changyong's continuous creative inspiration

“I like Guangzhou very much, and I have a good impression of Guangzhou.” “Guangzhou is a city with vitality and profound cultural heritage.” “The more I come to Guangzhou, the more I like it.”

Born in Chengdu, Liao Changyong, who graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, has always expressed his feelings for Guangzhou. In the interview, the city was called “We Guangzhou”, which is the deepest impression of Liao Changyong by the media.

In Liao Changyong's view, there are Cantonese operas in Guangdong, and the sounds of Cantonese opera can be heard everywhere in the streets and alleys; there is Nanyin, “There is a cool breeze in the road, and there is no side in the autumn”, almost no one in the country; Guangdong The music “Backgammon” has become a “reservation song” that will be released in Chinatown and Chinatown overseas. The excitement and upward melody has inspired countless overseas tourists. The development of modern Chinese music is also inseparable from the Cantonese. For example, the founder of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music is the Cantonese Mr. Xiao Youmei. In 1920, the creator of the first art song “Da Jiangdong” in the history of Chinese art songs, Liao Shangguo and “people musician” Xing Xinghai were also Cantonese.

As the provincial capital of Guangdong, Guangzhou naturally has a strong musical gene. Liao Changyong's early album “Love” and “Emotional Interpretation” is a work that works with musicians in Guangzhou. These two albums have witnessed Liao Changyong's bold crossover on the music road. Faye Wong's “Red Bean” and Dick Cowboy Pop songs such as “How many love can come back”, under his mellow vocals, play a different taste.

The open, innovative and inclusive urban spirit has given Liao Changyong a continuous creative inspiration, and this relationship with Guangzhou has continued to this day. In 2017, Liao Changyong was invited to serve as Guangzhou Cultural Ambassador for a five-year term. This is another cooperation between Guangzhou and Liao Changyong. Almost every year, Liao Changyong will sing in Guangzhou. In September 2017, Liao Changyong held a solo concert entitled “Feng Yazhen – Fan Zengshi's Art Songs” at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre. As a proud student of Fan Zeng's paintings, he will paint and study aesthetics. The creation of music into music creation, tone change, strength and weakness contrast, priority will be based on the rhythm of poetry and ups and downs, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the language beauty of Chinese characters, in the beautiful melody of a beautiful picture.

In December of the same year, “Liao Changyong solo concert · yearning” was held at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre. The concert was full of seats. There were also “90s” fans. The young audience's love of music reflected the cultural vitality of the city. One point, Liao Changyong was impressed.

Participate in “Sound into the Heart”,

Bring classical music to the ordinary audience

In the upcoming concert in Guangzhou, Liao Changyong will lead a group of high-value, highly educated, high-quality young men to sing “Hongyan”. This group of young singers is the player in the popular variety show “Sound into the Heart”. As a professional judge of this program, Liao Changyong turned from an academic singer into a cute, friendly and personally professional judge. Without a shelf, very professional, encouraging young people with a gentle attitude is the audience's deepest impression of Liao Changyong. Some players are bold in their innovations when they perform songs. Liao Changyong’s eyes are always full of appreciation, and they are not at all worthy of their appreciation and support. “From the show, you can really see a predecessor who encourages young people to try and innovate.” Some viewers commented.

As a world-renowned vocal singer, Liao Changyong takes on the responsibility of inheriting classical music culture, and draws the distance between classical music and ordinary people in an innovative form, but at the same time resolutely put an end to pure entertainment, but While ensuring visibility and understanding by the common people, we adhere to the bottom line of art and ensure the quality and height of the program.


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