Sounding the horn of resumption of work, Yanghua Drama held an “immersive live show” online and offline

On the afternoon of June 11, in the name of art, artists, media and ordinary audiences who love drama gathered at the Cai Guanshen Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing, and held a show entitled “The Most June, The Most Literary, The Most Dramatic Resumption of Work”. The special action of resumption of production, immersive live show of a good show” sounded the horn for the restart of the theater and the return of the performance.

In order to effectively implement various anti-epidemic policies in Beijing, the organizers have strictly limited the number of people who come to the event to participate in the event. Through the live broadcast of multiple online platforms, millions of friends from all over the country who love drama also participated in the event together with Yanghua, witnessing this exciting and immersive live show.Sounding the horn of resumption of work, Yanghua Drama held an "immersive live show" online and offline -Sounding-t

Actors and audience at the event celebrated together.Photo by Tasu

Amateur Reader Every ordinary person can participate in drama

With the ethereal and dreamy atmosphere created by the singing of “Autumn Sounds” in the Yanghua drama “Beijing People”, the curtain of this event was officially opened. The event site is surrounded by flowers and plants. Between the open space and the clear water, let nature nourish life and let the drama soothe people’s hearts. In this special moment and special environment, the lost spring is compensated for everyone who loves drama. people. The well-known host Zhang Yue, an old friend of Yanghua, once again hosted the event, leading everyone to roam in the world of drama in an immersive atmosphere and enjoy this summer carnival with drama as the core.

“What do you want?” “I don’t want to!” The classic clip from the play “Beijing People” started the script reading session of the day’s event. Full of emotions and clear lines, Mr. Cao Yu’s classics more than 80 years ago were reinterpreted. The sound has been passed on to this day, and it is still full of the power to infect people’s hearts. However, through Zhang Yue’s introduction, everyone learned that this wonderful performance was completed by an ordinary audience and professional actors. Through the early recruitment of Yanghua Drama, a total of six lucky audiences participated in this “Amateur Reader” During the activity, from the stage to the stage, through the experience, the people-oriented concept of drama is practiced. Afterwards, the familiar lines from classic Yanghua plays such as “Winter Journey”, “Sunrise”, “After Thunderstorm”, “New Field” and “Thunderstorm” were presented to the audience one by one through the participation of amateurs, bringing different touches and feelings to the audience. .

“If I were Fan Yi”, the actor walked to the front of the stage

Actor Kong Wei, who successfully played Fan Yi in the Yanghua version of “Thunderstorm”, confided his emotions and interpretation of the character in the melodious flute. Such inner monologues used to happen behind the scenes when the actors were creating art. In the process, in today’s special “immersive live show”, it was moved to the front of the stage in such a special form, providing the audience with a different perspective of understanding the drama and interpreting the characters.Sounding the horn of resumption of work, Yanghua Drama held an "immersive live show" online and offline -1655032805_863_Sounding-t

Screenwriter Wan Fang

Sounding the horn of resumption of work, Yanghua Drama held an "immersive live show" online and offline -1655032807_95_Sounding-t

actor kong wei

Playwright Wan Fang and Kong Wei completed a different dialogue between screenwriter and actor, text and stage through interaction. Wan Fang said: “If I were Fan Yi, a woman with such a sensitive, melancholy, passionate, and brave soul, I would be willing to become a bird and turn all pain, depression, passion, love and hate into flying high. , fly to the sky of infinite freedom, and fly to the end of life!” In addition to the perspective of women, teacher Yan Guanying, a famous actor who is about to participate in Yanghua’s new work, also used his understanding to discuss the topic of “If I were Fanyi” Participated: “I want to take revenge on everything around me, expose the true face of everyone around me, and let the truth come out!”Sounding the horn of resumption of work, Yanghua Drama held an "immersive live show" online and offline -1655032807_10_Sounding-t

Wan Fang and Kong Wei hug

With the melodious “Venice Boat Song” in the play “Santa Rukia”, a dynamic music mode was opened at the scene of the event, which pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. Suddenly, countless coins fell from the sky, turning the scene into a classic scene in the drama “Ponzi Scheme”, “45 days, 50% interest, you heard that right! I used 6 cents to get 15 million US dollar investment…” Actor Zhang Liang turned into Pang Qi in the play and gave an emotional speech, which attracted bursts of cheers from the scene. In the subsequent session, Zhang Liang, who was eager to try, also opened the topic of “If I were Fan Yi”: “I will definitely stick to the pursuit, pursuit of happiness, pursuit of love, pursuit of change, pursuit of a better future, pursuit of every day It’s more meaningful!” Also participating in this topic with Zhang Liang was Professor Tian Huiqun from the School of Art and Media of Beijing Normal University, she said: “If I were Fan Yi, I would lie flat during the day to create an illusion, and at night I would Dr. Incarnate goes outside to learn about the world, give the canary wings, and choose a path for life after getting out of the cage.”

Creation is an inexhaustible driving force for art workers. During the event, the well-known host Zhang Yue also led everyone to the rehearsal site of Yanghua’s new drama “Time Travels in a Coffee Box”. Let’s try early adopters and get a glimpse of the mysterious face of this upcoming new work. Afterwards, the actors of Yanghua performed singing excerpts from different theatrical works to the audience, including new and old works such as “Flying Obliquely on the Sea”, “Pang Qi’s Wedding”, “The Rap of the Times” and “Into Your Dream” The melody in the play together creates an immersive theater experience space for the audience.

A good show is approaching “Cao Yu’s performance season” and many good shows are about to kick off

After all, online carnival is for the return of offline, and the final destination of drama is still the eternal stage. The most exciting thing at the event is that the organizer officially announced the performance plan of many plays in the “Cao Yu Performance Season” in the second half of this year. You and I, Seven Wonderful Steps of the Theater” will meet you in Beijing. At the same time, the new dramas “Time Travels in a Coffee Box” and “Youth Shakespeare’s Adventure” will also be released soon, and the classic drama “A Dream Like a Dream” will meet you again in Xi’an, Kunming and Beijing in December.Sounding the horn of resumption of work, Yanghua Drama held an "immersive live show" online and offline -1655032809_442_Sounding-t

Moderator Zhang Yue

At the end of the event, the host Zhang Yue invited the audience to come to the stage, expressing their expectations and blessings for June, “I look forward to CCTV bringing us more good performances!” “We have missed a spring, but It will definitely usher in a hot summer! Let’s meet in the theater, the seaside, the beach, where there is sunshine and wind!” “I hope the wind, rain and warm sun in June can sweep away the haze of the epidemic, let us meet Let’s resume offline viewing of dramas and exhibitions as soon as possible!” “Early summer is the most promising season. Today I feel the power of drama, and I look forward to Yanghua’s works to bring us more happiness!” And one audience member sincerely His voice also moved everyone present.

“Today we have experienced drama immersively, but the real drama cannot be replaced.” Zhang Yue said emotionally, “Only in a specific space in the theater can we express life issues and destiny in a certain ritualized form. The state-of-the-art theater art is the real theater. In the future, I hope everyone can still walk into the theater to watch the theater!”

The sudden recurrence of the new crown epidemic has brought many difficulties to the operation of the theater industry. At the critical moment when the epidemic situation is stabilizing and improving, and the theater industry is gradually resuming work and production, Yanghua Theater responded quickly and took practical actions. The industry and society have sent a signal to do everything in their power to bring drama art back into people’s lives as soon as possible. Therefore, this special event was held simultaneously online and offline to spread the unique charm of drama art through new media and new media with rich content and forms such as carefully planned original songs, script readings, keynote speeches, rehearsal displays, etc. Let everyone experience the drama, enter the drama, and play the drama, so as to build confidence and bridge for the old audience to return to the theater and the new audience to enter the theater.

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