Spring Festival Evening of 2019: Endeavoring a New Era



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 (News Network): The Central Radio and Television General Station will meet with the audience in the Spring Festival Evening of 2019. As the first Spring Festival Evening after the establishment of the Central Radio and Television General Station, it conveyed the positive energy of the society and the strong feelings of the homeland in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere. The total audience of the audience at home and abroad reached 1.173 billion people, and the overall reputation It reached 96.98% and became one of the favorite Spring Festival Evenings of the audience in recent years.

Spring Festival Evening of 2019: Endeavoring a New Era -Spring-Festival-Evening-of-2019-Endeavoring-a-New-Era

This year's Spring Festival Evening is based on the theme of “A new era of endeavor and a happy year of happiness”. In addition to the main venue of CCTV in Beijing, three sub-meeting venues are set up in Jinggangshan, Shenzhen and Changchun respectively. The veteran rookie shows the dream catcher on the same stage. Strive for a full attitude. The old artist with an average age of 82 sang "I and My Motherland" on stage and conveyed a strong feeling of homeland. The young people sang the joy of the Chinese people with enthusiasm and vitality.

Spring Festival Evening of 2019: Endeavoring a New Era -1549453243_280_Spring-Festival-Evening-of-2019-Endeavoring-a-New-Era

This year's Spring Festival Evening is rich in art and diverse in content. The language program closely follows the hotspots of the people's livelihood, and the social hotspot issues are presented in a miniature way. The humorous baggage perspective is a serious theme. The essay "The Son Comes" gives an exposure to the illegal activities such as health product fraud, and the essay "Show it to you" is a form of frustration formalism and bureaucracy.

This year's special design for the Spring Festival Evening invites model-minded figures and models of the times to pay tribute to the people of the country. The heroic crew of the safe departure of the flight that removed the windshield also came to the party.

Spring Festival Evening of 2019: Endeavoring a New Era -1549453243_298_Spring-Festival-Evening-of-2019-Endeavoring-a-New-Era

One of the highlights of this year's Spring Festival Evening is a full range of technological innovations, presenting unprecedented audiovisual effects. The Central Radio and Television General Station has fully utilized the cluster advantages of CCTV, Yangguang, Guoguang's various channel frequencies and new media platforms. 4K Ultra HD and 5G, VR and other new technologies have also been directly applied to new media communications. The implementation of the large-screen collaborative strategy fully satisfies the audience's viewing needs. The mobile terminal's ratings are blown up, and the number of new media interactions has reached a record high. The red envelope interaction reached 20.8 billion times, and the total video playback reached 24.7 billion.


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