"Spring Festival Evening" on the train: the song and dance partner returns to the township


"Spring Festival Evening" on the train: the song and dance partner returns to the township -quotSpring-Festival-Eveningquot-on-the-train-the-song-and-dance-partner-returns-to-the-township

On the D752 "Revival" EMU train from Lanzhou West to Chongqing North, the Lanzhou Passenger Depot provided a wonderful "Spring Festival Evening" for the passengers. Photo by Tian Duowei Lanzhou February 4th (He Jian) ​​On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2019, on the "Revival" EMU train from Lanzhou West to Chongqing North D752, a different kind of "Spring Festival Evening", an unforgettable journey, let the ride The passengers who came home from this car experienced an unusual "yearly taste."

"Spring Festival Evening" on the train: the song and dance partner returns to the township -1549276611_265_quotSpring-Festival-Eveningquot-on-the-train-the-song-and-dance-partner-returns-to-the-township

The picture shows the Lanzhou Passenger Transport section carefully arranging the literary show "Happy China Year". Photo by Tian Duowei

On the "Revival" train in the west of Lanzhou to Chongqing North, with the sound of the No. 3 car, the dance "Bai Jie Ba Jie" performed by the flight attendants attracted the attention of many passengers. The cheerful rhythm drove the passengers to play together. The rhythm pats the hand. Later, the solo "half-pot kill", guitar sing "The stranger" two programs, a quaint, a beautiful solo, the entire carriage is filled with a rich atmosphere of ancient style.

In the service etiquette display, the train attendants show the passengers one-by-one, pick-up, delivery, and standard service etiquette, so that each passenger can experience the standardization and high-end service standards of passenger transportation in the new era.

“I feel very good. I can see so many wonderful programs on the way home. It is very memorable. Thanks to the train staff, I like the ‘Revival’.” When the group took a photo, Mr. Wang was very happy.

The same excitement was also staged in the Z76 train from Lanzhou to Beijing: the train staff posted the prepared Dafu word in the carriage, hung the red lantern and the Chinese knot, and the car was filled with a strong sense of the year.

After the train drove, the flight attendants brought a wonderful program of self-made and self-produced performances. There were songs and dances, talk shows, and comic instrumental performances. The content was colorful and varied, and the greetings of the New Year were conveyed to the passengers.

At 19:00, a dynamic modern dance "High School Musical" opened the prelude to the train's Spring Festival Evening. More and more travelers were attracted by the passionate dance. The recital program "Chinese" and solo "I Love You, China", everyone waving their national flags and offering gifts to the motherland's 70th birthday. The talk show and the cross talk "The Voice of the Country" tells the safety of railway development and travel in a relaxed, humorous and witty way, attracting passengers. During the interaction, the train staff also interacted with the passengers on the spot to give the passengers prizes such as piglets. In the car with bright lights and red fire, the holiday blessings for the Chinese New Year, bring joy and warmth, the singing and laughter are combined, and the speeding train goes home. .

At the same time, on the Y667 train from Lanzhou to Dunhuang, four conductors dressed in flying dance costumes performed the dance "Dream of Dunhuang" for the passengers. The beautiful dance and graceful music immediately attracted the guests present. Praise, they took out their mobile phones, and many of them rushed to take photos with the "Flying Fairy".

In the cello solo "Song of the Grassland", the beautiful songs are sometimes sleek and sometimes short-lived, and the passengers seem to be in the vast grassland. The music is over, the audience is fascinated and applause. In the interactive stage of drumming and flower-splashing, some passengers spontaneously joined the show and talked with the staff about tongue twisters and songs, which pushed the atmosphere of joy to a climax. (Finish)


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