Spring Festival grabs the ticket to accelerate the package to 7 times to grab the ticket successfully? Expert: use software or slower


Spring Festival grabs the ticket to accelerate the package to 7 times to grab the ticket successfully? Expert: use software or slower -Spring-Festival-grabs-the-ticket-to-accelerate-the-package-to-7-times-to-grab-the-ticket-successfully-Expert-use-software-or-slower

Reporter experience ticket capture software screenshot (mobile phone screenshot)

Spring Festival grabs the ticket to accelerate the package to 7 times to grab the ticket successfully? Expert: use software or slower -1546482990_745_Spring-Festival-grabs-the-ticket-to-accelerate-the-package-to-7-times-to-grab-the-ticket-successfully-Expert-use-software-or-slower

“The distance between me and the train ticket is only your assist!”

Spring Festival is approaching. For those who are looking forward to going home and have travel needs, in addition to buying tickets directly at official channels such as 12306, the ticket-selling software has become more choices. As a result, many people in the circle of friends began to share the ticket-grabbing platform, seeking help from relatives and friends to speed up the ticket grab, and some platforms directly guide users to increase the price.

Is the ticketing service for these software really useful? Does the paid ticketing software belong to the scalper behavior? The ticket rushing software has triggered a discussion of social issues from a tool.


“Accelerated package” effect is mixed

In the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018, the number of trains in Jinan to Beijing on the 12306 official website showed no votes, which made Mr. Zhu very anxious. Under the recommendation of the small one, he downloaded a ticket-picking app.

After the registration is completed, he found that there are two ways to speed up the ticketing. One is to forward the information of the ticket to the circle of friends, and the friend clicks to accelerate. The second is to purchase the “acceleration package” and accelerate it directly. Since Mr. Zhu did not believe that “forwarding can speed up”, he paid 20 yuan for “acceleration package”. After 1 minute, he received a text message saying “successful ticketing”, and Mr. Zhu felt “not bad”.

Compared with Mr. Zhu’s praise, Ms. Wang feels like the gimmick of setting up the ticketing software. Let everyone share the circle of friends to promote the software. She has repeatedly let friends speed up for themselves, and feels “flying up” or not. Grab the ticket you want. At the same time, Mr. Xiao of Shanghai said that after using the software many times, he found that “adding money or not adding money, only the probability that the ticket is displayed on the interface will increase, but there is no difference.”

Xiao Wang, who is still attending school, has recently seen various help links for speeding up tickets in various groups. Although she also has the need to purchase tickets, the complicated accelerated ticketing rules have caused her some headaches. It was a very personal matter to buy tickets at home. Because of the “acceleration package”, the ticket purchase became a social activity.


I can get it in two ways without a ticket.

So, can the ticket-selling service of these softwares help passengers get tickets? The Beijing Youth Daily reporter conducted a practical test.

On the afternoon of January 1, 2019, the reporter of Beiqing Daily opened the 12306 official website and selected the K52 train from the Jinan station to the Beijing station at 23:32. In the hard seat option, the official website showed that the train was hard. ticket.

Subsequently, the reporter of Beiqing Daily opened a ticket rushing software. According to the same information as before, there were several options. Among them, the quick ticket rush option showed that the ticket rush success rate was 81.0%, and the acceleration package price was 20 yuan. High-speed ticket rushing option, the ticketing success rate is 83.5%, the acceleration package price is 30 yuan; the rapid rush ticket option shows that the success rate is 85.3%, and the acceleration package is 40 yuan. In the VIP option, the ticketing success rate is 86.8%, and the acceleration package is 50 yuan.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily chose the VIP option to start grabbing the ticket. After 2 minutes and 50 seconds, the SMS prompts the ticket to be successful. Subsequently, the reporter of Beiqing Daily used another account to test again, in order to grab the ticket through the way of friend help, also selected 23:32 Jinan station to Beijing station K52 train, select the friend acceleration package on the fast ticket collection page, forward to WeChat group allows friends to help speed up, and every time a friend clicks, the speed of the displayed ticket will increase a little. After 7 people accelerate, the speed changes from “low speed” to “high speed”. After 15 minutes, the message prompts to grab. The ticket was successful.


More bandwidth can increase the frequency of ticketing

After the online search, Beiqing Daily reporter found that the current “grab ticketing software” mainly divided into two categories, one is the browser that has increased the ticket-collecting function, and the other is the OTA APP, including Ctrip, Tuniu, and Tongcheng. and many more. Some of these softwares are all free, while others have some fees.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that at least 58 platforms during the Spring Festival of 2018 launched the ticket-selling software and launched a paid ticket-collecting service. A platform also explained the cloud grab ticket. It said that the reason why the ticket can be grabbed by this technology is because the software will use the cloud monitoring function to pay attention to the number of tickets 24 hours a day. APP will provide 4 rushing channels, free of charge is “low speed grab ticket”, the other is 20 yuan “VIP high speed channel”, using 50M bandwidth; 30 yuan “VIP speed channel”, can use 100M bandwidth; the most expensive It is a 66 yuan “Supreme Lightspeed ticketing channel”, which can use fiber optic network, and the success rate of grabbing tickets can reach more than 80%.

Well-known Internet information blogger “Flower of Houchang Village” said, “Cloud grab is to spend money to buy speed”, in layman's terms is to use the company's bandwidth and automatic graphics verification code, automatically submit orders to help you brush tickets.

Liu Le, a software engineer, told the reporters of Beiqing Daily that due to the characteristics of 12306 interval ticketing, this requires passengers without tickets to pay attention to the ticketing situation at all times. At this time, the technology has come in handy. The ticket rushing software mainly uses the plug-in or crawler software to improve the frequency of ticket checking and the speed of verification code recognition. However, there is a failure rate in machine identification. At the same time, it is affected by the change of the ticket and the number of ticket purchasers. luck.


Snatching tickets through third-party software may be slower

In the interview with the media, Dan Xinghua, deputy chief engineer of the Institute of Electronics of China Railway Science and Technology Research Institute and director of the 12306 technical department, said that in 2012, when 12306 was first launched, only a few dozen tickets could be sold in one second, and the peak period in 2018. You can sell more than 700 train tickets per second, which means that the seat of a car is basically sold out within 1 second, and the ticketing process usually fills in the information, press the submit button and then start to queue, then Tickets are issued in order, and this link can be accurate to milliseconds.

In addition, 12306 Railway Client Server Center experts said that 12306 has never authorized any third-party websites or software to conduct agent sales, no priority purchase channels, and no cooperation with anyone to develop ticketing software.

It said that 12306 enabled the risk prevention and control system, implemented security risk identification and hierarchical control on access requests, and maintained a fair and fair ticketing environment. If someone accesses the server at a very high speed, it will be considered abnormal operation, and high-risk users will be blocked or even blacklisted. The ticketing software that has not reached the interception or title level will be dragged to the slow queue by the risk control system, that is, it may be slower to grab tickets through third-party software.

Industry perspective

Statement 1 No monopoly ticket source Robbery software is different from “Yellow Cow”

So, is the network platform agent equivalent to the “yellow cow”? A well-known OTA company told Beiqing Daily that the ticket-selling software is different from the “yellow cow”. The “yellow cow” is “locked” to the ticket. They monopolize the ticket source, so that the ticket purchaser has to pay a high price to buy the ticket. . Nowadays, some websites engage in the ticket-collecting business, but they use their own technology to help purchase tickets. There is no “lock-up” ticket source, and the fees charged are also corresponding to time cost and technology cost.

For the legality of paid ticket rushing products, financial commentator Zhou Junsheng said that as long as the transportation capacity contradiction of the Spring Festival travels still exists for one day, the intermediary service similar to the agent robbing ticket is still reasonable. The supervisory department should not equate it as a “yellow cow”, but it can regulate the service charge on behalf of the company and prevent the price from being overwhelmed.

On the afternoon of January 1, Beiqing Daily reporter consulted the national price supervision platform 12358 whether there is a charging standard. The staff said that the price of the train ticket was set by the railway department, and the service fee for the paid ticket is a voluntary choice. For projects, the fees are released, as long as the price is not illegal.

The staff said that the government did not conduct unified pricing for paid ticketing services, which is a market behavior. It cannot be said that fees are illegal. “If it marks an acceleration package of 2 yuan, it actually charges 3 yuan. This situation is a multi-fee, and it can be reported.” The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that the “E-commerce Law” officially implemented on January 1st stipulates that E-commerce operators tying goods or services should be brought to the attention of consumers in a significant way, and tying goods or services should not be used as an option for default consent.

Statement 2 The law is vaguely unexplained

Zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer who has long been concerned about the Internet's rule of law, said that the fees charged by the ticketing software are disputed whether the ticket price increase or the service price increase. At present, the relevant departments have not yet clearly defined the ticket-selling software industry, and the ticket-selling software is still in a gray area in law.

If the ticket-selling software has a high-priced ticket, it involves administrative and even criminal reselling of tickets, illegal business and other illegal crimes. Usually, the traditional way may be to resell through management loopholes. With the improvement of management, it is now prohibited by the railway department to rob the ticket through the Internet. According to the provisions of the “Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on the Relevant Issues Concerning the Trial of Criminal Cases of Reselling Tickets”, high-priced, disguised increase in price reselling tickets or reselling seats, sleeping berth signatures and ordering ticket vouchers, the amount of the ticket is more than 5,000 yuan, or the amount of illegal profits is If the price is more than 2,000 yuan, it will be serious.

In addition, it is unfair to the regular ticket purchase consumers to increase the price of the ticket, and the ticket rushing software may infringe on the consumer's autonomy. Because some of the websites download the ticket-selling software, take the opportunity to engage in tying, bundle sales, add additional packages such as “packages” in the system default options, and consumers can easily consume without knowing it. Such sales behavior has violated consumers' autonomy and is suspected of unfair competition. (Reporter Zhu Jianyong)


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