State Administration for Market Regulation: Promote fair competition and vigorously eliminate administrative monopolies and local protections

Specifically, we will focus on the following aspects:

First, we will work hard to deepen reform and innovation.. Reform and innovation are the source of motivation that stimulates vitality. Market regulatory authorities will continue to improve access and business access rules and market exit mechanisms to provide more convenience for business entities to handle business. Comprehensive use of credit supervision, smart supervision and other methods to improve the efficiency of supervision during and after the event, and create a good environment where no disturbance is caused and no need is met. At the same time, efforts will also be made to optimize the evaluation method of business entities, paying more attention to comprehensive evaluation from multiple dimensions such as scale and structure, activity level, compliance operations, innovation and competitiveness, economic benefits, social responsibility, etc., to guide various regions and departments Pay more attention to improving the development quality of operating entities and achieve effective qualitative improvements based on reasonable growth in quantity.

The second is to work hard to promote fair competition.. An inclusive and fair market environment is an important prerequisite for stimulating vitality. The market supervision department will accelerate the construction of a unified national market, vigorously eliminate administrative monopolies and local protections, promote the cleanup of policies and measures that hinder the unified market and fair competition, and guarantee the independent operation rights of operating entities. Investigate and deal with all types of monopoly and unfair competition in accordance with the law, not only giving full play to the scale advantages of large enterprises and promoting the improvement of core competitiveness, but also protecting the development and innovation vitality of small, medium and micro enterprises. Vigorously cultivate and promote the culture of fair competition, and promote the formation of a social atmosphere that recognizes and practices fair competition.

The third is to work hard on strict standards, fair and civilized law enforcement. The rule of law is the best business environment and the fundamental guarantee for stimulating vitality and regulating order. Market supervision departments will strictly perform their duties in accordance with the law, fully integrate administrative actions into the rule of law, and create a more stable, transparent, standardized and predictable development environment for the majority of business entities. Accelerate the improvement of the benchmark for market supervision administrative penalty discretion, establish and implement a case guidance system, and prevent problems such as “heavy penalties for minor offenses” and “different penalties for similar cases.” It is better to use reminders, admonitions, administrative guidance, etc., patiently communicate and explain, actively strive for understanding and support, and reflect law enforcement warmth in performing duties in accordance with the law.

The fourth is to work hard to improve assistance measures. Scientific and precise enterprise-friendly policies are an effective means to stimulate vitality. The market supervision department will further improve the normal communication and exchange mechanism with operating entities, promptly understand the demands and suggestions, and promote the solution of outstanding problems faced by operating entities in the survival and development. Based on the market supervision function, research and formulate policies and measures that are more pragmatic, heartwarming, and valuable in terms of trustworthiness incentives, quality and technical assistance, and support for the development of individual industrial and commercial households. Increase efforts to rectify illegal charges involving enterprises to help enterprises reduce their burdens.

The fifth is to work hard to standardize market order.. The investigation and punishment of law-breakers is the protection of law-abiding people and a powerful stimulus to stimulate vitality. The market supervision department will punish in accordance with the law any illegal behavior that disrupts market order, such as infringement of intellectual property rights, production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, strengthen the protection of commercial secrets, and resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of business entities. At the same time, we will promote the acceleration of the improvement of the compliance management system in key areas, promote business entities to improve their compliance awareness and integrity levels, and achieve more standardized, more sustainable and more dynamic development.

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