Stephen Chow: I like to express my sadness in comedy.


Twenty years ago, Stephen Chow performed a actor dream in the "King of Comedy". Today, as a director, he returns to the comedy creation of small people. Recently, Stephen Chow took his new film and accepted an interview with the Global Times and the People’s Daily client to share the king of comedy in his heart.

Stephen Chow: I like to express my sadness in comedy. -Stephen-Chow-I-like-to-express-my-sadness-in-comedy

Interview scene map Source: People's Daily client

"The King of New Comedy" is also a story of running a dragon. I personally like this type of story. Some small people who are serious and hard to pursue, you can see true, confident, serious and even true. The process of their struggle and the uncertain results will touch me." Zhou Xingchi introduced the origin of the new film. He said that he has a special feeling for such a story. This is why he will shoot this theme again in 20 years. s reason.

"Of course, "The King of New Comedy" is still different from before. In "King of Comedy", the dragon set was ultimately unsuccessful in performing arts. At that time, I still hoped to tell the story in a more realistic way, instead of giving Everyone compiles a fairy tale. But the world is different now. We often see grassroots through successful efforts. This road may be very long, but as long as you keep going, you will see the light one day."

Most of Zhou Xingchi's films are based on small people, and the grassroots are small and kind, humble but not abandoning. At the bottom of the society, they insist on the characteristics of perseverance and use the nonsense funny style to create the identity of the king of his comedy. Zhou Xingchi told the ring, in his mind, small people are always the most important, and now many of the so-called successful people, mostly from small people along the way. "I also often wonder why such grassroots will be particularly attractive to myself. Except that I am a grassroots, I always believe that grassroots is the future because they have unlimited possibilities."

Some people say that Stephen Chow's movie is not just a simple comedy. People see a lot of frustrations and unwillingness, but they see tears between them. In this regard, Zhou Xingchi explained, “I often like to express sadness in comedy, so that the hard work can become interesting and challenging.”

Stephen Chow: I like to express my sadness in comedy. -1548913453_13_Stephen-Chow-I-like-to-express-my-sadness-in-comedy

From the posters and trailers, there are many details in The King of New Comedy that are used in the previous work. The movie poster also says: "What else can you do besides fried rice?" Zhou Xingchi said, "This is actually responding to myself. There are some old stalks in "The King of New Comedy". Some people may be puzzled. I want to tell you that this is because it is related to the previous movie. It is also a kind of response. In fact, what I am least good at is the fried rice. Every movie in my life is an innovation."


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