Sun Yang stimulant test "urine prosecutor": a confused water was shouted to help


Sun Yang stimulant test "urine prosecutor": a confused water was shouted to help -Sun-Yang-stimulant-test-quoturine-prosecutorquot-a-confused-water-was-shouted-to-help

On the 27th, the China Swimming Association issued a statement proving that Sun Yang did not violate the relevant anti-doping rules. Prior to this, Sun Yang had entrusted Zhang Lanhuai, a lawyer of Beijing Lanpeng Law Firm, to declare that Sun Yang had no qualifications for doping testers, and Sun Yang had the right to refuse invalid tests. In this regard, the Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed the "urine prosecutor" who was temporarily formed in the "detection trio" at that time. He said that he was "inexplicably called to help."

The China Swimming Association stated in a statement that during the off-site inspection of the International Doping Control Management Company (IDTM), IDTM stimulant inspectors were unable to provide legal doping prosecutor certificates and nurse practice certificates, violating FINA Anti-doping rules and relevant international standards, athletes believe that this inspection is illegal and invalid, which led to the inability to complete this inspection.

According to lawyers, FINA authorized IDTM to conduct doping control in China. In the test on the evening of September 4, 2018, IDTM sent a chief inspection officer, who conducted Sun Yang in October 2017. When the stimulant was tested, Sun Yang complained because he did not show any documents. This time, she temporarily found two people to serve as "blood prosecutors" and "urine prosecutors" to test Sun Yang. The two did not receive vocational training and did not have relevant work documents and power of attorney.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Qihuai pointed out: "In fact, among the three people's inspection teams, only the main inspection officer presented the company's power of attorney, and the other two were temporarily found and not trained." The blood test officer's is a friend of the main test officer's friend, and there is no professional nurse's practice certificate. The 'urine test officer' is the high school classmate of the main test officer, and only the identity card is provided on the spot. The two people did not have the training of doping test, no Anti-doping prosecutor qualification certificate, there is no corresponding authorization document."

According to the "urine prosecutor" who did not want to be named, he and the chief inspector were high school students. They have developed independently after 12 years of graduation and have basically no connection. On the evening of September 4, 2018, he was temporarily called by the phone to help.

"I am not doing this job. My high school classmates temporarily called me to help, because I am a man. When taking a male urine sample, it is more convenient for a man to be present. My classmate told me that this matter should be kept confidential. Revealed to the public."

"Actually, I am confused. I don't know what to do at all. The importance of this matter is not clear. It was summer, it was very late. I went in short-sleeved shorts sandals. Maybe it was because of my dress. Not formal enough, I was very excited after seeing Sun Yang, taking a mobile phone to take a video, Sun Yang, they felt that I did not match the official inspection officer, so I asked to check my ID. And I only have ID card. Then they played a circle After the call, I was told that I didn't have the relevant documents and were not eligible to participate in the test. So I asked me to wait outside. I didn't participate in the specific doping test process."

"In the whole incident, I didn't know anything, I didn't know the truth, I didn't know what the documents and qualifications. I was temporarily called to help, and somehow involved in this matter." He was temporarily appointed as a "urine prosecutor" It is also full of grievances. "However, Sun Yang was very polite, warm and polite to me from the beginning to the end."

As a standardized blood prosecutor, the blood test official certificate, the instrument authorized to carry out the blood test, and the "Nurse License" should be presented at the time of testing. It is reported that the "blood prosecutor" who was responsible for collecting blood samples at that time only provided a professional technical title certificate (primary), but did not have a "nurse license". According to the "Regulations on the Registration of Nurses' Practice Registration", those who have obtained the "Nursing Practice Certificate" without practicing registration shall not engage in the nursing activities stipulated in the medical treatment technical specifications. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Xin Ma Xiangfei Li Jia)


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