Survey shows: “Anti-corruption storm 4” “teachers good” leading the spring stalls – – China News Net

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 14 (Reporter Bai Wei) The China Film Archives released on the 14th, the Chinese film audience satisfaction survey showed that in the 1919 spring release of 19 films, “Anti-Corruption Storm 4” “teachers good “Word of mouth, box office double lead, become the biggest winner.

The China Film Audience Satisfaction Survey began in the Spring Festival of 2015 and has completed 28 surveys. This survey surveyed 12 domestic films and 7 imported films released from mid-March 2019 to the “May 1” holiday, covering the 12th, 3rd and 4th tier cities nationwide.

According to the survey, “Anti-Corruption Storm 4” and “Teacher Good” are the runners-up in the period of satisfaction. Under the high-quality word-of-mouth blessing, the box office performed well in the face-to-face confrontation with the imported films released in the same period, and showed a significant long tail effect. .

The responsible person of the China Film Archive introduced that as the fourth film of the “Anti-Corruption” series, the “Anti-Corruption Storm 4” box office pressed the Hollywood super hero film “Thunder Shazan! “, won the box office champion of the Ching Ming Festival, and occupied the single-day box office championship for 19 consecutive days after the release; Yu Qian’s “Teacher’s Good” stared before the film, but with the fine production and the starring image of the starring The contrasting warm storyline received a high evaluation. The box office won the 7-day single-day box office championship from the 6th day of the screening.

It is worth mentioning that the Tibetan language art film “Crashing a Sheep” was screened at the Art Film Screening Alliance line when the Hollywood blockbuster “Avengers 4: The Final Battle” was released on the 3rd day. Under the “dumping”, this experimental small-cost film still scored a high satisfaction score.

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