Swedish prosecutor announces restart of investigation into allegations of rape by Assange – Daily Economic News

According to Agence France-Presse, at 11:15 am local time on May 13th in Sweden, at the press conference of the Assange case in Stockholm, Sweden, Swedish prosecutor Eva Marie Persson announced that he officially restarted against Assange. Initial investigation of rape allegations.

In 2010, Assange was investigated by Swedish prosecutors for alleged rape and sexual assault on two women. He was in the United Kingdom and was arrested by the British police and denied all charges. He refused to travel to Sweden for investigation on the grounds that he might be extradited to the United States and may even be sentenced to death.

The British Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that it could extradite Assange to Sweden. In March of the same year, Assange entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom to seek asylum during his bail. Sweden subsequently withdrew the allegations, but the Swedish prosecutor said last month that the case involving Assange will be re-examined.

On April 11 this year, the lawyer of the victim of the Assange case asked the Swedish side to resume a comprehensive investigation into the allegations of rape of Assange. At present, the case is referred to Eva Marie Persson, Deputy Prosecutor General of Public Affairs at the Swedish Procuratorate.

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