Hou Moujun, a Class B fugitive from the Ministry of Public Security, was arrested in Changsha: he absconded with a huge sum of money, and the police once offered a reward of 100,000

The man absconded with a huge sum of money for 3 years. He always wore a mask and a hat to cover himself when he went out, and he used cash for shopping. He was so cautious that he still could not escape the law. Recently, the Investigation and Operation…...

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Three murder fugitives in Liaoning were arrested: one of them has been absconded for 30 years, and several generations of policemen have been arresting the murderer

Recently, the Chaoyang Police in Liaoning Province focused on the special operations of “Summer Action” and “Safe Escort” to deepen the “Forensics and Hunting 2023” homicide backlog. 30-year murder fugitive Li Moufu. The Chaoyang City Public Security Bureau introduced: On February 23, 2002, Li Mouhua, a villager in Xiguanying Town,…...

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