Typhoon “Hai Anemone” makes landfall in Dongshan, Fujian

After this year’s No. 11 typhoon “Haikui” landed on the coast of Taitung City, Taiwan at a strong typhoon level, it landed again at Dongshan County, Fujian Province at 5:20 on September 5 at a tropical storm level. At present, Fujian is in the core period of rainfall, and it…...

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Typhoon “Hai Anemone” is generated, “three dances” in the Northwest Pacific

This year’s No. 11 typhoon “Hai Anemone” was formed this morning (August 28). At present, its center is located on the sea about 2,370 kilometers east of Manila, Philippines. “Hai Anemone” will travel at a speed of about 10 kilometers per hour. Velocity was moving to the north-northwest with little…...

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