Xinyu Guangfu City was accused of arrears of rent to thousands of entrusted shop owners, and a special working class has been established in the local area

The promise of rental income in the entrusted operation and management contract of shops Recently, many homeowners in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province complained to the surging quality concept platform ( reflected that Xinyu Guangcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. defaulted on the rent of thousands of property owners. The owners introduced…...

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Offcn Education was accused of arrears of student refunds, and the staff said that “there is no refund indicator”

Recently, Ms. Nan, a student, reported to The Paper that the training service agreement she signed with Offcn Education included a stipulation that “the fee will be refunded if the written test is not passed”. The refund, the refund was cut off after a few periods, and the payment was…...

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