A man from Tongliao bought a large amount of cattle whose cause of death was unknown, cooked them, bleached them and sold them: he was sentenced and banned from business for life.

According to the WeChat public account “Horqin District People’s Court” on September 12, recently, the People’s Court of Horqin District, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia sentenced the defendant Zhao Moumou to a case of producing and selling food that did not meet safety standards, and sentenced Zhao Moumou to fixed-term imprisonment…...

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The house bought 10 years ago was suddenly seized: the developer owed money, and the house buyer “lay down the gun”?

Ten years after the house was purchased, the door was suddenly covered with court notices, and the house was seized and was about to be auctioned. This surprised Mr. Zhang Zhang, a landlord at Unit 1103, Unit 3, Building 15, District B, Wanhe City, Baoding City, Hebei Province. He never…...

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