Chongqing Liangping police reported that “three mothers and sons died at home”: committing suicide by burning charcoal due to depression

On the morning of September 3, the official WeChat account of the Liangping District Public Security Bureau in Chongqing notified the “three deaths at home of a mother and a child”. According to the report, at about 15:00 on August 31, Mei Mouqin (female, 35 years old, from Bishan Town,…...

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The latest research by Chinese scholars pushes back the history of the earliest systematic coal burning by about a thousand years

Nilek County River Valley in autumn morning mist A recent paper jointly published by researchers from Lanzhou University and other institutions pushes back the history of the earliest systematic coal-burning by about a thousand years. Through multidisciplinary evidence, the study reveals that Jirentai, Nilek County, Yili, Xinjiang, China The ancestors…...

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