The recruitment of beef tasters requires that they can eat 10 catties of beef a day?Shanghai RT-Mart responds

“I love beef, I can eat 10 catties of beef a day”, the recruitment post of “Beef Tasting Officer” in Shanghai RT-Mart Supermarket recently sparked heated discussions among netizens. On August 17, RT-Mart responded that the jobs do exist. In addition to tasting, the tasting officer also needs to supervise…...

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The flood hit an aquaculture farm in Zhuozhou. The boss: nearly 800,000 catties of fish died, and harmless treatment is urgently needed

On August 5, a netizen in Zhuozhou posted a video asking for help on a social platform, saying that a local aquaculture farm urgently needed manpower to pick up fish. In the video, there were dead fish all over the place. The Jimu News reporter contacted the person in charge…...

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