This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring!

From February 3 to February 10, the CCTV News Channel of the Central Radio and Television Headquarters will broadcast a series of flashing events for eight consecutive days – the New Year sings "I and my motherland." In the Guangdong New Age Civilization Practice Center, six volunteers from the New…...

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Shandong's first 5G drone test flight at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

Qingdao Daily/Qingdaoguan/Qingbao News Agency reporter learned from Qingdao Unicom on the 17th that Shandong's first professional UAV test flight, video backhaul and VR live broadcast based on end-to-end 5G network were completed in the Olympic Sailing Center. Real-time 5G network transmission of drone 360 ​​degree panoramic 4K HD video. (Reporter…...

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Reporter's investigation: How is the masses doing "maximum run once"?

Zhejiang Yiwu Administrative Service Center's “running at most once” information desk. Wang Gang Don't line up and run less errands, is your wish fulfilled? (The style of the end of the year) Our reporter Fang Min Jiang Xiaodan Yan Limin People's Daily (11th edition, January 18th, 2019) Last year, the…...

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How to build a Beijing city sub-center without urban diseases? These seven aspects are the key points

BEIJING, January 11th, Beijing City Sub-center will build a city without "urban disease" in the future. In this regard, Beijing Vice Mayor Zhen Zhenjiang said today that the construction of a Beijing city sub-center without "urban disease" in the future is a demonstration for Beijing to solve the "big city…...

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Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center

Original title: Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center On January 11, 2019, the Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center. Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee Cai Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor…...

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City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality

from Guide On the occasion of the official announcement of the Beijing Municipal Sub-center Controlled Detailed Planning (Street Level) (2016-2035), we interviewed the Chief Planner of the Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Committee and the Dean of the Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute. Shi Weiliang. During the interview,…...

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