This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring!


From February 3 to February 10, the CCTV News Channel of the Central Radio and Television Headquarters will broadcast a series of flashing events for eight consecutive days – the New Year sings "I and my motherland." In the Guangdong New Age Civilization Practice Center, six volunteers from the New Age Civilization Practice Center and the local Yao and Han people gathered in the hot year to sing "My Country and My Country" in a flashing way. 》. The loud singing voice rang in Yaoxiang, singing a strong motherland and singing a good life.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718305_555_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718305_622_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This is the annual collection of Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, writing Spring Festival couplets, visiting Huajie Street, making family portraits… lively and extraordinary. Under the crisp voice of the three Yao girls, a flashing event suddenly kicked off, and the crowd gathered in the annual gathering stopped, searched and watched in the surprise.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718305_463_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718305_88_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

The crowd sings "My and my country". The watery melody is on the audience's mind.

In the sound of music, Hu Die, the anchor of the Central Radio and Television General Station, slowly walked to the masses and sang "My Country and My Country." The beautiful melodies seem to flow through the clouds, and they pass through the hearts of every mass present. Then, Song Xuelai of the Guangdong Pearl River Symphony Orchestra also sang from the cloister to the masses.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718306_216_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718306_775_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

In the crowd, a group of children wearing traditional costumes of Yao nationality, they danced Yao folk dance happily, the dance was light, and the surrounding people were also infected by the children. They went forward to watch, take photos, join the chorus, and the scene was a festive event.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718307_398_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718307_868_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718307_749_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

Lingnan music features unique charm Yao elements lead the way

As a flash in the land of Lingnan, the elements of Lingnan music are naturally essential. The program arranger is based on the traditional music elements, and has the characteristics of Lingnan music, and is embellished with the idea of ​​Yao elements. The Lingnan famous music "Step by Step" is integrated into the melody of "My and my country" and is high with traditional instruments. Hu, 琵琶 and flute are played, and the whole music is unique.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718307_706_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718308_9_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

Olympic champion He Zi, singer safely sings high songs

After the solo of traditional instruments, the Olympic diving champion He Zi and the builder of the Super Engineering Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Zhang Jinwen, appeared one after another, and the scene cheered again. When the singer’s iconic high-pitched sound began, the scene once again set off a heat wave.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718308_434_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718308_464_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718308_739_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

The 6 volunteers of the New Age Civilization Practice Center and the nearly 10,000 people at the scene sang "I and My Motherland" in Yaoxiang, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718310_294_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

Nursery rhymes sing along the motherland, singing good life

In this flashing event, there are children who are babbling, and old people with white hair. Everyone follows the melody, sings or jumps, sings the motherland, and sings a good life.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718310_187_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718310_95_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

The Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County is a pilot county for the New Age Civilization Practice Center established by the Central Government in August 2018. The Central Radio and Television General Station is the supporting unit for the Pilot Work of the New Age Civilization Practice Center of the Daiyuan Construction. During the Spring Festival, the Central Radio and Television General Station held flash-flash activities in Ruyuan, enriching the cultural life of the local people and spreading new ideas to the simple Yao Township.

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718311_278_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

After the music is over, everyone is still reluctant to leave, waving the national flag and shouting for the prosperity and prosperity of the motherland!

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718311_690_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718311_484_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

This flash in the New Age Civilization Practice Center is inspiring! -1549718312_942_This-flash-in-the-New-Age-Civilization-Practice-Center-is-inspiring

After the flashing event, 6 volunteers and actors from the New Age Civilization Practice Center of the Ruyuan Source, together with the Yaoxiang people and all the netizens, celebrated the New Year’s Civilization Practice Center!

(CCTV reporter Gong Haiquan Wei Xing Chen Xuting Ning Yuting 覃思 胡桃夹)


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Shandong's first 5G drone test flight at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center


Shandong's first 5G drone test flight at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center -Shandong39s-first-5G-drone-test-flight-at-Qingdao-Olympic-Sailing-Center

Qingdao Daily/Qingdaoguan/Qingbao News Agency reporter learned from Qingdao Unicom on the 17th that Shandong's first professional UAV test flight, video backhaul and VR live broadcast based on end-to-end 5G network were completed in the Olympic Sailing Center. Real-time 5G network transmission of drone 360 ​​degree panoramic 4K HD video. (Reporter Zhou Xiaofeng Correspondent Shen Yu Qu Yuying)

Shandong's first 5G drone test flight at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center -1547785886_942_Shandong39s-first-5G-drone-test-flight-at-Qingdao-Olympic-Sailing-Center

The 5G UAV, which was completed by Qingdao Unicom, Huawei and Qingdao Yunyang, achieved the first airborne transmission of UAV based on 5G commercial miniaturized CPE terminal, which successfully solved the early verification problem of industrial application. It can simultaneously support multi-channel live broadcast of 4K ultra-high-definition signals, and can flexibly deploy 4K shooting, fully demonstrating the advantages of combining 5G technology with ultra-high-definition video such as 4K, 8K, VR, etc., which will be the acquisition, editing and broadcasting of video content. Revolutionary changes brought about by various links.

Shandong's first 5G drone test flight at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center -1547785886_565_Shandong39s-first-5G-drone-test-flight-at-Qingdao-Olympic-Sailing-Center

It is understood that UAVs connected to 5G networks can break through many conditions. The coverage of 5G networks is up to 300m, which is more than twice that of 4G. The uplink rate is more than 50M, which is 10 times that of 4G. It can support 4K, 8K, 360 degrees. Real-time back-transmission of panoramic images; the delay is as low as 10ms, which is one-tenth of 4G; the control is more precise and can fly in complex urban environment. 5G faster network speed, denser connection, lower latency, better coverage, can promote the upgrade experience of the networked drone, suitable for more scenarios, help the drone industry to achieve safe and efficient, Value-added development.

Shandong's first 5G drone test flight at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center -1547785886_807_Shandong39s-first-5G-drone-test-flight-at-Qingdao-Olympic-Sailing-Center

The drone test flight and 4K HD video transmission also laid the foundation for the upcoming "5G new media platform" test. It is understood that the country's first national-level new media platform based on 5G technology has been opened at the Central Radio and Television General Station. As the designated operator of 5G new media platform in Qingdao, Qingdao Unicom has completed the end-to-end deployment of 5G network, and will conduct relevant business tests at the end of this month.


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Reporter's investigation: How is the masses doing "maximum run once"?


Reporter's investigation: How is the masses doing "maximum run once"? -Reporter39s-investigation-How-is-the-masses-doing-quotmaximum-run-oncequot

Zhejiang Yiwu Administrative Service Center's “running at most once” information desk. Wang Gang

Don't line up and run less errands, is your wish fulfilled? (The style of the end of the year)

Our reporter Fang Min Jiang Xiaodan Yan Limin

People's Daily (11th edition, January 18th, 2019)

Last year, the State Council executive meeting deployed the promotion of the government service "one network through the office" and the business people to do things "only one door" and "run at most once."

More than half a year has passed, how is the masses doing "maximum run once"? What kind of new explorations are there in order to further facilitate the people and the people? What new technologies have been adopted? What new changes have been made? Recently, reporters visited the service windows in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Ningxia.

– Editor

400 times

Zhejiang Longyou County Administrative Service Center, a window can reduce the number of people running errands nearly 400 times a day, and residents can reduce their carrying documents by 12 times.

Excellent process: breaking the “data barrier” and multi-department parallel approval

At the end of the year, it was the busiest time for the company, but Li Wei, who worked in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, had to take time off to return to his hometown of Zhangzhou. She has to transfer the house. "The work is too busy, the company only approved a day off." Time is tight, Li Wei looks a little panic.

Early in the morning, the reporter followed Li Wei to the Longyou County Administrative Service Center in Cangzhou City. Li Wei told the reporter: "I have handled a house transfer before, at least I have to run the national land, local taxes, and the three departments of the government. I have queued 3 times and handed over 3 sets of information. After handling the transfer, I have to go again. The three business halls of water supply, power supply and gas supply will go through the transfer procedures."

In the real estate window of the county administrative service center, Li Wei handed over all the information at one time. "There is a lot of information at hand, I don't know what they need."

About 40 minutes, the staff will complete the transfer procedures. "In the past, the procedures of this kind of business were cumbersome, so I had to ask the agency to do it. The people could do it themselves, and it became a project to spend money." Window staff Liu Minfen said, "Now, many certificates can be used universally."

It turns out that Chenzhou City has merged more than 30 departments in the city and accepted more than 400 items, breaking the “data barrier”. After authorization, the window personnel can directly call social security, household registration, credit information, marriage, real estate and other information from the big data information platform. Coupled with multi-sector parallel approval, the approval efficiency has increased significantly.

After the house is transferred, electricity, water, gas, etc. also need to be transferred. “Do you want to go to three departments separately?” Li Wei questioned. In front of the “Electric Water and Gas Comprehensive Acceptance” window, Zheng Chao, a staff member of the county power supply company stationed in the window, led Li Wei to download a mobile phone application “Zhe Li Office”. According to the prompt, Li Wei clicked on the “Electric Water and Gas Transfer” module function, and “Second Office” was used to transfer electricity. Zheng Chao introduced, “Just you have submitted the information when you transfer the real estate, all the documents will be synchronized to the 'Electrical Water' system sharing, you don’t need to submit it again.” About 10 minutes, the three transfer smoothly carry out.

According to statistics, after the reform, residents can reduce 12 copies of their passports and reduce their errands 6 times. The average window can reduce the number of people running errands nearly 400 times a day. Looking at the good documents, Li Xiao smiled. "I was worried that the day's vacation was not enough. I didn't expect to have used it for half a day."

24 hours

Pazhou Government Service Center, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

High-tech: the formation of thermal maps, self-service area open all day

In the Pazhou Administrative Service Center of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, the reporter saw many people coming in a hurry. This government service center is affectionately referred to as the “government living room” by the citizens. The open service hall has brought the distance between the masses and the staff closer.

In the "living room", there is a rare phenomenon of waiting for the masses to queue up. As long as the masses accurately predict their time to the window, they can achieve "less waiting" or even "zero waiting."

The scientific timeline benefits from the first publicity “e-conducting” system of government affairs, which is open to the public, inquiries, statistics and navigation. The system scientifically analyzes the high-frequency issues of the masses' affairs, forms matters for handling heat maps, and actively pushes appointment services and process procedures.

The service center also implements “24-hour service and no war”, and uses the website, WeChat, smart terminal and other channels to realize the 24/7 inspection service without interruption. There is a “24-hour non-snoring self-service area” at the entrance of the service hall, a series of electronic self-service machines for the small bee box, commercial registration, Haizhu Government Affairs (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Government Affairs), real estate self-checking machine, etc. Intelligent machine terminal composition.

The “Little Bee Box” is co-constructed with the postal service. The masses select the business to be handled through WeChat, upload the required materials one by one, and submit the application online. After the pre-audit of the background approving personnel, the two-way courier is directly connected and replaced by the courier service. The process of submitting paper application materials and receiving the results. Through the "online pre-audit + two-way express" service model, the masses can do things "zero running".

According to the relevant person in charge of the Haizhu District Administrative Office, in order to ensure efficient and convenient, the service center will ensure that the application materials are taken out from the “Little Bee Box” at least twice a day for classification and sent to the corresponding department for approval. With the approval result, the masses will be mailed back immediately.

38 items

A representative office in Yinchuan Jinfeng District of Ningxia can realize 38 convenience service agencies

Agents busy: government services are sinking, villagers are more convenient

Not long ago, Yinchuan ushered in a light snow. The old man Shi Yanbin, who lives in Hefeng Village, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan, came to the office for the people. "To set up an elderly citizenship certificate, take the two-step road to the agency point, get it in less than half an hour, and not delay anything." Shi Yanbin said.

For the elderly of Shi Yanbin, the elderly citizenship certificate is Wang Xiaomei, a staff member of the Heshun Village. She told reporters that before the agency service is carried out, the villagers need to bring their ID cards to the citizen service center in Yinchuan City. The bus journey takes two and a half hours. At that time, in order to facilitate everyone, the village cadres will gather all the information and send them to the public hall for treatment. Then they will get the documents back and send them to everyone. It will take half a month to go.

This village-level agency has an area of ​​about 200 square meters and has four comprehensive service windows. Pan Duochen, director of the Convenient Service Center of Liangtian Town, said: "In the past, the people came over and did not know which department should accept the specific matters. Now our village and town agency points to implement "one acceptance, collaborative processing" and set up a comprehensive service window."

At the village agency office in Liangtian Town, the staff demonstrated the agency process to the reporter. Log in to the “Ningxia Administrative Examination and Approval and Official Service Platform”, enter the service interface of Liangtian Town, input the basic information of the villagers who have come to handle the matter, and go online to check and approve the whole process online. “Three levels of networking in the city, county and township, basically Realized the interconnection between the online service hall and the physical service hall.” Pan Duochen introduced.

The east side of the agency is the e-commerce service center of Heshun Village. “The Yellow River Commercial Bank has set up a business office here. The villagers have completed the relevant matters at the agency office. If they go left, they can go to the e-commerce service center to pay the fees, or they can take the social security card directly to withdraw the money. In addition, our village has made an appointment. The service, on-site service, license delivery, etc., the people are very satisfied." Li Shujuan, deputy mayor of Liangtian Town, told the reporter.

It is reported that since the three-level four-person convenience service in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was launched, Jinfeng District last year undertook a total of 39 three-level convenience services for the autonomous region. In addition to the social insurance contributions for urban and rural residents, the remaining 38 items can be handled through the agency. To be done.

"In fact, the villagers can also do online processing at home. We also have special government software, but most of them are still used to the agency, let us help." Pan Duochen scratched his head and said with a smile, "Maybe We can do more to save them."


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How to build a Beijing city sub-center without urban diseases? These seven aspects are the key points


BEIJING, January 11th, Beijing City Sub-center will build a city without "urban disease" in the future. In this regard, Beijing Vice Mayor Zhen Zhenjiang said today that the construction of a Beijing city sub-center without "urban disease" in the future is a demonstration for Beijing to solve the "big city disease", and it is necessary to plan ahead and prevent "urban disease". He introduced that in the future, seven aspects will be taken as the focal point to build a Beijing city sub-center without “urban disease”.

How to build a Beijing city sub-center without urban diseases? These seven aspects are the key points -How-to-build-a-Beijing-city-sub-center-without-urban-diseases-These-seven-aspects-are-the-key-points

The data map is "Xiong's first standard" – aerial photography of Xiong'an Citizen Service Center. Photo courtesy of China Construction Third Bureau

The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference this morning to introduce the planning and construction of the Xiong'an New District of Hebei Province and the Beijing Sub-center. The deputy mayor of Beijing, Zhen Zhenjiang, responded at the meeting.


– more rationally establish urban layout and structure With the standard of harmony and livability, the population density will be controlled within 0.9 million/km2. Now there are many people in the core area, the density is high, and the congestion of the city is more, and it is necessary to have reasonable control over the urban layout. At the same time, optimize the production, living, and ecological spatial structure, and greatly increase the scale of the ecological space. 40% of the urban sub-centers are ecological spaces. It is not green or water. Generally, the new city has never had such a high ecological space.


– Establish a better job relationship The ratio of industrial land and residential land will be adjusted from 1:1.3 to 1:2, and will be balanced by 2035. Basically, it will work in the sub-center and live in the sub-center. Encourage functional compatibility and compound utilization, and meet the needs of residents' work, residence, and leisure. Improve the housing system, establish a sound housing security system and commodity housing control system. Strengthen the coupling with public transportation, and realize that the rail transit of the residential area and the key functional area can be reached by one transfer.


– Establish a more convenient public transport system The density of the planned rail transit line of the city's sub-center reaches 1.1-1.2 km/km2, and the density is still relatively high. Establish more comfortable green transportation, build a small block, a dense road network, and build a 230-kilometer urban greenway, so that the public can fully appreciate the charm of walking on the waterfront, parks, streets, and squares.

How to build a Beijing city sub-center without urban diseases? These seven aspects are the key points -1547191306_677_How-to-build-a-Beijing-city-sub-center-without-urban-diseases-These-seven-aspects-are-the-key-points

Data Map: Baiyangdian, the "Pearl of North China" in Xiong'an New District. China News Service reporter Yan Yujia photo


——To create a better ecological environment In-depth implementation of the atmospheric, water, soil pollution prevention action plan, the implementation of large-scale afforestation, to achieve a per capita green area of ​​30 square meters, through 163 kilometers of continuous waterfront coastline, to create a pleasant waterfront environment.


——Building a more resilient and safe urban security system Establish new municipal facilities such as the Bi-Water Recycling Center, take into account the city's municipal functions and landscape service needs, and establish a natural ecological sponge city system.


——To create a more balanced public service system The construction group center and home center will build a 5-15-30 minute living circle to meet the multi-level living needs of the residents and make the city more temperature. The construction of world-class cultural facilities, mainly the cultural facilities at the sub-central level of the city, is regional-level in terms of scale and grade, showing historical heritage and cultural taste, meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of the residents, and making the city more tolerant.

At the same time, Zhen Zhenjiang pointed out that the city's sub-center is not a blank piece of paper, there are many old towns, and now most of the 100 square kilometers are still built areas, and it is necessary to promote the old, the old and the new, and carry out the double repair of the old city during the implementation process. ——Ecological restoration, urban repair, make up for the imperfections in the function of the old city, and let the people have a real sense of gain. It is necessary to rationally grasp the rhythm, maintain historical patience, gradually manage the "urban disease", and build a city that does not have "urban disease" in the future, and actively and actively dock the non-capital functions of the central city to further improve the central city, especially the core city. The environment and operational quality ensure the effective and efficient operation of the central political center function and do a good job of “four services”. This is the main goal of the construction of the city's sub-center.


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Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center


Original title: Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center

Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center -Beijing-level-administrative-center-officially-moved-into-the-city39s-sub-center

Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center -1547169521_448_Beijing-level-administrative-center-officially-moved-into-the-city39s-sub-center

On January 11, 2019, the Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center. Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee Cai Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Li Wei, and Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Jilin attended the flag-raising ceremony and unveiled the ceremony.

Beijing-level administrative center officially moved into the city's sub-center -1547169521_299_Beijing-level-administrative-center-officially-moved-into-the-city39s-sub-center


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City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality




On the occasion of the official announcement of the Beijing Municipal Sub-center Controlled Detailed Planning (Street Level) (2016-2035), we interviewed the Chief Planner of the Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Committee and the Dean of the Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute. Shi Weiliang. During the interview, Mr. Shi answered questions from the six aspects of the sub-center control regulations.

World vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high point positioning



How to reflect the world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, and high-point positioning in the control regulations?

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality


Shi Weiliang:


The general secretary’s plan for the sub-center is to insistfrom

World vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high point positioning from

 . In the process of preparation, we have been carrying out high quality development and high standard planning, which are embodied in these aspects:

First, the planning of the work organization, condensing the wisdom and strength of the world's top. At the beginning of the preparation of the sub-center control regulations, we organized 12 internationally renowned teams to participate in the overall urban design of the sub-center. At the same time, we also organized experts in related fields, including academicians of the Academy of Engineering, including design masters, to lead some special studies. The preparation of special planning and design guidelines provides all-round support for the sub-center control regulations.

Second, adhere to high-quality development in planning concepts, and apply the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing to planning, especially in the construction of green cities, forest cities, sponge cities, smart cities, and livable cities. The company actively applies new technology exploration to planning and preparation, innovates in the governance system and operation of the city, and embeds new technologies in the design guidelines. At the same time, planning and innovation are carried out around the rigid control and dynamic adaptation of the plan.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698819_130_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

North Canal along the coast renderings

The third is to closely focus on the “corn nose” of non-capital function in planning ideas, and focus on the future of the city's sub-center from a broader space. In particular, the relationship between the central city, the well-handled and eastern districts, and the Langfang North three counties, sub-centers, and Tongzhou districts will be handled to achieve the cooperation of the deputy auxiliary, the main and the auxiliary; and the regional development and regional coordinated development.

Also in the process of handling “from

One core and two wings from

 In particular, in the relationship between the sub-center and the Xiong'an New District, it is also necessary to realize the differentiation between the sub-center and the Xiong'an new area, avoiding the development of isomorphism and achieving the synergy of “one core and two wings”.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698820_601_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

City sub-center location and location analysis

Fourth, the key content of the plan highlights the historical culture and regional characteristics, and shapes the urban characteristics of the water city integration, blue-green intertwined, and cultural heritage. The city's sub-center has the World Cultural Heritage Grand Canal, including the Old Town of Lu County, the ancient city of Tongzhou, the ancient town of Zhangjiawan, and the “Three Temples and One Tower” complex.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698820_221_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

Burning Buddha Stupa

These rich historical and cultural heritages create Tongzhou's cultural heritage and create a foundation for urban characteristics. In terms of urban style, we also inherit and protect the historical and cultural heritage, while shaping the style of Beijing, the charm of the canal, the humanity and the times. The urban style of the fashion, at the same time in the architectural design, the landscape of the block, and the overall urban style, reflecting the regional characteristics of Chinese culture.

Focus on the people, open the door to plan



What was the result of the public comment before? How many public comments did the final version of the control plan absorb?


Shi Weiliang:

The draft of the control regulations is announced to the public. It is a legal procedure that must be fulfilled in the planning and approval process. It is also a manifestation of the people-centered, satisfying the growing social and cultural life and high-quality development needs of the general public.

In the process of preparing the sub-center control regulations, in June 2018, the Municipal Planning State Land Commission and the Tongzhou District Government jointly organized two on-site announcements in the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall and Tongzhou District, and also adopted the form of network announcements. The attention of the masses was very high. The total number of on-site visits was 15,000. A total of more than 1,900 opinions and suggestions were received. We have carefully combed and analyzed them.

From the point of view of attention, everyone’s concern is more reflected infrom

Urban transportation, livable construction, urban quality, urban repair from

 In other aspects, especially the traffic problem, we pay more attention to the regional public transportation network and the public transportation links in the three counties, as well as the construction of a green and pleasant walking environment and bicycle travel system. We have responded very well in these aspects. The planning plan has been further improved to further reflect the people-centered development thinking.

The key to the preparation of control regulations is to deal with the “three groups of relations”



What are the difficulties in the preparation of the city sub-center control regulations? How was it finally overcome?


Shi Weiliang:

Some difficulties in the control regulations, we mainly think and solve from several aspects:


One is from the top-level design to the specific implementation relationship:

We first implement a series of important instructions from the central government, follow the instructions of the General Secretary to inspect Beijing, especially the deputy center plan, to determine the overall principles, principles and specific requirements of our plan. At the same time, we control the sub-center. The regulations and the methods for the preparation of rules and regulations at the district level are implemented in 12 groups and 36 homes in a vertical direction, and the specific control requirements and guidelines for the implementation of the plan are implemented to achieve the full coverage of the plan from top to bottom. Horizontally, the contents of various special plans and special studies are co-ordinated, which reflects the integration and co-ordination of various professions in the horizontal direction of this plan, and realizes the multi-regulation of the control level.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698820_888_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

Schematic diagram of group block division

In the process of planning the final formation, we actively absorbed opinions from various experts, including the National People's Congress, the CPPCC, and the public, to make this plan more complete and more detailed.


The second is the work relationship that is not waiting for me when I am well handled:

On the one hand, the problem of urban diseases is very urgent. Problems such as traffic congestion, high housing prices, and air pollution are all expected to be resolved through coordination with the central city through the construction of the sub-center. At the same time, we are facing the first batch of relocation of administrative offices in 2018. We are faced with the construction of green heart and the construction of a number of major engineering projects and infrastructures. It is urgent to plan and give corresponding conditions.

At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, construction work cannot be accomplished overnight. This requires us to maintain historical patience, careful polishing, careful planning, high-level planning, high-standard construction, and high-quality management to reflect our entire sub-center city. Construction requirements.

In this regard, we have determined the different construction requirements in different regions through stratification, classification and grading of planning and control. We have strengthened the intensity of meticulous polishing and extensive program collection for high-level management areas, and we follow the planning period. Take a strategic blank for some unseen land, and we will think clearly in the future, and then build it. Later, this method has also been well received in the overall planning of other districts.


The third is to deal with the relationship between the future blueprint and the reality:

Tongzhou is a city with a long history. It is not exactly like Xiong'an. It is a white city to build a new city. Especially in the west of the Sixth Ring Road, a large number of existing built-up areas. Basically, half of the land is built-up area, so for the sub-center,from

New district construction from


Old town upgrade and renovation from

 Equally such a situation, so we especially emphasize the old city in the planningfrom

Urban repair and ecological restoration from

 Through the upgrading of the old city, the existing urban residents have a stronger sense of gain, and also make up for the shortcomings in urban development, further emphasize the interaction and drive of urban and rural areas, build beautiful villages, and build characteristic towns. Achieve synergy and expansion of the sub-center and Tongzhou.

For a long time, building a new urban model without urban diseases



As a function of the central urban area, the sub-center is how to avoid urban diseases?


Shi Weiliang:

The original intention of building a sub-center of the city is to promote the demonstration function of non-capital functions through the excessive population and function of the central city. Its purpose is to alleviate the “urban disease” of the central city. Also avoid the sub-center from suffering from new urban diseases. Based on the requirements of building a new urban area without urban disease in the future, the sub-center should focus on a healthier and more sustainable development in the future. This is a long-term and longer-term goal.

Building a city without urban disease in the future, the significance is that we must fully recognize the long-term and complexity of “urban disease”, and also to further strengthen the determination and courage to overcome the “urban disease” and overcome difficulties in urban governance. I want to do my work for a long time.

Around the planning of the urban area where the sub-center does not have urban diseases in the future, we have systematically planned and considered the transportation, housing, public facilities, and environmental pollution control of the city. Combine the contents of each special plan and implement all aspects of the control regulations. For example, in transportation, we insist on bus priority, green travel, promote the road system of Xiaojie District and, further strengthen the transportation links between the sub-center and the central city and the region, improve the quality of travel, and build a car that does not depend on cars. A transportation environment system that is easy to travel.


On public service facilities from

 We further emphasize the development concept of people's livelihood sharing, improve the balance and quality of public facilities allocation, and integrate the home center in education, medical care, pension, sports, culture, etc., and build a home-centered community service. ring.


In pollution prevention from

 We adhere to the way of source governance and regional synergy and progress, further improve the regional atmospheric environment quality, ensure green water and blue sky, and provide a more refreshing environment for the sub-center.

At the same time, it is necessary to further build a world-class municipal infrastructure system, build a city's disaster prevention and mitigation system with high standards, strengthen the urban safety risk prevention system, and further build the city's intelligent operation and governance system, in accordance with the people's urban people's construction, people's urban people. This concept shared by the people of the people and the people of the city has built a multi-community and benign interactive social governance system, which is also an important part of building urban governance and without urban diseases.


Planning, leadership, and management from

 In this series of measures, we believe that the city's sub-center will eventually overcome the existing urban disease problems, achieve a reasonable match of population functions, achieve continuous improvement of the urban environment, achieve a rational order of urban operations, and become a new city with no urban diseases. A model of the district.

Rational allocation of land to promote occupational balance



How to solve the sub-center job balance? How many residential land, how to allocate land resources, and establish a housing supply system?


Shi Weiliang:

The balance of occupation and residence is an important issue in the construction of the sub-center. The sub-center should absorb the central cityfrom

40-50 million people from

 New resident population, while also protecting existingfrom

800,000 people from

 Living and living, dealing with good employment is a key issue in the planning of the deputy center.


In terms of industry from

 Focusing on the decentralization of the population and function of the central city, the sub-center further enhances the level of sub-center industrial development, and gathers some high-end service industries in the canal business district and sub-central hubs to enhance the attractiveness of the city.


In terms of residence from

 Guided by the balance of occupation and residence, the district will further increase the supply of residential buildings. The plan proposes multi-agent supply, multi-channel guarantee, and rent purchase to meet the new housing demand.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698821_731_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

Home Center renderings

At the same time, the plan proposes to further increase the supply and guarantee of the housing rental market. In combination with the surrounding areas of key functional areas, moderately allocate some mixed-function apartments, and consider the proper allocation of necessary residential land and leased housing in combination with the construction of townships. Dynamic adjustment to ensure a balanced relationship between the entire housing market and the job market. At the same time, the plan also proposes that it will not engage in large-scale real estate development and keep the price of the entire sub-center stable, reasonable and controllable.

In the entire land structure, we further emphasizefrom

Production, life, ecology from

 A reasonable proportion of land use, from the ratio of various types of land for the development of the overall urban occupation and housing balance.

Unified management and control



How does the sub-center coordinate the relationship with the three counties and make a unified plan?


Shi Weiliang:

This sub-center plan particularly emphasizes the coordinated development of the sub-center and the Langsan North three counties, because the sub-center plan itself is also an important part of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The development of the Beisan County through the planning of the sub-center is also the sub-center plan. An important content.

The quality of the sub-center is also an important driving force for endogenous development in the entire region. The sub-center and the Beisan County are geographically connected and interactive. At present, there are actually many interactions between the central population. We should further consider this synergy in planning, in accordance with unified management, unified policies, unified planning, and unified standards. The requirements to form a comprehensive collaborative planning, strict control of disorderly welt development, and strict control of large-scale real estate development to ensure the orderly and benign development of the entire region. At the same time, the plan further strengthens the three northern counties.from

Functional division of labor, resource allocation, ecological management, industrial collaboration, public services, infrastructure, transportation systems, design from

 Specific requirements for coordinated development in other areas.


Ecologically from

 We must focus on expanding the ecological environment capacity of the region. We must build a large-scale ecological green axis with the Chaobai River as the core, and build the ecological corridor of the city to create a good ecological center for the sub-center and the North Three Counties.


In terms of industrial development from

 The plan proposes to actively focus on the leading functions of the city's sub-centers, foster regional service functions, and further promote the industrial upgrading of the three counties in Langfang.


In terms of transportation from

 It is necessary to construct a transportation system based on public transportation in the sub-center and the three counties of Langfang, and gradually improve the regional road network system to promote the interconnection of transportation.


In terms of public servicesfrom

 The plan proposes to further adhere to the way of government guidance and market operation, and guide Beijing's public service resources to extend to the three counties of Langfang, further enhance the facilities configuration of public services in medical, education, culture, sports, and pension, and improve the entire North Third. The quality and level of the proportion of public service facilities in the county.


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