There has been a change in the price of table salt. Hainan Provincial Municipal Supervision Bureau: Operators must cooperate with the government to ensure supply and stabilize prices

According to news from the website of the Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Administration on August 24, the Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued a notice on regulating the price behavior of salt, stating that at present, the market prices of salt and other related commodities have changed. In order to…...

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Changchun No. 1 Radio Station stated that it would no longer cooperate with “The Voice of China”, and had previously paid tribute to CoCo Lee at the Taiwan celebration

On the evening of August 17, after a recording of famous singer Coco Lee suing the variety show “The Voice of China” was exposed, on August 18, “The Voice of China” parent company Xingkong Huawen Holdings Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Xingkong Huawen”), 06698.HK) shares plummeted, evaporating nearly HK$11.6 billion…...

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An inpatient in Luoyang Central Hospital fell to his death: the police have been called, and the police will cooperate with the investigation

Information briefing At about 11 o’clock on August 12, 2023, an inpatient fell to his death in Luoyang Central Hospital. After the incident, the hospital called the police as soon as possible, cooperated with the public security organs to carry out investigations, and properly handled related work. We feel extremely…...

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